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Christmas in Branson: 30+ Memorable Things To Experience During Ozark Mountain Christmas

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Christmas in Branson...what a spectacular time to visit during Christmas. If you haven’t been to Branson during the holidays, you’re in for a treat! The shows, the lights, and the community make this Ozark Mountain Christmas the perfect place to kick off your Christmas spirit!

Christmas in Branson.

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It’s no secret that Branson, MO is near and dear to my heart. The previous trip that I was able to take earlier this year to Branson forever left a place in my heart that I’ll never forget.

When I found out that I was going to be coming back to visit Branson during Christmas, I literally (seriously) screamed for joy. I’d heard so many amazing things about everything involved with an Ozark Mountain Christmas that I started plotting and planning right when I heard the news. 

This trip to Branson was even more special because I was able to bring along my mom.

Experiencing Christmas in Branson was an opportunity that I wasn’t going to pass upon. While Branson kicks off it’s Christmas season during the month of November, they don’t stop celebrating till long after the holiday. 

If you are looking for a fun way to get your family excited about all things Branson can offer at Christmas, here is a cute Christmas in Branson Word Search you can print out and take along on your road trip.

Christmas in Branson Word Search

Looking forward to having an Ozark Mountain Christmas at Branson? From the dates of November 1st-December 31st, you are in luck. There are so many amazing activities and things to do that you’ll never, ever run out of options! Here are just a few ideas of ways that you can celebrate Christmas at Branson!

The best Shows in Branson During The Holidays

1. Attend the Clay Cooper Christmas Express Show

Back again for his 32nd season, Clay Cooper knows how to delight an audience. From the moment that he comes onstage to the very last minute, you can rest easy knowing that you are going to have a jaw-dropping, foot tapping, belly hurts from laughing so much good time! Backed up by a cast of 24 other amazingly talented people and joined with his wife, you won’t believe how Clay Cooper can rock the holiday season.

clay cooper country express

2. Become energized by the Hughes Christmas Show

This family show is amazing. The heart and energy that go into each and every performance will have you believing in the spirit of Christmas even more!

hughes brothers christmas show

You’ll be smiling, humming and clapping to the beat during the entire Hughes Christmas Show performance.

christmas in bfranson, hughes brothers christmas show

3. Laugh until your belly aches at the Baldknobbers Theater

Laugh until you cry is something that truly happens at the Baldknobbers Theater! This cast knows has to land zinger after zinger, while also incorporating some truly awesome country music.

baldknobber's show in branson

4. Enjoy dinner and a show at Dolly Parton’s Stampede

You will never experience anything quite like this. First off, the cast and crew are beyond perfect. Every detail, every moment…every performance is 100% spot on. During the show, everyone in the crowd is so quiet, almost as if they are holding their breath with anticipation, that you can literally hear a pin drop if you tried.

BUT one of the best parts of experiencing Dolly Parton’s Stampede is enjoying the dinner that comes along with it. There is no possible way that you can leave hungry. Every person gets their own Cornish hen, baked potato, roll, a cup of soup, and one of the most delicious apple turnovers ever. Literally, every single person eats like a king or queen during this show!

dolly parton's stampede food

5. Catch the latest holiday hit at the IMAX Entertainment Complex

Branson knows how to do Christmas, and they know how to do it well. It’s a safe bet to say that they rival any of the big venues and cities out there that focus on providing quality entertainment and they do that all from the center of the United States. The IMAX Theater is no exception. It’s one of the biggest screens you may ever see and watching the latest holiday flick of the year will be 100% incredible on it!

imax theatre entertainment complex in branson

6. Enjoy the Andy Williams Ozark Mountain Christmas

Ice skating, music and a beautiful tribute to Andy Williams are what this stellar Christmas Show is all about. For the entire duration of the Andy Williams Ozark Mountain Christmas, your eyes will never leave the stage. The current cast is star-studded and they do an excellent job of showing just how much talent truly lies in Branson.

7. Take a dinner cruise with Showboat Branson Belle

Even in Southern Missouri, you can hop on a showboat and head out for a cruise on Table Rock Lake. Showboat Branson Belle is seriously one of the most entertaining lake adventures that you’ll ever go on.

The winter sunsets in Missouri are beautiful, and being out on the lake enjoying dinner and show is the perfect way to watch that sunset happen.

