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20 Halloween Wreath Ideas – Decorate The Front Door From Scratch

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Do you keep a wreath on your door year-round? No, we’re not talking about Christmas wreaths. If you think that wreaths are only for the Christmas season, think again.

Halloween Wreath Ideas

If you’re creative enough, you can find a reason to hang a wreath throughout every season of the year. Halloween in particular offers a wonderful reason to put a wreath on your door. The best part is that you can make many Halloween wreaths yourself using materials that you either have around the house or can easily get at the dollar store. Here is a collection of our favorite Halloween wreaths.

Simple DIY Halloween Wreath Ideas

Grapevine Pumpkin

We heard it through the grapevine that pumpkin-shaped wreaths are the absolute “it” wreath shape to have this Halloween season. You might be wondering how you could possibly create a wreath that is in the shape of a pumpkin, but we have one word for you: branches. Find inspiration here.

Wicked Wisteria

Wisteria is a beautiful and uncommon outdoor plant that is often draped as a decoration (it’s a hanging vine so it drapes rather beautifully). Wisteria may not exactly be associated with the fall, but this wreath uses rich, deep autumnal colors. You can use real wisteria, but there is no shame in using artificial flowers (that may be the easier option this time of year).

Creepy Skulls

We imagine that there are two types of people reading this list: those that are looking for a beautiful autumn wreath that fits with the spirit of the Halloween season, and those who are looking for something spooky (or even downright terrifying). We will try our best to speak to both of you! If you fall more into the “creepy” category of people, we might be able to tickle your fancy with this creepy skull wreath.

Mysterious Hand

What could be creepier than a mysterious hand, reaching out from who knows where? You can sufficiently creep out your neighbors and visitors with this “mysterious hand” wreath that is perfect for the Halloween season. This is a wonderful idea for anyone who has a door that is hard to put an adhesive or nail on (such as glass) because you can hang the wreath over the door.

Spider Web

The next idea on this list is not for the arachnophobic. What other time of the year could you hang a spider web on your door and not get negative looks? In fact, if anything, people will be praising you for your creative Halloween decoration. This particular wreath idea has more of a “pretty” vibe than a “creepy” vibe anyway, but the subject matter may be disturbing enough on its own for some.

Crochet Pumpkins

Pumpkins are the unofficial mascot of both the fall season and Halloween! If you are talented with crochet needles, then you can use your crochet skills to make your very own pumpkin wreath as seen here. Prepare to get a lot of questions from friends and family about where you got your wreath! It is extremely adorable.

Dead Flowers

The idea of hanging a wreath made of dead flowers may be a weird idea throughout most of the year, but the Halloween season is definitely the exception. It can be sad when our plants start dying off in the fall season, but before you mourn the end of summer consider the ways that you can put your dead flowers to creative use. If you collect enough of them, you can use them to make a wonderful Halloween wreath as seen here.

Eyeball Wreath

Here’s another spooky selection! Yes, you read that right—we are going to show you a tutorial that will teach you how to make an eyeball wreath. You might be able to find (artificial, of course) eyeballs at a Halloween decoration store or a dollar store, but you could also use white balls of styrofoam or even table tennis balls to make your eyeballs.

Skulls and Crossbones

A skull and crossbones wreath just screams “classic Halloween decorations”. It’s the perfect way to greet any trick-or-treaters who dare come up to your door. You can make a skull and crossbones wreath from materials that you can get at the dollar store—find inspiration here.

Embroidery Hoop

Are you one of the many people who have picked up embroidery as a new skill over the past few years? It has become a favorite hobby for many. With a bit of creativity, you can put your embroidery skills to work by using them to make a special Halloween-themed wreath. You’re going to want to use a few different types of unique embroidery materials, but the general idea should be easy to grasp if you have at least some embroidery experience. Check it out here.

Eyeball Wreath (Number 2)

We love the idea of an eyeball wreath so much that we thought we’d give you another option. This time, the eyeballs are quite bloodshot—which makes them even spookier in their own right. Check out the tutorial here.

Dollar Store Mesh

One of the hardest parts about making your own Halloween wreath is knowing what materials to start with. The good news is that you can make a wreath that looks like it was made in a factory using just materials from the dollar store. Here’s a tutorial that shows you how you can use a wreath using mesh-like fabric that is generally easy to come by.

Fall Wood Beads

Who says that wreaths have to be made out of traditional materials? This tutorial shows you how you can use large wooden beads to make a durable wreath that you can use and re-use year after year. Add try flowers and herbs, and you have yourself a wonderful wreath for the autumn season.

Wicked Witch

The wicked witch is not dead if this wreath is any indication. We love the way that this tutorial shows you how to make a classic witch wreath with hues of orange, purple, and black. We can pretty much hear the cackling in our heads just from looking at the wreath.

Decorative Branches

Fall is called “fall” for a reason, and it’s definitely the season where we see a lot of dried leaves and branches on the ground. They’re all there at your disposal, so why not use them to make a wonderful wreath? This tutorial keeps it simple and is worth referencing if you don’t want to overdo it this Halloween.

Orange and Black Ribbon

Much like red and green are the colors of Christmas, orange and black are undeniably the theme colors of Halloween. This adorable wreath uses black and orange fabric in a variety of patterns. It’s perfect for Halloween, and reusable.

Black Roses

If polka dots aren’t so much your style, maybe this black rose wreath will be? Elegant and subdued, it’s the perfect way to celebrate Halloween if you’re not so much about flashy ghost and witch accessories.

Snake Wreath

“Ah, a snake!” That’s likely to be the reaction that your guests have when they see this wreath on your door. Of course, it’s not made using real snakes although it looks convincing enough that it will make your visitors do a double-take.

Rainbow Pumpkins

Not all Halloween wreaths have to be made with dark colors and fabrics. If you want to add a colorful touch to your door, then this might be the wreath for you. This might be the ideal wreath option for you if you live somewhere where it’s sunny and tropical all year round—the classic Halloween color scheme might just not fit your home’s aesthetic.


This monster wreath is sure to amuse both adults and children. What’s more is that it’s a really fun DIY project and one that you can do with a child. This one uses purple and blue mesh, but you can use any colors that you’d like.

Once you get used to using wreaths outside of the holiday season, you will want a reason to hang a wreath throughout the entire year! Whether you are hanging a spring wreath or a Halloween wreath, we’re sure it will improve your curb appeal.

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