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11 Great Italian Restaurants in Columbus, Ohio

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There’s no shortage of Italian restaurants in Columbus, Ohio. Even though the city isn’t most known for it’s authentic cuisine, it still has a wide variety of dining options like many cities do. So, if you live in or are traveling to Ohio, you should check out some of the excellent Columbus Italian restaurants.

11 Great Italian Restaurants in Columbus, Ohio

Best Italian Restaurants Columbus Ohio

Below are 11 of the most popular Italian restaurants in Columbus OH. Some are higher-end while others are more affordable, but all are delicious destinations to check out.

1. Martini Modern Italian

Martini Modern Italian

Martini is a luxurious restaurant with traditional Italian dishes. In the contemporary space, you’ll see chandeliers, making it the perfect place for a romantic date night, especially if it’s a special occasion. The menu has a wide variety of tasty dishes, including soup, salad, appetizers, and of course, pasta dishes. Some of its most-beloved dishes are butternut squash tortellini and lamb pappardelle. There are also gluten-free dishes for guests with sensitivities.

2. Lola & Giuseppe’s Trattoria

Lola & Giuseppe's Trattoria

Lolas & Giuseppe’s isn’t just one of the best Columbus Ohio Italian restaurants, but it’s also one of Columbus’ best restaurants overall. It’s described as a “quaint mom and pop eatery” that has traditional Italian favorites, including many pasta and seafood dishes. It also has specials that change based on the day or season. Some excellent menu items include Giuseppe’s baked rigatoni and chicken parmigiana. This delicious restaurant is considered a hidden gem in Columbus!

3. Marcella’s


Marcella’s has two locations in Columbus: Polaris and Short North. It has a vintage-style dining room that’s calm and welcoming. This destination has tons of classic Italian dishes, including pasta and pizza. It also has a long list of excellent Italian wines. Marcella’s is known for classic dishes like gnocchi and tortellini, and guests can build their own appetizer platters if they’d like. Plus, there are many gluten-free options upon request.

4. Z Cucina di Spirito

Z Cucina di Spirito

Z Cucina di Spirito is another popular Columbus Italian restaurant with two locations: Dublin and Grandview. The interior is modern and luxurious, so it’s another great date destination. This restaurant has a menu that changes seasonally, so there are always new and exciting flavors to try. There’s also a full-service bar with plenty of popular drinks. Some favorite menu items include sundried tomato ravioli and braised lamb osso bucco. You can even find menu items that cater to vegetarian and gluten-free diets.

5. Villa Nova Ristorante

Villa Nova Ristorante

Villa Nova is a family-run restaurant with large dishes and lots of specials. It was established in 1977, and it has been a Columbus favorite ever since. It’s one of the most authentic options in the city, and it has a welcoming atmosphere so anyone can come in and feel at home. Some popular dishes include chicken cacciatore and, of course, old-fashioned spaghetti. However, if you like variety, you can order a pasta sampler so you can test out a variety of Italian dishes.

6. Basi Italia

Basi Italia

Basi Italia is a higher-end Italian restaurant in an intimate area of a brick alleyway, making it the perfect destination for couples or anyone celebrating a special occasion. Both the interior and patio are cozy and gorgeous, so it’s another one of Columbus’ hidden gems. Some of its popular menu items include smoked salmon bruschetta, baked ricotta gnocchi, and eggplant parmesan. This restaurant also proudly offers vegetarian and gluten-free dishes to cater to everyone’s needs.

7. Pasqualone’s Ristorante

Pasqualone's Ristorante

Pasqualone’s is a casual, family-run restaurant in Columbus. It’s highly-rated, and it serves many classic Italian dishes. It has appetizers, pasta dishes, meat entrees, and even deserts if you need something sweet afterwards. They offer unique specials every night, so there are always plenty of menu items to choose from. Some favorites are the veal braciola and the homemade Italian meatballs. They also have a long wine menu, along with vegetarian and gluten-free choices.

8. Carfagna’s Restaurant

Carfagna's Restaurant

Carfagna’s is a family-owned business that has been around since 1937. It has a delicious Italian restaurant, along with a market where customers can purchase their favorite Italian ingredients. So, after a delicious meal, you can buy some groceries to make your own meals at home in the near future. Some favorite dishes at this restaurant include chicken parmigiana and veal piccata. Yet, the long menu includes almost every dish imaginable. There’s also a bar with a wide range of delicious beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

9. Due Amici

Due Amici

Due Amici is in a historic brick-walled building, and it uses local ingredient for its many dishes. It has some of the freshest food in Columbus. Some of the most popular dishes include red pepper ravioli, chicken marsala, and chicken parmesan. On weekends, there’s also a special brunch menu. This restaurant is perfect for any occasion, whether it’s a casual dinner or a fancy date night. There are also private dining rooms available for special events.

10. Giuseppe’s Ritrovo

Giuseppe's Ritrovo

This is a cozy and welcoming dining option that has plenty of Italian classics, including pizza and pasta. There’s also an extensive wine menu for guests to enjoy. For the meals, a lot of ingredients are sourced locally, and there are often seasonal dishes. Some favorite dishes include the smoked chicken ravioli and veal piccata. There are also many vegetarian dishes offered, and the employees are happy to take special requests to cater to guests’ dietary restrictions.

11. Claudiana Italian Restaurant

Claudiana Italian Restaurant

The interior of this restaurant has a classic Italian feel that you won’t notice from outside. It has an intimate atmosphere that’s perfect for date night. Like most Italian dining options, it has traditional pizza and pasta, but there are also plenty of special dishes too, including baked gnocchi and risotto milanese. It has a long menu that can cater to almost anyone, and there are plenty of tasty wine options too. The dining space can be reserved for parties during closed hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few common questions related to “Italian restaurant Columbus Ohio.”

Where Can I Find Italian Food Near Me?

Nearly every city has several good Italian restaurants, so if you’re looking for Italian meals, the easiest way is to search on Google. You can also check out ratings on websites like TripAdvisor and Yelp.

How Big is Columbus, Ohio?

Columbus, Ohio, is about 223 square miles, making it the 37th largest city in the US in terms of size. The population is about 906,528, making it Ohio’s most populated city and the 14th most populated city in the US.

What is the Most Popular Italian Dish?

It’s no surprise that pizza and spaghetti are the most popular Italian dishes out there, but visiting Italian restaurants will give you a chance to taste a wider variety of cuisine.

Choosing the Perfect Dining Option

Columbus may not be one of the biggest cities in the United States, but it’s still a great Midwest destination with lots of dining options. If you’re craving Italian while you’re in the city, any of the best Italian restaurants in Columbus Ohio on this list will leave you feeling satisfied.

If you’re looking to spend more time in Columbus beyond dinner, then you should also check out some of the many fun things to do!

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