Musems to Visit in Branson This Christmas

8. Take a trip back in time and tour the Titanic Museum 

Located right on the strip is an amazing replica of the Titanic that is a must to visit. Inside those doors? An amazing self-guided tour awaits. (guided, too if you want!) Exploring the history of the Titanic has to happen. The Titanic Museum is even decorated for Christmas.

9. Walk amongst over 1,000 butterflies all fluttering their wings

The Butterfly Palace earned its name for a reason and you’ll be in awe of all the amazing butterflies that are waiting to give you a big Christmas greeting! Educational and beautiful, these butterflies will cause you to stop, pause and enjoy the holiday beauty.

Butterfly palace
Butterfly Palace in Branson, MO – Photo Credit Charlotte Cruce from My Peachy Queendom

Branson Christmas Display and Lights

11. 6 MILLION Christmas Lights at Silver Dollar City

You read that right. Can you even comprehend just how many Christmas lights that truly is? Every single day, Silver Dollar City is lit up like a runway for Santa…and every single light is perfectly in place.

silver dollar city at christmas

Walking the streets of Silver Dollar City and taking in all the sites is an experience truly like none other. Don’t miss out on the lighting of the Christmas tree, in tune with some amazing music as well.

12. Watch the Branson Ferris Wheel lights at night

Just when you thought the Branson Ferris Wheel couldn’t get any more awesome, you have to visit it when the beautiful Missouri sun starts to set. Synchronized up every night, the Ferris Wheel gives an amazing show to anyone who wants to watch. The lights are beautiful (more than 16,000 LED lights!) and are just yet another amazing way that Branson contends with having the most Christmas lights possible.

13. View the Branson Hills from the top of The Branson Ferris Wheel

If you are looking for an incredible view, you can’t miss out on what the Branson Ferris Wheel has to offer. You don’t find another view like it out there, that’s 100% certain. Depending on Mother Nature and Missouri weather, that view will vary. You may be seeing fall leaves or piles of snow…regardless, taking a spin on the Ferris Wheel is the perfect way to start or end a fun-filled day exploring everything that an Ozark Mountain Christmas has to offer.

Branson Ferris wheel

14. Let your car guide you through a beautiful Christmas display

If you find that the weather is just a little too chilly, don’t worry! You can actually see some amazing lights and displays, all from the comfort of your car with the heater blowing full blast! Gather up your family and friends and take a little drive through the Ozark Mountain Christmas Lights.

Family fun and Adventure in Branson

15. RIDE The Time Traveler

Once again, Silver Dollar City tops the list of place to visit and explore during Christmas. Give your heart a thrill by riding one of the best roller coasters in the world, The Time Traveler. (always check the weather as some rides shut down during extreme Missouri temperatures!) This rollercoaster is 100% legit and is certain to leave you coming back for more!

16. Explore the Marvel Cave at Silver Dollar City

Have you started to notice that Silver Dollar City seriously is amazing? Beneath the theme park is an enormous cave that is open for guided tours. Understand that you have to take the time to go on this cave tour because you may never have another chance in your life to experience something as amazing as this. Being on top of the ground exploring all the shops and shows of Silver Dollar City is one thing…but then going right underground is totally awesome. Plus, the tour is included in your ticket price so it’s literally nothing extra! Imagine how your eyes will adjust to those millions of Christmas lights when you first see them after the underground cave tour!

17. Tube down the hill and hold on to your hats at SnowFlex on Wolfe Mountain!

Sledding isn’t just for kids. Wolfe Mountain makes certain that everyone, no matter their age, has an absolutely rip-roaring time tubing down the side of their hill. Hold on tight because it’s crazy fast!

snowflex in branson

18. Zip-line your way over your friends and family

How many people do you know that can say that they spend their Christmas holiday ziplining high in the sky? There’s just something magical about the way that the cold air hits your face and seeing all the amazing fall and winter foliage that makes ziplining absolutely addictive. Don’t let your fear of heights stop you on this one. Let the spirit of Christmas take over and go for it!

Branson ziplining

19. Fly high in the sky over the city of Branson with a guided helicopter tour

Get your own personal aerial view of Branson by hopping in a helicopter and taking in all the sights. There is nothing like the Branson hills during Christmas….nothing.

