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Over 20+ Unique Themed Hotel Rooms in the USA

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When you choose to stay at the Stone Castle Hotel in Branson, Missouri, you are certain to fall in love with the unique themed hotel rooms! With over 20 different themed hotel rooms, you can rest your head in a bed and a room that will take you and your dreams far, far away. 

Staying in a hotel and pampering yourself is always fun, but what about staying in a themed hotel room? There are themed hotel rooms around the world and have been around for a while, but here at Stone Castle Hotel in Branson, MO, they take uniquely decorated themed hotel rooms to another level!

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Stone Castle Hotel In Branson – The Perfect Home Away From Home

Stone Castle Hotel in Branson- The Perfect Home Away From Home

stone castle hotel in branson

My accommodations were provided to me to help facilitate this review, but my opinions are always my own.

What makes this hotel so unique and special is the unique themed hotel rooms. If you’re looking for a unique twist to your hotel stay, book one of the themed hotel rooms in Stone Castle Hotel. You can literally explore the sights of Branson without having to step foot out of your room!

When you choose to stay at the Stone Castle Hotel, you are certain to fall in love with the themed hotel rooms, ambiance, the staff and everything that the hotel has to offer!

Unique Themed Hotel Rooms Include:

  • 19th Hole 

Perfect for all you golf lovers out there! Dream about the greens and getting out to play! Branson is home to several amazing and award-winning golf courses to explore.

19th hold themed room at stone castle

  • 20,000 Leagues

Swim underwater all night long in this themed hotel room! The good news is that you don’t have to hold your breath to remain “underwater” in this room!

2000 leagues under the sea at stone castle hotel

  • Andy Williams Christmas Extravaganza Suite

If you love the holidays, this is the suite for you. During Christmas, you’ll want to catch the Andy Williams Christmas Show while you’re in town as well!

andy williams hotel themed room

  • Aspen Lodge

You won’t get any closer to a winter cabin feel in Branson than this. Have I mentioned that the hills of Branson are beautiful all year long? Snuggle in and stay cozy in this cabin theme!

  • Camelot Room

If you’re staying at Stone Castle Hotel, the Camelot Room is a must, right?! You can find plenty of ways to rest and relax in this room, but the top choice would have to be the jetted tub!

camelot hotel themed room

  • Captain’s Quarter Room with Balcony

Want to be the Captain of your room, and have a view? This is the one for you. Steer your way to the Stone Castle in for your next stay in Branson!

captain's quarters themed hotel room

  • Clay Cooper’s Crib Suite

Designed by Clay Cooper and his wife, you’ll love this “modern” farmhouse feel! (Don’t forget to catch The Clay Cooker Show on the famous Branson Strip while you’re in town as well!

Clay Cooper Crib Suite at Stone Castle Hotel

  • Dolly Parton’s Stampede Suite

Catching the Dolly Parton’s Stampede show while in town? If so, this room is the next logical choice for you and your family! You’ll be able to talk and reminisce about everything you loved at the show all night long!

  • Jungle Suite with Balcony

Be one with the birds in this balcony suite! Visiting the jungle has never been easier…and who knew that you could accomplish that right in Branson, Missouri?!

  • Major League Legends Suite

“Take me out to the ballgame” and then take yourself to Stone Castle Hotel for this “home run” of a room!

baseball themed hotel room

  • Medieval Knights Suite

Have you always wanted to be a knight? Booking this room is so much fun! You can be the “king” or “queen” of your suite for your entire stay!

Medieval Hotel Themed Room

  • Miss Kitty’s

Take a trip to the ‘ole western prairie in this hotel room. If you are looking to relax and make a drink or two, the bar in this suite has your name written all over it.

  • Native American Room with Balcony

Enjoy the amazing paintings and artwork in this themed hotel room. Be one with history and enjoy the beautiful murals.

Native American Room with Balcony

  • Observatory

Live among the planets and enjoy space when you book this beautiful room! You don’t have to travel “out of this world” to get these stellar views!

  • OK Corral Suite with Balcony

Calling all cowboys and cowgirls! Saddle up and get ready for a true adventure! Would you like living in the wild, wild west? This themed hotel room will give you a taste of what it’s like!

  • Outback Room

Take a tour of Australia, right in the heart of Branson! Don’t worry, there aren’t any kangaroos waiting…but, you will get to “bounce” right on your bed for a good night’s rest!

  • Oval Office

This room is fit for the president….and you! It’s also considered the “best room in the house”. Treat yourself to this top of the line stay, today!

  • Safari Room

Do you love adventure? This room is full of safari fun! No matter where you look, you’ll see something interesting and exotic waiting to be discovered!

  • Sherlock Holmes Room

There’s no mystery to solve with this room…it’s a great choice! Enjoy staring at the fun artwork and Branson skyline from your very own jacuzzi tub!

sherlock holmes themed room at stone castle

  • Tahitian Nights Suite with Balcony

Explore Branson during the day, and rest in your own island paradise at night. Isn’t there something peaceful about the beautiful hammock mural?

Tahitian Nights Hotel Themed Room

  • Taj Mahal Room with Balcony

You won’t believe the wrap-around mural in this suite! Once you stay in this room, you’ll have set the standard high for every other themed hotel room out there!

  • Titanic Suite

Take a tour of history with all the information in this themed hotel room. Make certain that you book your tickets to also tour the famous Titanic Musuem as well!

titanic themed room at stone castle hotel in branson

  • Vineyard Suite with Balcony

Is there anything more relaxing than rolling hills and a vineyard? Grab a bottle of wine and sip the night away in your peaceful and calm themed hotel suite!

Booking a themed hotel room for your next Branson visit is a must

Love the sights of Branson? Choose one of the Branson show-themed suites to ensure that you get to surround yourself with everything that Branson has to offer 24/7! With all of the unique themed rooms offered at Stone Castle Hotel, there are plenty of amazing options to explore! Enjoy the town of Branson during the day, and rest in the comfort of your themed hotel room at night!

stone castle hotel

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