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Date Ideas to Rekindle a Relationship

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As relationships mature, the butterflies in your stomach die and the fire burns out. To diminish the monotony, you need to make an effort to rekindle your love through dates.

What are some date ideas to help you bring excitement back into your lives?

Here are some of our suggestions and tips for ideas to rekindle a relationship.

Rekindle a Relationship

Date Ideas to Rekindle a Relationship

No matter how mundane or extra the date is, quality time will make you rekindle with your partner!

Take a few moments to make time for our suggested date ideas listed below.

Recreate Your First Date

When you try to recreate one of your first dates, you will literally remember how and why the two of you are together! Perhaps you kept the dress you wore that night, and the restaurant you went to is still up.

It does not have to be an exact recreation of the date. Try taking elements from the first date and turn them into something more special today. If your first date was at the pub, recreate it by taking them to the same old place or ordering the same food you ordered before!

Go to a Concert

Crowd at concert and blurred stage lights

Music brings joy to everyone. It’s even better to jam to live beats. If your partner wants to rock out to pop-punk music, take them to a jam-packed arena! If they appreciate classical music, buy a ticket to an intimate performance.

Music touches the heart and increases the bond between lovers. Whatever their favorite genre is, a concert is a unique date idea that will give you lasting memories.

Have a DIY Spa Date

Nothing feels better than a self-love and pamper day spent with the person you love! To make it more intimate, the spa date should be DIY. Instead of going out, make your own hot bath with some bath salts

Add a few drops of essential oil, lightbar candle, and prepare your clay mask. You can also brew some tea, purchase new robes, and listen to good music!

Take a Staycation

If your partner is not one to go out and travel, you can still be in a new environment while staying indoors the whole day by taking a staycation. It’s as easy as checking into a room at a beautiful hotel, getting room service, and having the best night ever! You can also lounge by their pool for a good time.

A staycation is also a great opportunity to have tough conversations. It will encourage both of you to be honest and open to one another. After this cozy vacation, you’ll be able to go home like new lovers who just became comfortable around each other.

Have a Picnic

Give Your Partner a “Just Because” Gift

A romantic picnic can lighten your mood, let you enjoy nature, and rekindle your relationship! Simply lay a blanket on your garden or a nearby park, then prepare the food. You can serve charcuterie, bubbles, and other snacks. You can also bring cards, books, and frisbee so you can have something to do while eating.

A picnic helps you stay away from the hustle and bustle of city life. If your relationship has become rocky because you’re too busy at work, a picnic would be an excellent getaway date!

Work Out

If you’ve been arguing with your significant other for a while now, why not turn this energy into something that will endorphins high? Get productive through a nice workout! Lift some weights and run a few kilometers with your lover as a way to bond.

Working out is much better than lounging in front of the television all day. It will also teach you accountability and wellness in your relationship, perfect for couples who are stuck in a rut.

Give Your Partner a “Just Because” Gift

If your partner’s love language is gift-giving, give them something special rather than taking them out for dinner. Watch them open it, teach them how to use it, and bam! A quick yet perfect date night.

Gift-giving is an awesome idea after a difficult period in your relationship. If you had a fight, lost time for one another, or are currently stressed out by your personal lives, giving each other thoughtful gifts can put a smile on your faces.

Try making a scrapbook of your favorite memories with your partner! You can also get them those shoes they’ve always wanted and add a cute note. Make sure to buy dinner to complete their day.

Cook a Recipe Together

Cooking a new recipe can help you become more creative together. Instead of expecting your partner to cook, or becoming worried about what to prepare for them, why not serve dinner together?

Make it a collaborative effort to prepare an appetizer, main course, and dessert while selecting the best wine to pair them with. One may cook the steak, while the other mashed the potatoes. This will make you proud and excited when it’s time to eat!

Recipe Ideas to Make Together

Instant Pot Chicken & Dumplings Recipe with Canned Biscuits

Instant Pot Chicken & Dumplings Recipe with Canned Biscuits

Yes, this recipe uses an Instant Pot so it’s not exactly complex but that’s okay! Prepare the chicken while your partner chops the veggies. Add ingredients together one by one while casually chatting about your day. Have some fun with the canned biscuits and try to make some funny shapes to see how they turn out.

