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Fall Creek Steak & Catfish House – Home of the Tossed Rolls

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Fall Creek Steak & Catfish House – Home of the Tossed Rolls

Looking for a fun way to work on your catching skills while also filling your belly full of some delicious food in Branson? Fall Creek Steak & Catfish House is where you need to be on your next visit to Branson, MO. Arrive early and plan ahead because not only is this a great place to visit and eat at for the tourists, but the locals love it as well. You know it’s a good place to eat if the locals are coming back for more! Channel your inner baseball player before walking through those doors and get ready to have a real treat with the fun and interactive dining experience of Fall Creek Steak & Catfish House. This post is written in partnership with Stone Castle Hotel but all opinions are our own.

Fall Creek Steak & Catfish House – Not your typical catch and release

While they may be known for their tossed rolls, the trick is that you catch and eat. Once you sit down in your seat, the game is on. Servers or someone from the kitchen will come out and start tossing those rolls to hungry customers. There’s no guarantee that the throw will be perfect, so it takes a little effort on your part as well! Even if you drop a few, you’ll have many chances to make up for it. In fact, customers have to keep their hands busy and free to catch all those tossed rolls coming their way! It’s a fun way to get nice, warm rolls quickly and before your main course.

Fall Creek Steakhouse, Home of the Tossed Rolls, Branson Restaurants

Order what’s in the name – Steak & Catfish!

The menu offerings at Fall Creek Steak & Catfish House are quite impressive, but it’s so hard to vary from what they proudly showcase in their name. Their steak and catfish plates are top-notch. Steaks cooked to order just how you like and catfish fried to that golden perfection…truly a hearty meal to end a big deal of exploring everything that Branson has to offer. Don’t forget to order a few of their homemade side dishes as well. You can’t go wrong with hushpuppies, coleslaw or a sweet potato as big as your head. There is no way that you can leave hungry with the abundance of good food prepared at Fall Creek Steak & Catfish House.

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If you love antiques, Fall Creek Steak & Catfish House is the place to be

Upon entering the doors, your eyes will be amazed by the number of antiques that are on display at the Fall Creek Steak & Catfish House. The owners proudly showcase the antique finds that they’ve been collecting over the years and generously share their collection with all the dining patrons to enjoy viewing as well. Many of their finds were located in and around the Branson/Ozark area while some they traveled quite far for. While the rolls are for catching, the antiques are for eyes only. No touching allowed, but make certain to view as many antiques as possible.

antiques at Fall Creek Steak & Catfish House

Don’t forget your souvenir!

After (or before, if you can’t wait) your meal, don’t forget to stop by the gift shop on your way out the door. It’s a fun way to find a little something to purchase to remember your time spent there. After all, how many people can say that they actually got to catch their own dinner and then eat it as well? There is so much more than meets the eye than dining at Fall Creek Steak & Catfish House that you’ll want to take your time and really take in everything that you can see and do there.

When your stomach starts growling during one of your days full of adventure at Branson, give your feet a rest and fill up your belly with some great food from Fall Creek Steak & Catfish House. There isn’t an item on that menu that isn’t certain to make your tummy and taste buds happy after that first bite. Plus, you’ll get some good tips on the proper way to toss the rolls to take home with you.


Fall Creek Steak & Catfish House

997 Highway 165

Branson, MO 65616


417-336-5060 or for larger groups call 888-363-9880


Fall Creek Steak & Catfish House Hours:

Monday – Thursday & Sunday


Friday & Saturday only


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