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Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO: Insider Tips and Top Sites To See

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Branson, MO will always hold a special place in my heart. Before visiting, I was totally unaware that an amazing city like this even existed. Not only was my trip there spent full of activities and amazing food, but I was also lucky enough to spend an entire day at Silver Dollar City. When I say Silver Dollar City offers good ol’ family fun, it truly does. It was named as one of the “Top Ten Amusement Parks in the US.” I was provided complementary tickets to visit Silver Dollar City to help facility this review. This post is in partnership with Stone Castle Hotel but all opinions are our own.

The Many Reasons to Love Silver Dollar City

From the moment that you enter the park, your entire time there passes by in the blink of an eye. There is literally something awesome happening all around you, all the time. Need a bit of proof to see for yourself? Here are a few of the top things that I loved (and that you shouldn’t miss!) when visiting Silver Dollar City.

1. There are no shortages of fun and thrilling rides.

One of the coolest things about Silver Dollar City was there were rides spread out all over. And there were options for every age as well. The Fireman’s Landing is a great place for little ones to roam around and climb, ride rides, and even splash in some water during those warm summer months. And if you feel a bit more daring? Check out the Time Traveler roller coaster. It’s LITERALLY the world’s fastest, tallest spinning and steepest roller coaster. Period. No other roller coaster comes close to this beauty. And yes, I tested it out for myself. I can vouch that this roller coaster is a whole other level of thrilling, and the next time I head back to Silver Dollar City, I’ll be one of the first in line to ride it again. Insider Tip? Get in line for this ride first as it is super popular.

2. Cave exploration is a real thing.

Much to my shock and amazement, there is a giant cave located directly under the park at Silver Dollar City. And not only is that amazing in itself, but you can actually take a guided tour of it as well. The best part? It costs nothing extra to do so, but in my mind, it was truly priceless. The tour guides were great and knowledgeable and who knew that this gem was directly underneath the entire park? The tour lasted about an hour and was worth every second spent. Insider tip? Take a light jacket as it gets a bit chilly down there. Also, there aren’t any restroom options so plan accordingly.)

3. You can preserve your hand in wax to keep for forever.

Who doesn’t want to have a replica of their hand as a keepsake of their trip to Silver Dollar City? At Moon Valley Waxworks, this is absolutely an option.silver dollar city, moon valley wax works, Branson Missouri, things to do in Branson, insider tips for silver dollar cityThe cool part is that you can put your hand in any shape that you want (peace sign, anyone?), dip it in wax, and they can literally mold it and get it to keep that exact shape. Plus, you get to choose your own wax colors to use as well. Insider tip? If dipping your hand isn’t your thing, you can opt for a rose instead!

4. The candy is 100% addictive.

At Brown Candy Factory, you can watch fudge being made, and even get a free taste test, or two. A lot of their candies they make there and the options seem to go on forever. My nose led me there due to the amazing smells coming from the door, and my appetite kept me there because I couldn’t narrow it down.

Tempted to buy the peanut brittle? Go for it, it’s amazing. I bet you can’t eat just one…I tried, and I failed. But it was so worth it. 

Insider Tip? A great option for the kids that won’t break the bank? Their old-fashioned rock candy. It’s adorable, and a classic as well.

5. Silver Dollar City has a pastry for every taste bud.

Rows upon rows of pastries set on shelves just waiting and tempting you at Eva & Delilah’s Speciality Pastries. And not only can you watch them work that dough, it’s amazing to see everything homemade that they create in that space. Cinnamon rolls? Absolutely. Don’t forget about their pretzels and bread as well! Insider tip? Many pastries are big enough to share!

6. Church services still happen at the park.

One aspect that I found to be really unique and lovely was that they had a church in the park. Wilderness Church has been there for many years, and actually still has church service there as well.

7. There is no shortage of food options, at all.

Everyone knows how I love southern cooking, right? Once I heard that Miss Molly’s Mill Restaurant was a full buffet full of good ol’ fashioned country cooking, my mind was made up. And I was not let down!

Fried chicken and catfish galore, there is no way that anyone should leave there hungry. Hands down some delicious and fresh country cooked food!

8. Did I mention the rides?

And yes, I’m back to the rides. I was so impressed with the offerings and the variance of the rides at Silver Dollar City. My other favorite ride that I highly recommend? Outlaw Run. Not only is it ranked as one of the Top 10 roller coasters in the world, it is the fastest wooden roller coaster out there. (Can you tell I like roller coasters?) Hold on to your hats, folks (literally), this ride is sure to catch your eye.

My day at Silver Dollar City couldn’t have been better. Me, along with my Blogging Branson friends, were all sad to leave. The moment that we left the park, we knew that we wanted to visit again soon. I know I can’t wait to bring my family with me next time.

Silver Dollar City is the perfect destination for a church retreat, company event, romantic getaway, family reunion, honeymoon, or family-friendly vacation!

Here are some upcoming popular events at Silver Dollar City:

Mark your calendars for these upcoming events at Silver Dollar city.

  • Moonlight Madness Street Dance – July 21 – August 05
  • Character Meet and Greets – June 07- August 04
  • Moonlight Madness Fireworks Finale – July 21 – August 05

Don’t miss out on their upcoming Christmas holiday season. Christmas at Silver Dollar City is something that truly shouldn’t be missed.

silver dollar city - Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO - From the moment that you enter the park, there is literally something awesome happening all around you, all the time. From great rides, to the delicious food, entertainment, and cave exploring, there is something for everyone.

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Have you ever been to Silver Dollar City? What was your favorite part?

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