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What Happened in Clown Motel Room 108?

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The Clown Motel room 108 is supposedly one of the most haunted places to stay in the United States. With a name like “the Clown Motel,” most people would be scared enough by the decor. However, the motel also has a history of paranormal activities occurring.

The Clown Motel History

Certain rooms at this motel are more likely to be haunted than others, and one of those famous rooms is room 108. As it turns out, there are stories behind that room and several other rooms.

The Clown Motel History

The World Famous Clown Motel is located in Tonopah, Nevada, right beside the Old Tonopah Cemetery. The cemetery was built in 1901, and the victims of the Tonopah Plague in 1905 and the Belmont Mine Fire in 1911 were buried there. A man named Clarence David later died in another fire in the Belmont Mine in 1942, so he was also buried in the Tonopah Cemetery.

Clarence had an impressive collection of 150 clown figurines that he left behind after he passed away. So, his children, Leona and Leroy, decided to build a motel in 1985 beside the graveyard their dad was buried at. They made it a clown-themed motel so they could showcase their father’s impressive collection, and they added more clown memorabilia over the years.

Since then, the clown hotel has gained popularity not only for being a unique clown-themed attraction but also for being haunted. In fact, so many people are convinced ghosts live there that it has been in TV shows and movies several times. Many YouTubers have also documented their adventures when staying the night at the motel.

What Happened in Clown Motel Room 108?

What Happened in Clown Motel Room 108

Motels used to be common places for elderly and terminally ill people to stay at when living out their final days. That was once the case for room 108 at the Clown Motel. One of the motel’s front desk managers at the time was an elderly man who stayed at the motel some nights. One night, he became very sick while staying in room 108.

The man tried to call the front desk for help, but no one answered. Then, he called his sister, who sent an ambulance to the motel. The ambulance took him to Nye Regional Medical Center, which was about 100 miles away. Sadly, the man passed away on the trip to the hospital. 

Later, when the desk manager working that night was asked about the incident, they said the front desk phone never rang. Security footage of the lobby confirmed that. So, some people believe that a mischievous spirit messed with the phone lines to prevent the man from calling for help.

Since then, room 108 has been re-themed after the movie It as a nod to the mischievous entity that interacted with the man that night. Guests who have stayed in room 108 have experienced lots of unexplainable occurrences over the years, so it’s one of the most requested rooms at the facility.

Is Clown Motel Room 108 Haunted?

Is Clown Motel Room 108 Haunted

Many people are convinced that room 108 is haunted, especially after hearing the story behind it. People who have stayed in the room said they heard voices and footsteps when no one was there. Some people claimed to see figures by their bed in the middle of the night. Many guests also woke up confused after finding their belongings in different spots than when they went to bed.

What Other Rooms at the Clown Motel are Haunted?

Room 108 isn’t the only room with frequent ghost sightings. The Clown Motel room 214 also has a spirit related to a story. A meat seller named Melvin Dummar used to stay in the room frequently over the course of three years. People believe that a ghost in the room befriended Dummar and would look forward to his visits. 

However, after Dummar passed away, it’s believed that the spirit kept returning to search for him. When the spirit doesn’t see its friend, it plays tricks on the guests in frustration. Guests have witnessed the lights turning on and off and belongings moving or going missing.

Room 111 and room 210 are other rooms that are believed to be haunted because people passed away in those rooms. In room 111, a terminally ill man stayed there, expecting to live out his final days. Every morning, he claimed to see a ghostly figure, and he begged the ghost to take his life. The spirit never did, so the man eventually shot himself in the parking lot.

In room 210, a man with severe back pain stayed overnight during an exhausting trip. When he woke up, his back felt better than ever, so he believed something paranormal had cured him. He continued to stay at the room regularly until he eventually passed away while he was staying there.

Are Other Areas of the Nevada Clown Motel Haunted?

The paranormal activities of this motel don’t stop inside its rooms. Many people claim they’ve witnessed bizarre things happen in the lobby as well. The owner will allow people to record the lobby at night with permission, and several people have spotted clown figures moving slightly. Some YouTubers even caught the giant clown statue moving his hand on camera.

However, the most haunted area of the motel is likely the Old Tonopah Cemetery. People who have visited the cemetery at night have seen ghostly figures and heard noises when no one else was around. It’s worth exploring if you’re brave enough.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re considering visiting the Clown Motel Nevada, here are some things you may be wondering.

How Many Clown Motel Rooms are There?

There are 31 rooms at the Clown Motel. However, only room 108, 111, 210, and 214 are described as regularly haunted.

What is There to Do Near the Clown Motel?

Tonopah is a small town, but other than the Clown Motel and the Old Tonopah Graveyard, there are a few activities you can do:

  • Ghost Walks
  • Tonopah Historic Mining Tours
  • Central Nevada Museum
  • Tonopah Brewing Company
  • The Mizpah Club
  • Stargazing
  • Hiking

Has Anyone Died at the Clown Motel?

Yes, a few people have died at or near the Clown Motel over the years, which has led to further assumptions that the business is haunted. Motels used to be common places for terminally ill individuals to stay, so many people passed away naturally. There are no records of spirits harming or killing anyone at the motel.

Visit Clown Motel Room 108 if You Dare

If you’re intrigued by haunted destinations, you can stay at room 108 at the haunted Clown Motel. However, it’s one of the most-requested rooms at the business, so you may need to book your room far in advance. You can book a room at “America’s Scariest Motel” on the Clown Motel’s website.

There are plenty of other haunted places across the United States that curious travelers should check out. The Biltmore Estate and the Waverly Hills Sanatorium are just a few to add to your bucket list if you’re brave enough.

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