20 Inexpensive Date Night Ideas At Home

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20 Inexpensive Date Night Ideas at Home

Date night is everything in my household. My husband and I love spending time together. Not in the obligatory-married kind of way, but in a we-still-love-each-other kind of way. The hardest thing we have found is trying to come up with different date night ideas. Sometimes we don’t want to go out, so what do we do? I have put together some awesome date night ideas for you to check out.

1. Color

Get your children’s coloring books out and have a coloring contest!

2. Create a Love Coupon Booklet

Get out your kids’ construction paper and start writing out love favors for each other. {One coupon favor for each month} It can be anything from doing the dishes, cooking dinner, washing the car, watching the kids, foot massage, etc! Get creative and try to make a coupon that your loved one will appreciate.

3. Dance

Turn on some great dancing music and test your dancing skills. You might surprise yourself!

4. Day at the Spa

Give each other foot and back massages for an hour. Get out the soap bubbles …

5. Decorate rooms for the occasion

Dress up some of your rooms for the occasion! You can find some really cute decorations inexpensively! Sounds cheesy but sets the tone for the special occasion!

6. Dinner

Find a recipe that you both would love to make together in the kitchen or surprise them by cooking their favorite meal.

7. Dessert

Pick up your favorite cheesecake or dessert from your local bakery.

8. Dress Up

Wear your favorite dress or tie. Dress up like you are going out on the town.

9. Exercise

If this is your thing …. go to the gym or create some workouts at home that you both can do together.

10. Light a fire

Get the mood & evening started with a great fire. Cozy up with some pillows & blanket and make a pallet.

11. Play Games

Play one of your favorite board games. Play truth or dare.  Or, if you have been married too long like me a “Not So Newlywed Game” .  This game I’m sure will have you reminiscing,  laughing, and maybe learn something new about each other.

12. Read

Read your favorite book to each other.

13. Reminisce

Dust those old photo albums off and reminisce of those amazing vacations or family photos of the kids when they were younger. Or better yet get out your old VHS tape {don’t laugh – I’m sure some can relate} to watch your wedding video .

14. Scavenger Hunt

Create a fun scavenger hunt in the house. Get creative! The sky is the limit.

15. Star gaze

Grab some blankets and pillows and star gaze. This is oh, so romantic.

16. Unplug

Take the day off from work. Put your computers, electronics & social media away for the day. This is a day to devote 100% of your attention on each other with no distractions.

17. Vacation Planning

Plan your next dream vacation or create a bucket list together.  But remember stay off the computer & don’t discuss money or finances!

18. Wine Tasting

Stock up on your favorite bottles of wine and make a fun wine tasting night ! However, you may want to do this later in the evening. Otherwise you may be going to bed too early!


19. Write a Poem

Sit down and write out a short poem dedicating it to your loved one. Remember poems do not have to rhyme!

20. Watch A Movie

Kick your feet up, sit back and enjoy movies on Netflix.


Spending time together is what keeps your marriage alive and fresh! Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary or simply want to spice up your weekend, it doesn’t have to be expensive to have date nights. I hope these inexpensive ideas at home put some spark in your relationship.

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