Tips For Living A Balanced Life

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Tips For Living A Balanced Life

They say the older you get; the faster life seems to go. I can’t be sure if it actually speeds up, or we just have so much to do in a day that it seems that way. Regardless, balancing everything in life can be hard. Here are some tips for living a balanced life in a fast paced world!

Tips For living a balanced life

Say No Sometimes

Just because you get asked to be part of the PTA, to lead a class at church, or stretch yourself thinner than you already are doesn’t mean you have to. Balance your life by saying no to things that are going to stretch you more than you can handle. People will appreciate you being honest about your abilities, and if they don’t, you don’t need that negativity in your life.

Make Time for You

In a world full of technology, work, and business, it can be difficult to make time for yourself. Stress can weigh down on your life and affect you both mentally and physically. Take care of your health by making time to do something you enjoy doing such as:

  • Exercising at the gym.
  • Meditating or doing Yoga.
  • Reading a good book.
  • Having coffee with yourself.
  • Taking a relaxing bubble bath.
  • Seeing a favorite TV show.
  • Enjoying time out with friends.

Have a Day of Rest

If you are constantly on the go, you will eventually crash and burn. To avoid a crash, take a day of rest every week or at least every other week. Give yourself a break from the day to day functions of life and just spend time doing nothing. Taking time to do something will make life easier and more balanced.

Make Family Important

Friends will come and go, but family will stick by your side for the rest of your life. Put your family first in every situation. Have family vacations, family reunions, or a family game night. Keep your life balanced by balancing your time between work and activities with the people you care about the most.



What other tips do you have for keeping life balanced?



  1. Great tips! Thank you!

  2. I am learning the importance of having at least one day of rest per week!

  3. I think the hardest think that I had to learn was saying NO, I’m 56 and didn’t learn it until I turn 50. Late in life, but learned. Great post!

  4. I agree, we all need at least one day where it’s not required to go anywhere

  5. Thanks for all of the tips!

  6. When I do these things my life runs so much more smoothly. And I can feel it when any one starts getting out of whack.

  7. I used to love hot pockets until they changed the crust. I don’t like the texture or garlic flavoring that they now use.

  8. These are so important to remember especially when you take care of everyone else. Great Tips

  9. Thanks for the great info.

  10. Thank you for the information.

  11. Great post. So many people forget they need balance in their lives. I think the one I find people have the hardest time with is taking time for themselves.

  12. Make family time once a week!

  13. Thanks for the great tips.

  14. Saying No hasn’t always come easy. Just started Yoga last year and found it helpful. I have a few select shows I love to watch for some *Mom* time and also some good books for Mom time as well.

  15. I find that praying throughout the day and reading scripture helps to keep my life balanced. I have also learned to say “no” when I am stretched thin.

  16. WOW what awesome tips that are very helpful and ones I feel I can incorporate into my daily routine. Thank you so much for the helpful ideas.

  17. I’m always preaching the ‘learn to say no’ rule to people, it makes me so sad to see my loved ones run ragged because they try to do it all themselves

  18. I’m so lazy. It’s hard for me to get moving in the morning. Once I do, I find that I feel better throughout the day.

  19. Really good tips! I think making family important is the best tip of all.

  20. Thank your for all the great tips! I love your site!

  21. I don’t have school age children any more but have great grand kids and still have stress. I love drinking coffee in the mornings while the house is quiet. I have eaten Lean Pockets for years. Good meal and fast.

  22. I have a sister who is obsessed with Hot Pockets but she needs to stay healthy and lose weight, I’ll suggest she try Lean Pockets 🙂

  23. My days are consumed with getting everything done and my kids.The tips on making time for myself are much needed.

  24. This is so true but very hard for me to do

  25. Thank you for the great tips.!!

  26. Just listen to your body. Generally. it will let you know what it needs.

  27. As you age it is easier to do these things. When kids are young, you have to be there and give more of yourself.

  28. I need all the inspiration and tips I can get! Thank you for these!

  29. Thanks for the great tips!

  30. Thanks for all of the tips!

  31. I wish I had tips – I’d use them myself!

  32. I’m 40 years old and still have a problem saying no! Thank you so much for this!

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