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6 Best Columbus Flea Market Locations

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If you’re looking for a Columbus flea market, there are a few unique places to choose from. Columbus, Ohio, doesn’t have a big flea market scene, but there are some bargain events and marketplaces around the city where you can find good deals.

6 Best Columbus Flea Market Locations

Flea markets are places with lots of vendors selling secondhand items for low prices. Attending these markets is a great way to find items when you’re on a budget. The origin of many of the items is unknown, but most of them are vintage and antique, making them more special than something you would find at a regular store.

Best Flea Markets Columbus Ohio

Below are seven great flea markets in Columbus Ohio. Each one stands out in its own way, so they’re all worth a visit! If you’re only staying in Columbus temporarily, you should also check out some of the other fun things to do in the city.

1. South High Flea Market

South High Flea Market is a unique market that’s hosted at the South Drive-in Theater. The outdoor flea market takes place every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday from 5 am to 1 pm, so it’s perfect for early risers. It’s only open seasonally, so it closes in the winter due to cold weather. However, in summer months, it’s the perfect spot to do some bargain shopping and then catch a movie later in the night.

You can find almost any items at this market, including clothing, furniture, lawn mowers, and yard decorations. Information about hours and vendors are regularly posted on the flea market’s Facebook page

2. Westland Flea Market

Westland Flea Market has over 50,000 square feet of both indoor and outdoor space. The indoor vendors are set up in what used to be Lincoln Lanes Bowling Alley, so this flea market in Columbus has some community history. It has been operating since 1992, and it’s still one of the best Columbus Ohio flea markets.

This flea market is usually open Friday through Sunday from 10 am to 7 pm. It has a wide range of affordable products, including clothing, shoes, sports equipments, and skincare products. Parking is free, and the flea market operates year-round. 

3. Columbus Flea

Columbus Flea hosts a few flea markets throughout the year, usually including one during each season. Each event has a wide variety of products for sale, including antiques, clothing, jewelry, artwork, and records. These markets are usually outdoors, and the vendors, times, and locations may vary, so visit their website to find out when the next flea market will be.

4. Greater Columbus Antique Mall

Rather than a temporary event, the Greater Columbus Antique Mall is a permanent indoor structure that’s open from 12 to 6 pm daily. It sits in Columbus’ brewery district, and it has multiple floors with various vendors. As the name implies, it specializes in antiques, such as furniture, clothing, and holiday decor. Since it isn’t on a limited schedule like most flea markets, you can stop by almost any time to check out their deals.

Greater Columbus Antique Mall

5. Columbus Arts & Vintage Marketplace

This outdoor market specializes in vintage, antique, and up-cycled products. You can find tons of old art pieces, furniture items, and other household materials. The market is all indoors, and it’s only held on select dates from 10 am to 5 pm. You can visit their Facebook page to find out more details about upcoming events.

6. Eclectiques Antique Mall

Eclectiques is another indoor antique mall that operates year-round. It’s open daily from 11 am to 6 pm. It has three floors with over 30 vendors inside, so there’s lots of space to explore. They specialize in vintage collectibles, so it’s a great place to search for old jewelry, furniture, and home decor. If you’re a local, you can stop by regularly to check out all the new items they bring in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions people searching for Columbus flea markets commonly wonder.

Flea market FAQ

What is the Best Day for Columbus Flea Market?

Every Columbus flea market hours are different, so the best day to go depends on when your desired market is open. Almost every flea market is open on weekends, so that’s usually the ideal time, but you should check the event’s website to make sure.

Is There a Columbus Flea Market in New Jersey?

Yes, the Columbus Farmers Market is a popular NJ flea market. It’s located in Columbus, New Jersey, and it has both indoor and outdoor vendors. The hours may vary, but it’s usually open Thursday through Sunday.

Are There Flea Markets in Columbus Georgia?

Yes, there are some great flea markets in Columbus GA, including the Lee County Flea Market and Flea Market City. However, like Columbus, Ohio, the flea market options are limited.

Are There Flea Markets in Columbus Indiana?

Yes, there are also some great flea markets in Columbus, Indiana, such as Pickers Paradise and Days of Old Antique Shop. Columbus, Indiana, is only about three hours away from Columbus, Ohio.

Find Bargains in Columbus

Flea markets are the perfect place to find a good bargain. They sell secondhand items for affordable prices, and it’s fun to browse all the unique items. There aren’t many flea market Columbus Ohio options currently, but the ones that are still going strong have lots of great vendors. So, it’s worth stopping by them all at least once.

If you’re interested in traveling to other cool destinations to find unique flea markets, check out flea markets in Florida and flea markets in New Jersey.

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