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What does the Name Zion mean? 

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Zion is a name with its roots in Hebrew meaning ‘a sign’ or ‘monument’. The name is most often associated with the Bible as a hill in Jerusalem and has come to carry a spiritual or symbolic significance. 

Meaning of Zion

What does Zion mean in the Bible?

The Bible uses the name to suggest a city of holiness and refuge where God’s people can safely stay away from a world of evil. It represents the dwelling place of God and is a symbol of strength and salvation.

  • Name Origin: Hebrew
  • Name meaning: a sign or monument
  • Pronunciation: Zih – yon or Zih – yan
  • Gender: Can be used for male and female babies

How Popular is the Name Zion?

Traditionally, this name is used for boys, but it is increasingly being used as a girl’s name too. It has been in the top 1000 baby boy names since the late 1990s and has stayed in this rank ever since.

Despite the name being gender-neutral, it is used for girls much less frequently than it is used for boys. It came into the top 1000 for girls’ names in 2005 but then became less common and fell off the chart in 2017.

Name Variations

Name Meaning Origin
Zyon Highest point Hebrew
Zionne Highest point Hebrew
Zeon A sign Hebrew
Zyonne Nearsighted Chinese
Rhyan Great Queen or goddess Welsh
Ryann Great Queen American
Ryden Horseman, rider British

Other Hebrew Names

Name Meaning
Eva Life or living one
Asher Happiness
Elijah Yahweh is my God
Noah Repose or rest
Isabella God is my oath
Mary Beloved
Michael Who is like God?

Alternative Boy Names Starting with “Z”

Name Meaning Origin
Zachary God remembers Hebrew
Zuri Beautiful Swahili
Zander Defender of man Greek
Zara Blooming flower Arabic
Zoey Life Greek
Zoe Life Greek
Zane Beauty or grace Arabic

Famous people with the name Zion

  • Zion Johnson – American football player
  • Zion Golan – an Israeli singer
  • Zion Nelson – American football player
  • Zion Suzuki – Japanese American Goalkeeper
  • Zion Levy – an Israeli Rabbi