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Who We Are

Life Family Fun is a website where you can find inspiring ideas for making the most of life and having lots of family-focused fun. We firmly believe that family is most important, whether it’s nuclear, extended, blended or created by choice.

This platform brings to you plenty of ideas for getting creative with your own family, ranging from DIY projects, home decor inspiration, recipe suggestions, travel ideas and even some perspectives on parenting.

The articles featured on the website are as diverse as its audience: Our primary goal is to help each of our readers make life more beautiful, fun and a reflection of what matters most.


“Keep smiling, because life is a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about.” -Marilyn Monroe

Life is indeed beautiful and we help you discover lots of ways to make it even more so. From creating memorable family moments to enhancing your home environment, there are plenty of ideas for focusing on the beauty of life. Ideas and tips on family-friendly décor and gorgeous DIY projects are all here to help create your most beautiful life.


“A house is made of brick and mortar, but home is made by the people who live there.” -MK Soni

Loads of tips and ideas for great things to do with and for your family are featured on the site, both for everyday and special occasions. Ideas for healthy living, delicious weekday recipes and hacks for making life run more smoothly will get the whole family involved. Of course, we’ve got the special fun times covered too, with inspiration for ways to make holidays and celebrations of all types special.


“If you want to have the time of your life, change how you use the time in your life.” ― Tim Fargo

Keeping the fun alive is key for a happy home and we want you to have lots of it. That’s why we bring you tons of ideas for family projects, crafts, hobbies and activities that will have the whole crew engaged and laughing together. Little ways to make everyday tasks more enjoyable, great ideas for family night and suggestions for ways to get out and get moving are all found here. Whether it’s an adventure in your own backyard or an outing somewhere in your area, we’ve got fun plans for you.

Editorial Principles

Our editorial principles prioritize independence, objectivity, accuracy, and accountability. Our editorial team maintains full control over the content we publish without influence from advertisers or partners. We use independent research to support our comprehensive content and personally test or use a product when possible.


Our approach to sourcing is grounded in the principles of accuracy. Our writers and editors follow strict standards for article sourcing, relying on current and reputable primary sources such as expert interviews, government organizations, and professional and academic institutions.


We prioritize verifying information, proper attribution, and respect for copyright and intellectual property rights. We expect all contributors to adhere to applicable laws, standards, and journalistic practices, including those related to ethics and accuracy.

Our Team:

Stefan Gheorghe – CEO


Stefan Gheorghe , Homedit.com‘s visionary, spreads his family love for LifeFamilyFun, devoted to all things family-related. He’s also a knot-tying artisan(TheKnotsManual) and passionate about houseplants(HousePlantCentral), weaving nature’s beauty into his creative journey. Follow him on Linkedin.

Elisha Baba – Editor


Elisha Baba is an experienced content writer and copy editor with over ten years in the digital publishing space. She holds a bachelor of arts degree in English and completed her graduate studies with a master’s degree in English literature from Mercy College.

She began her work as a freelance writer before starting her undergraduate studies. But it was during graduate school that she found her passion for writing and focused her expertise on the home design, food, and lifestyle content. While being an active writer for years, editing became a natural progression in her career.

She currently writes and edits full-time for various high-traffic websites. In her spare time, Elisha enjoys spending time with her husband and four children, trying new restaurants, playing tennis, traveling, and doing anything active outdoors.

Read all posts by Elisha Baba, Follow her on Linkedin.

Oskars Brumelis – Editor


Oscar is a freelance writer who loves traveling and hiking. He’s been to over 30 different countries and hiked over 2000+ miles throughout his life. He especially likes visiting “off-the-beaten path” destinations. He believes that traveling shouldn’t be complicated or expensive. Currently, he’s residing in Italy but he has also lived and traveled all over Spain and Northern Europe.

Explore all articles by Oskars Brumelis, and follow him on Linkedin, Instagram.

Emily Medlock – Psychology/ Spirituality Writer

Emily Medlock

Emily Medlock has always been a spiritual person who isn’t afraid to dig deeper into the meaning of things. With a background in psychology, she believes transparency and empathy are the keys to good relationships, whether in business, romance, or familial.

Emily wants to make the most of life by caring for her physical, spiritual, and mental health. That’s why she makes it one of her goals to share her passions and knowledge with the world so that perhaps they grow too.

After studying UC Berkeley’s happiness course, she learned that happiness comes from nine practices – social connections, empathy, compassion, forgiveness, mindfulness, flow, gratitude, awe, and play. When applied, not only can anyone find joy in life, but Emily believes they can experience deep happiness.

That is what she bases most of her writing on, a career she’s been working at for nearly a decade. If she can touch one person positively via her writing, she is content with the outcome.

Read all articles by Emily Medlock, Follow her on Linkedin.

Emma Davies – Parenting Writer

Emma Davies

Emma Davies is a freelance writer that specializes parenting and animal topics. With over 20 years of experience as a parent, there are very few topics that faze her.

Emma currently lives in South Wales, UK and when she is not writing she enjoys spending time with her husband, 5 children, and dogs.

Read all articles by Emma Davies, Follow her on Linkedin.

Molly Weinfurter – Travel, Pets Writer

Molly Weinfurter is a freelance writer and editor that specializes in family, travel, and animal-related content. She has a bachelor’s degree in creative writing, and she currently lives in Wisconsin. When she’s not writing, she’s usually spending time fostering dogs.

Winona Rogers

Winona Rogers was the author and owner of Life Family & Fun, a national blog focusing on parenting, easy recipes, Home & DIY, Lifestyle, Family Fun and Travel. Her site was nominated as the Top 10 Parenting Blogs in Atlanta, Top Disney Blog, and Family Travel Expert and has been featured in media on 11Alive Atlanta & Company. In her spare time, she loves to travel with her family and cook. Winona and her husband have four children and five grandchildren living in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Life Family Fun has grown to consistent six-figure traffic and has been featured on major media such as delish, the Huffington Post and Self magazine.

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