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7 Free Camping Spots in Sedona, Arizona

By Molly Weinfurter


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Like most areas of Arizona, Sedona is hot almost every day of the year. Thus, there are plenty of free camping spots in Sedona.

Free Camping Spots in Sedona, Arizona

Camping is one of the most relaxing vacations a family can have. Getting away from the chaos of life while enjoying nature is the perfect way to spend a weekend getaway. Yet, if it’s free, it’s even better!

There’s lots to prepare for a camping trip, so it’s best to find a quality campground first.

Here are seven free camping locations in Sedona, Arizona.

#1 – Schnebly Hill Road

Schnebly Hill Road is not only free, but it’s also one of the most beautiful camping spots in Sedona. It has jaw-dropping views of the red rock canyons nearby. The campsites there offer a lot of privacy, with quiet, shaded areas. The further you venture up the road, the more privacy you’ll get. However, the road isn’t a smooth ride, so it’s advised that RVs, campers, and larger vehicles stop within the first mile of the road. About six miles up the road, there is a beautiful overlook area that guests can visit, but there aren’t any camping spots that far on the rough road.

#2 – Loy Butte Road

Loy Butte Road is a popular Sedona campsite that has even won the Campendium Campers Choice Award multiple times. As soon as you turn off the main road, you’ll start to see campsites. However, those sites are ideal for campers and RVs. If you’re looking for a quieter spot with better views, you’ll want to drive further. These private campsites have their own rock fire rings and views of the nearby red rock formations. You’ll want to bring your own supplies though since this site doesn’t offer you any amenities. However, since it’s only 14 miles away from downtown Sedona, most visitors claim to get good cell service.

#3 – Pumphouse Wash

Pumphouse Wash has four designated dispersed campsites, which all have handmade rock fire pits. It’s accessible by all vehicles. If you’re planning to go camping during a hot Arizona summer, this is one of the best locations because it has a high elevation and lots of shade. During your stay, you’ll be surrounded by a cozy forest atmosphere with an unpaved road that’s well-maintained. Plus, many visitors love that this campsite is near the Oak Creek Canyon Swimming Holes. There isn’t a lot of level ground there though, so it might not be ideal for RVs.

#4 – Coffee Creek Dispersed

Coffee Creek’s campsite is only 12 miles from downtown Sedona, but it offers a lot of privacy. Not a lot of traffic comes through this area, so you’ll finally get the peace and quiet you’ve been looking for. The only problem is that it has a dirt road that can cause a bumpy ride to get there. Like the other campsites on this list, no services are provided, so you’ll need your own supplies and meal preparations. Luckily, you can’t see or hear the highway from the campground, but you might be bothered by the sounds from a nearby shooting range. Yet, less crowds make up for it.

#5 – Angel Valley Road

Angel Valley Road is located near Loy Butte Road, but it has fewer campsites. Of course, it’s still worth checking out though. After driving about a half mile down an unpaved road, you’ll start to see some of the quiet, dispersed campsites. The road can be a little bumpy, but it still has spots for RVs to park. Like the nearby campsites, Angel Valley Road has gorgeous views of the nearby mountain landscapes. This spot is also cleaner than the more popular campsites, and it has surprisingly good cell service. This campsite is like a hidden gem.

#6 – Lawrence Crossing Campground

Lawrence Crossing Campground isn’t a dispersed campground, but instead, it’s small, developed campground that’s free. It only has limited amenities, including fire pits and restrooms. Of course, the lack of services is understandable considering that the campground has no admission fees. It has many campsites located next to a peaceful creek. While this is an excellent spot for tents, RVs and campers aren’t allowed overnight at this location. So, if you’re a tent camper, that might make the area less crowded and more peaceful.

#7 – Edge of the World

Edge of the World truly lives up to its unique name. It’s one of the most beautiful free and dispersed camping sites in Sedona. It has gorgeous mountain views, but of course, the extra beauty comes at a cost. You’ll need to drive slowly for 23 miles to reach the campsite, which is down the Woody Mountain Road. While small trailers might be able to make the drive, it’s recommended that campers and RVs avoid this road. Once you arrive, you’ll be met with some of the most beautiful photo opportunities, making the trip there well worth it.

Who needs to visit a spa when you can relax in the great outdoors? For many families, camping is the perfect activity for a weekend of fun. So, if you’re looking to travel while also saving some money, you should visit one of these seven free camping sites in Sedona. They’ll teach your family to appreciate the peacefulness of nature more.

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