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What is Name Numerology?

By Emma Davies


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Name numerology is a belief that there is significance to the numerical values associated with the letters in a person’s name. The ancient practice of numerology assigns values to each letter of the alphabet, and then the name is analyzed to determine the influence the values have on various aspects of a person’s life.

What is Name Numerology?

Letter Values in Name Numerology

  • 1 – A, J, S
  • 2 – B, K, T
  • 3 – C, L, U
  • 4 – D, M, V
  • 5 – E, N, W
  • 6 – F, O, X
  • 7 – G, P, Y
  • 8 – H, Q, Z
  • 9 – I, R

To work out the numerology of a name, the values of the letters in the name are added and then reduced to either a single digit or a master number. Each number is associated with specific traits and characteristics. 

For instance, the numerology of the name Charlie is as follows: 

  • C – 3
  • H – 8
  • A – 1
  • R – 9
  • L – 3
  • I – 9
  • E – 5

Add these all together like 3+8+1+9+3+9+5= 38. And because the sum is a two-digit number, you have to add 3+8=11.

The final number 11 is one of the master numbers, so it is not necessary to add these together to create a single digit. This means that the name numerology number for Charlie is 11.

Master Numbers

The single-digit rule has a few exceptions, and these are called master numbers. The numbers 11, 22, and 33 are believed to be so exceptional and embody the three stages of creation, envisioning, creating, and sharing.

  • 11 is the visionary
  • 22 is the planner
  • 33 is the messenger

Basic Name Numerology Meanings

  • 1 – Initiator of action, pioneering, attaining, leading, independent, individualistic.
  • 2 – Adaptability, cooperation, partnering, mediating, consideration of others.
  • 3 – Verbalization, expression, the joy of living, and socialization of the arts.
  • 4 – Steady growth, order, service, values foundation, struggle against limits.
  • 5 – The constructive use of freedom, visionary, adventure, and expansiveness.
  • 6 – Sympathy, balance, protection, nurturing, responsibility, community.
  • 7 – Understanding, knowledge, analysis, awareness, meditation, studious.
  • 8 – High material goals, power-seeking, status-orientated, practical endeavors.
  • 9 – Creative expression, obligations, humanitarian, giving nature, selflessness
  • 11 – A dreamer, intuitive, higher spiritual plane, illumination, idealist.
  • 22 – Large endeavors, powerful force, the master builder, leadership.
  • 33 – Master teacher, embodiment of pure love and light.

The Personality Number

The personality number is worked out using only the consonants in your first name. This gives you an insight into not only your personality but also how other people may see you.

The Soul Number

A soul number is determined by using the vowels of both your first and last name. It is also known as the soul’s yearning or heart’s desire number.

This number is a representation of the things that guide you and your inner strength. It is a great number to use if you are thinking of using numerology to influence your baby’s name choices.

The Destiny Number

The destiny number is calculated using all the letters of both your first name and surname. Because of this, it is often known as the ‘name number’.

Believed to be the most important number when it comes to numerology, the destiny number not only reveals your goals as an individual and how you can achieve them, but it also describes your character and any obstacles that may get in your way while trying to reach your goals.

What is Chaldean Numerology?

Chaldean numerology is considered to be the starting point and origin of numerology in ancient Babylonia. The belief is based on assigning a numerical value to letters of the alphabet depending on the vibrational frequencies associated with each letter.