How To Monitor Screen Time For Children and Teens With Free Screen Time App

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Important Internet Safety Tips and How To Monitor Screen Time For Your Kids

As a mom who has teens, my number one priority is to keep them safer, especially while they are browsing the Web. 

Are you a parent of a child, tween or teen who uses the Internet? The Internet is a great way to stay up-to-date on the news, do research for school projects, and communicate with friends. Technology is actually wonderful on so many levels but for parents, there’s a level of fear and worry that tend to creep in when it comes to their child’s screen time and when they are browsing the Internet.

Monitor Screen Time

We’re living in a world of technology. No matter how hard you want to try and fight it, it’s the reality that we all need to face. With the Internet, children have access to all types of new information. As children’s Internet access has increased, parents really need to take extra measure to keep their children safer when they are online. 

The good news? There’s a free Family Link App from Google that can help ease some of that anxiety and worry when your child is browsing the Internet. I encourage you to consider downloading this screen time app today.


Monitor Your Child’s Online Activity

Being a parent today is way different than being a parent back when I was growing up. I’m not trying to age myself here, but the Internet when I was young, wasn’t even a thing. But now? All of our children are constantly using technology in almost every aspect of their life. From school work to socializing, the world of electronics isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

That doesn’t have to be a bad thing. As long as you can find a way to monitor the online activity of your kids to ensure that they’re being careful and aware, the Internet can be a great resource for learning and expanding their knowledge.

Let the Family Link App from Google Ease your Internet Safety Concerns 

You have the ability to determine when, where, and how your child can access the Internet. Just be sure that if you do allow your child to use the Internet that you establish ground rules.

What if I were to tell you that there was an app, a FREE Family Link app from Google, that allows you to have control over your teen or tween’s online activity? Sounds too good to be true almost, right? Wrong.

Let the Family Link app from Google ease your Internet Safety Concerns. It’s time to take charge and set some digital ground rules for your family today!

How can the Family Link App from Google help your child’s online usage?

I’m impressed with this kid-friendly app. Google really thought of everything when they created this one!

google family link free app

Here are some of the main ways that you can monitor your kid’s online activity just by using the Family Link App!

  • Control the content that they can see, surf and download

Don’t like a certain site or webpage? No worries, you can control that aspect and keep their eyes only on the online outlets that you see fit. Plus, don’t let them download just anything from the web! Family Link App lets you control that aspect as well.

  • Let the Family Link App give you suggestions for awesome kid-friendly apps

There are literally thousands of apps out there and not all are created equal. If you’re looking for some safer app recommendations that can be both fun and educational, the Family Link App will deliver every single time. 

  • Control the amount of time they can use the electronics by monitoring screen time usage

If you’ve ever watched your child zone in on something online and spend hours immersed, you’re not alone. The Family Link App lets you put time limits on how long your child can be actively online. Creating digital ground rules has never been more simple! (And if you have a need to lock it down completely, you are in control of making that choice, too!)

google family link app

  • Check in on exactly where your child is spending their time online exploring

Are you curious about what your child has seen and how long they have spent online? With the tracking option from Family Link App, you can see an accurate time of what they surfed. Plus you can use it to literally break it down by apps. It will show you to the exact moment how much time they spent online versus the amount of time they spent scrolling through pictures in the photo album. 

  • Worried about your kid when they’re gone? Track where your teens are at all times.

This is huge! While the app may help monitor the younger kids and keeping them safer online, don’t forget that your tweens and teens need to be monitored quite a bit, too. This app has the ability to let you know where they are and track their route to make certain that they’re going to get home safely. 

  • Only allow electronic use during certain times of the day

If your kids have the urge to wake up and immediately get online, it’s ultimately up to you to let that happen or not. Otherwise, you can set the electronics to be “available” to use during certain times of the day, only. It’s a nice way to create a schedule for your child to get used to, as well as you. 

  • Utilize the option for maturity ratings for certain apps

Who has the time to really go through and check out every single app that your child might be interested in? Family Link App from Google does and they’ve created a super simple way to filter out apps based upon the criteria for the maturity level. This makes it easy for you to know what apps are, and are not, appropriate for your child. 

  • Hide the apps that you know will never be appropriate for your child

Some apps will never be okay in your household and Family Link App from Google understands that. You can hide apps that you don’t want them to see. google family link free app

Setting ground rules for online safety and awareness has never been so simple! It is important that you talk with your child, tween or tweens about being safer online.


Download the free Family Link App from Google



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