Make Meat Pie

A good meat pie is the way to just about anyone’s heart–and stomach–especially for a man. Clear a space in the kitchen so you can both comfortably have room to work. Chop vegetables, prep the meat, stir the sauce, and prepare the dough together while talking about things. Discuss how both your days at work were, or take the opportunity to talk about a few important things.

10 Hearty Biscuit and Gravy Casserole Recipes

 Biscuit and Gravy Casserole Recipes

There’s no comfort food like biscuits and gravy! And with a list of ten different recipes to try, why not make it a fun event to do at home with your partner? Each of you pick a recipe to try, make sure you have all the necessary ingredients, and then just spend some time together to make them. Enjoy the time, discuss things that matter, and then sit down later to test out one another’s recipes.

Delicious Valentine’s Day Chocolate Covered Strawberries

It doesn’t need to be Valentine’s Day to enjoy this easy recipe. I’s fast and easy but requires several steps to complete which you can easily do together while you chat about things. Have some fun, smear a bit of chocolate on their cheek, eat the sugary goodies as you prepare the strawberries. You could also switch it up and try other fruits such as melons, pineapple, and peaches.

Reasons Why Your Relations Might Need Rekindling

Sometimes it’s just as important to understand why your relationship might need to be rekindled before making an effort to bridge that gap. Here are some common reasons why.


Did one of you cheat? Or perhaps someone did something to betray the other, even something as small as telling a friend a secret that was only between you two. Either way, disloyalty can drive a wedge between couples and it’s important to get it out in the open and discuss it before it festers.

A Divide Has Taken Place

Whether it be cheating, lying, or a miscommunication, a divide can happen. And often. It’s important to not let it linger for too long otherwise it can become awkward and difficult to address later. If you feel a strange space forming between you guys, nip it in the bud and talk about it. Communication is key.

Trust Has Wavered

Did your partner do something to betray your trust? Don’t give them the silent treatment or the cold shoulder. Talk about it. Voice your concerns and let them know how it made you feel. They may not have even been aware of their actions.

You’ve Been Together a Long Time

It’s no secret that the longer you’re with someone, the more effort it takes to ‘keep the magic alive’. We’re not a monogamous species by nature, so it’s totally normal to feel that drift starting to form with time. But if you really love them, don’t let it happen. Keep things fresh and fun with date nights, excursions, pick a book for one another, etc. Find ways to keep things new and exciting.

Your Lives Have Become Really Busy

Work life and the addition of children in any relationship can take its toll. When we fill our lives with tasks and errands and busy schedules, it leaves very little time for your partner. And, over time, this creates a wedge. The longer you let it go on, the harder it can be to bridge that gap, too. If you suffer from extremely busy lives, sit down and pick one day a week where you do something with each other. Be it a date night, relaxing on the couch together, a game of cards, sharing a drink, etc. Doesn’t matter. Just do it together.

Secrets to a Great Date

Date nights not only help rekindle relationships but also strengthens and breakup-proofs it! Spending time with your spouse or partner is a great way to let them know that they matter. Here are some tips to make your date great:

  • Schedule your date nights without making it a to-do list! Allot at least a few hours in a week for you and your partner to have a date night. Be creative and spontaneous!
  • Have a backup plan. Make two dinner reservations for different times in case you’ll be late for the first one.
  • Learn your partner’s interests. If you’re in a long-term relationship, chances are, you already know their ideal date. However, you also want to know if they have enough energy to go rock climbing that day, or if they would rather go stargazing and drink wine with you. It’s also important to pay attention to the signs when your partner might want alone time. This will respect their space, but also let them miss you.
  • Look your best. Wear something that makes you feel attractive and comfortable. Be prepared for pictures!

Carve Out Time for Each Other

All relationships go through rocky periods but going on regular dates will help you reconnect and keep your intimacy alive. Try new activities, like going to a concert, working out or, having a spa date!

Still not sure about how to spend your quality time with your significant other? Comment down your questions.

Date nights are not a luxury, but a necessity. Plan it out with your partner or surprise them with a night to remember!

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