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9 Best Spas in Chicago To Relax and Enjoy Good Time

By Molly Weinfurter


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Traveling can be stressful, so looking for the best spas in Chicago is a great way to help with that. Sometimes, we just need a day to relax and spoil ourselves. Spas are the perfect way to do that, but some are certainly better than others. If you’re looking for the ultimate relaxation in Chicago, then check out these nine incredible spas.

#1 – Chuan Spa at Langham

This downtown spa is inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine. Before each spa treatment, you are encouraged to take part in a bathing ritual, which includes an herbal sauna, an aromatherapy shower, and a chamomile steam room. The ritual can have many benefits for guests, including loosening muscles, easing skin conditions, and opening the respiratory system. There’s a wide variety of packages, including a two-hour session that consists of an acupressure massage and a complete body mud mask. Of course, there are all types of massages and other sessions offered, which are aimed to help with mental exhaustion and fatigue. You’ll feel rejuvenated and glowing after this magical experience.

#2 – Cowshed Spa

The Cowshed Spa might not sound like a luxury option, but it gets its name from its rustic charm. It’s full of unique decorations, including Midwestern barn wood, leather chairs, and crystal chandeliers. The style of the spa is designed after the first Soho House Spa in England. While the business has lots of offer, it’s known for its incredible pedicures. Some other sessions include shoulder massages, scalp massages, hydration masks, and foot massages. The spa also offers some signature cocktails, so you can sip refreshing beverages while feeling the ultimate relaxation.

#3 – The Peninsula Spa

The Peninsula Hotel Chicago has one of the best spas in the city. You get to relax in a cozy one-person bed, allowing you to peacefully enjoy the serene space around you. One of the most popular services is the hot stone massage, but some other options are a holistic facial, full-body massage, and wellness therapies. If you need extra time at the spa, you can even get a full-day retreat, which includes a massage, facial, and a delicious meal. Plus, guests have access to the spa’s large indoor pool with great views of the city, along with a yoga area, sun terrace, and relaxation lounge.

#4 – Aire Ancient Baths

Aire is the perfect location for a romantic spa day. It’s inspired by ancient Roman, Greek, and Ottoman bath houses. The spa is located inside an old factory in River West, but it’s still beautiful, luxurious, and relaxing. Some of the popular services include a facial massage, an hour-long full-body massage, and a red wine soak. You can also opt to get a scrub with argan oil, honey, or Himalayan salt. It’s the perfect retreat within the busy city, and you’ll wish you didn’t have to leave.

#5 – Allyu Spa

The Allyu Spa in River North is relaxing from the moment you step inside. While you’re waiting for your session, you get to relax in a private tented area. Even the services are more luxurious than you’d expect, including infrared sauna therapy, chakra-balancing massages, hot stone massages, and volcanic clay body wraps. You can also reserve a complimentary shower space, where you’ll be provided with extra-soft towels and eco-friendly bath products. You’ll want to make sure that your time at the Allyu Spa lasts for as long as possible!

#6 – Ruby Room Spa

The Ruby Room Spa is an oasis located in Wicker Park. You’ll find a wide variety of services, including cryotherapy and traditional massages. If you’d like, you can also participate in readings and energy healings with professional healers. On Sundays, they even have meditation groups, where you can gain focus, encourage relaxation, or even ease migraines. It might be different from the spas you’re used to visiting, but this business is sure to be full of positive energy.

#7 – Waldorf Astoria Spa

This Greek-inspired spa offers a tranquil getaway from the busy Chicago streets. It’s a 14,000-square-foot spa with 12 different treatment rooms. It’s one of the few spas that has something for everyone, including a children’s spa and treatments specifically for men. You can choose from a wide variety of services, including massages, facials, and pedicures. Plus, some packages even come with meals, beverages, and other well-deserved additions. Some packages even offer up to five hours of relaxation! In addition to the many services, there’s also a lap pool and health club that guests can benefit from. After your treatments, you are welcome to stay and relax on the comfortable beds in the relaxation room.

#8 – Lena Rose Spa

The Lena Rose Spa is one of the lesser known spas in Chicago, but it shouldn’t be overlooked. This location is perfect for guests looking for green, eco-friendly products. They do sugaring for hair removal and for nail services, they only use polishes without harsh chemicals. Their beloved facial service even uses all-natural body butter, herbs, and clay. At this spa, you won’t have to worry about looking at the ingredients on any of the products, because they’re all natural. You’ll be safe and stylish after leaving this environmentally-friendly spa.

#9 – Kohler Waters Spa

Kohler, the famous company that makes sinks, showers, and baths, also knows how to make the perfect spa. They have many businesses in the suburbs, but the one in Lincoln Park is the first of its kind in Chicago. At this facility, you’ll find cool plunge and hydromassage pools for ultimate relaxation. After soaking in the water until your heart’s content, you can emerge for a Digital Detox wrap. If you love soaking in water and feeling calm, the Kohler Waters Spa might be the ideal location for you.

Chicago has lots of fun things to do, but you don’t always have to be busy. Why not take a day off to enjoy one of the great spas in Chicago? It can help you feel refreshed and calm once again, whether you’re an Illinois resident or just on vacation. After all, it can be exciting to have some time to yourself now and then.

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