Molly Weinfurter

Molly Weinfurter

Meet Molly Weinfurter, a dedicated writer, editor, and advocate for rescue animals. From early scribbles to a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, Molly's journey is a testament to her unwavering passion for words.


As a full-time freelance writer, she found her niche in the high-demand world of dog-related content. Beyond her writing, Molly's heart beats for rescue dogs, sparked by the adoption of Zoe, a puppy mill survivor. Now, with Mabel by her side, Molly is on a mission to educate through her writing and upcoming book, bringing awareness to the cause of rescue dogs and puppy mills.


Her expertise lies at the intersection of freelance writing, pets, and travel. Armed with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, Molly Weinfurter seamlessly blends her love for words with a deep commitment to rescue animals, particularly dogs.


Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing

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