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What is the Upside Down House in Pigeon Forge?

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If you’ve ever traveled to Pigeon Forge, you probably noticed the upside down house. No, it’s not actually a building built upside down, but instead, it’s a one-of-a-kind tourist attraction. So, what is the upside down house Pigeon Forge and is it worth visiting?

What is the Upside Down House in Pigeon Forge

What is the Upside Down House in Pigeon Forge?

Pigeon Forge’s upside down house is a tourist attraction called Wonderworks. It’s best described as an indoor amusement park, but it’s hard to picture how it works without stepping inside. This structure holds over 42,000 square feet of entertainment that any ages can enjoy. There are over 100 interactive exhibits inside that are meant to encourage imagination, hence why it’s called Wonderworks. This unique attraction has been in Pigeon Forge since 2006.

Why is it Upside Down?

The interior of the building is right side up, so you might be wondering why the building’s exterior is built to look like it’s upside down. While the simple answer is that it’s a unique way to get the business noticed, the company actually has a story behind it. That fictional story is incorporated throughout the park’s experience.

According to the website, WonderWorks started as a laboratory on an island in the Bermuda Triangle. When something went wrong during an experiment, a swirling vortex appeared as destroyed the laboratory. The building’s foundation was carried thousands of miles from its original location, and it landed upside-down in Pigeon Forge. The laboratory has been operating out of the upside down structure ever since.

Even without that story, you have to admit that using an upside down facade is sure to catch people’s eyes and make them intrigued about what’s inside Wonderworks.

What Can You Do in Wonderworks Pigeon Forge?

What Can You Do in Wonderworks Pigeon Forge

Inside Pigeon Forge Wonderworks, there are lots of unique exhibits to discover. Below are just a few of the highlighted attractions:

  • Extreme Weather Zone
  • Physical Challenge Zone
  • Space Discovery Zone
  • Light & Sound Zone
  • Imagination Lab
  • Wonder Art Gallery
  • Indoor Ropes Course
  • 4D XD Simulator Ride
  • Laser Tag Arena

All the exhibits are included with the price of admission, but some of the attractions will have wait times. It’s a great destination for families looking for things to do in Pigeon Forge.

Are There Other Wonderworks Locations?

Yes, there are currently six Wonderworks locations across the United States. They’re in the following locations:

  • Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
  • Orlando, Florida
  • Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
  • Panama City Beach, Florida
  • Branson, Missouri
  • Syracuse, New York

All six locations have an exterior that appears like an upside down house. They all share the same story of the laboratory in the Bermuda Triangle, despite all being different structures. The upside down house Orlando was the first Wonderworks, which opened in March 1998.

Upside Down Houses Around the World

Upside Down Houses Around the World

The upside down house style isn’t exclusive to Wonderworks locations. There are several other businesses that have used this style to catch the eye of tourists. All of them are worth driving by because of their unique exteriors, but not all of them are worth the money to go inside. Look at reviews of an upside down house before planning a trip.

Here are some of the most popular upside down houses in the world:

  • Szymbark, Poland – It’s possibly the first upside down house in the world. Daniel Czapiewski, a philanthropist and businessman, reportedly built it as a political statement showcasing the future’s uncertainty post-communism in his country.
  • Los Angeles, USA – The Museum of Illusions is in an upside down building. It has lots of unique rooms that alter perspectives and allow for unique photo opportunities.
  • Niagara Falls, Canada – This is another eye-catching tourist attraction. It’s a walk-through exhibit that makes it seem like all the rooms inside are upside down.
  • Trassenheide, Germany – This simple house is called “Die Welt Steht Kopf in Trassenheide,” which translates to, “The World is Upside Down.” Inside, all the furniture looks like it’s upside down.
  • Sochi, Russia – There’s a colorful upside down house in this area that guests can tour and take silly pictures inside.

These are just a few of the many upside down house attractions around the world. Most of them are simply walk-through exhibits that look like they’re upside down on the inside. So, Wonderworks’ upside down houses have a unique theme from these other intriguing structures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Upside down houses sure leave people with a lot to wonder, so here are the answers to common questions.

What are Wonderworks Pigeon Forge Prices Like?

Currently, the prices for Wonderworks Tennessee are $32.99 per adult (ages 13 to 59), $24.99 per child (4 to 12), and $24.99 per senior (60+). The admission price includes over 100 interactive exhibits that all ages can appreciate.

What are the Wonderworks Pigeon Forge Hours?

Wonderworks TN is currently open from 10 am to 9 pm daily.

What is There to Do in Pigeon Forge TN?

Pigeon Forge isn’t a highly populated city, but it’s one of the most popular Tennessee locations for tourists. Other than Wonderworks in Pigeon Forge, here are some other things to do:

  • Dollywood
  • The Island in Pigeon Forge
  • Titanic Museum Attraction
  • Alcatraz East Crime Museum
  • Parrot Mountain and Gardens
  • Hatfield & McCoy Dinner Show

Can a House Really Be Built Upside Down?

No, none of the world’s upside down houses are actually upside down. They’re only built to look like they are. If a house was built and placed upside down, people wouldn’t be allowed to go inside it because it wouldn’t fit safety regulations.

How Far is Pigeon Forge from Gatlinburg?

You can get to Gatlinburg from Pigeon Forge in a little under 20 minutes. So, if you’re planning to visit one of the two, you might as well check out the other while you’re in the area.

How Far is Pigeon Forge From Nashville?

Even though both cities are in Tennessee, it would take just over three and a half hours to get from Pigeon Forge to Nashville. The two cities have very different vibes, but they’re both worth checking out.

Visit the Upside Down House!

If you decide to visit Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, consider checking out the upside down house while you’re there. Of all the upside down houses in the world, it has some of the best entertainment inside. Even though the building looks right side up on the inside, all ages can appreciate the over 100 attractions.

Tennessee is full of family-friendly activities, whether you visit Pigeon Forge or another major city. Check out some of the best things to do in Tennessee to help you decide which area of the state your should visit.

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