Branson Helicopter Tour
Branson Helicopter Tour – Photo Credit: Crystal from KreativeinLife.com

20. Take a Ride on the Polar Express Train

All aboard! Calling all train lovers and those who want to take a ride on the Polar Express. It’s leaving from the station multiple times during the Christmas season, so make certain that you have your train ticket in hand to be ready to ride. The iconic Polar Express book is read aloud while all the train passengers get to snuggle up and enjoy cookies and hot cocoa. The Branson Scenic Railway knows how to bring Christmas to life through the eyes of believers.

Best restaurants in Branson

21. Enjoy a crazy good burger or steak at Montana Mike’s

With all the Ozark Mountain Christmas activities happening in Branson, you have to make certain that you provide your body with food and energy! Stopping by Montana Mikes for lunch or dinner is certain to fuel you up with some excellent options so that you can continue to explore everything that Branson has to offer.

montana mikes steakhouse
Montana Mike’s – Photo Credit Lisa Carey from MoneySavingParent.com

22. “Catch” your dinner at Fall Creek Steak and Catfish House

You might be thinking of a fish when hearing that you’ll need to catch your dinner…but in all reality, Fall Creek Steak and Catfish House are actually tossing hot rolls at their dinner guests! Think quick and use those hands to grab and enjoy one of their delicious homemade rolls.

fall creek steakhouse

23. Stop for lunch or dinner at the world’s largest Cici’s Pizza

Everything is bigger and better in Branson, right? When it comes to pizza, you better believe it! Kids and adults will love the amazing pizza buffet options that await at Cici’s Pizza…and those cinnamon rolls? Get outta town. They are literally melt in your mouth good.

24. Enjoy eating some fried green tomatoes at McFarlain’s Family Restaurant

If eating fried green tomatoes during the Christmas season is wrong, then I don’t want to be right. Just thinking about them now is making me hungry again actually and coming from someone who lives in the south and knows comfort food, that’s saying something! Located in the Branson IMAX Entertainment Complex.

mcfarlain's restaurant in branson

25. Dine at Pasgetti’s, Home of the World’s Largest Fork and Meatball

Driving down the main strip of Branson, your eyes will see Pasgetti’s restaurant. Seriously, you can’t miss it. Right out front is the biggest fork and meatball that you will ever see! Stop, take some cool photos and dine on some seriously delicious Italian food!

Pasghetti's Italian Restaurant

Branson Best Shopping Ideas

26. Shop for Christmas gifts OR hit those after-holiday sales

Shopping heaven awaits at The Branson Landing. With over a mile of stores to explore, you won’t find any shortage of purchase options! Plus, if you like fudge and other fun food items, you can get some great samples along the way as well! During the Christmas holiday, Santa can be found there for visits, too.

Free things in Branson

27. Pay tribute to the men and women who have proudly served our country

The Veterans’ Memorial Museum does an amazing job at paying tribute to those that have fought for our country and our freedom. Plus, there are some truly amazing exhibits from all the varying wars that can be viewed inside as well!

28. Talk a scenic walk around Table Rock Lake

Table Rock Lake is one of the most beautiful man-made lakes that you will ever see. Created by the Army Corp of Engineers, it offers crisp and clean water full of awesome fish and other wildlife. As I may have mentioned a time or two, Missouri nature is beautiful so I highly encourage you to take a scenic walk on the paved trail that circles Table Rock Lake.

Things to do for Adults

29. Sip on some homemade Moonshine during your downtime

Moonshine is made in those Missouri hills and Branson has the proof! Flavored Moonshine is so delicious, but just remember that it’s a sipper! Take a tour and taste test sample over at the Copper Run Distillery. You can sample flavors like coffee moonshine, sweet tea moonshine, and even plain original!

copper run distillery
Copper Run Distillery – Photo Credit Lisa Carey Money Saving Parent

Best Hotels in Branson

30. Book a themed suite at the Stone Castle Hotel

Pampering yourself over the Christmas break is an absolute must, right?After spending all day exploring what Branson has to offer, rest your pretty little head in comfort in one of the awesome themed rooms at Stone Castle Hotel.

If you can believe that all of this awaits for you at Branson during an Ozark Mountain Christmas, you won’t be disappointed.

While these are just 30+ amazing aspects of Branson and things to do, there are so many other options as well! Trust in the fact that planning a trip to Branson during Christmas time will be one of the best vacation decisions of your life!

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