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What Does JK Mean?

By Elisha Baba


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You’re texting with your friends when they use the term JK, and you aren’t sure what to make of it. JK is an acronym commonly used in text conversations and online platforms, but many people also use it when speaking in casual conversations.

What Does JK Mean?

Definition of JK

JK is an acronym for the words “just kidding,” and it is used to let someone know that you are joking about a topic or that you don’t mean something you previously said. While it is usually seen as lighthearted, it can be considered sarcastic as well or used to save face when you have said something you regret.

JK has become so popular in recent years that it is common to hear someone saying the letters JK instead of saying the words “just kidding” in social situations. While it is more likely to be used in informal social situations, it is one of a few acronyms that can be seen in professional situations as well.

How to use JK

  • “JK, I found it, forget what I just said.”
  • “I’m JK, I didn’t mean that.”
  • “Looks like you could use some help, JK!”
  • “Haha, I’m JK, I don’t mean it.”
  • JK can be used anytime you want to let someone know that you don’t want them to take something seriously.

Using JK the right way

JK is an easy acronym to use, and you should use it anytime you are making a joke or want to let someone know they can disregard what you just said. Do be careful, however, as JK can sometimes be seen as sarcastic, especially if you just said something mean to someone. In these cases, it might be better to speak to the individual in person or on the phone to clear up confusion.

JK Variations

The only known variation of JK is JFK, which stands for “just fu*** kidding.” It is seen as a less appropriate version of JFK and shouldn’t be used in person or when messaging someone you don’t know well.

Should you worry about your child using JK?

JK is considered a harmless texting term, however, if you notice your child using it, you may want to check their conversation. Ensure they are using JK appropriately and not to bully someone online.