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How To Draw a Unicorn: 10 Easy Drawing Projects

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To learn how to draw a unicorn, you must learn the anatomy and get in touch with the magical aspects of the unicorn. Unlike the horse, the unicorn is bright and often has rainbow features.

How To Draw a Unicorn

But if you can draw a horse, then you can draw a unicorn with ease. To get started, decide which type of unicorn you want to draw.

What Is A Unicorn?

A unicorn is a legendary creature with a horse-like body and a magical horn on its head. It is known for being rare, having magical powers, and being able to heal.

In some lore, it can also purify water. There are many reasons one might wish to draw a unicorn, but the main reason is that these beings are full of joy and magic.

Tips For Drawing A Unicorn

  • Make the horn stand out
  • Give it wings to make it an alicorn
  • Make it colorful
  • Draw mane in front too

Easy Steps How To Draw A Unicorn For Kids

Kids can draw unicorns if they have the right instructions. Most kids love unicorns and may request a lesson at some point.

Step 1: Draw an Oval

The first step to drawing a unicorn is to draw an oval. This will act as the unicorn’s body and the center of your work of art.

Step 2: Draw the Head Shape

After you draw the body, draw the head shape to the top left. You can make it oval or gourd-shaped, but a circle should do.

Step 3: Connect Them

Connect the body and head with two small lines. This will be the unicorn’s neck.

Step 4: Draw the Horn and Ears

Draw a cone-shaped horn on the top of the unicorn’s head and the ears on either side of the head. Only one ear will be completely visible, and the other will peek out from behind the head.

Step 5: Draw Legs

You should draw four legs now. The front (on the side facing you) legs should be drawn first and the other two slightly hidden behind them.

Step 6: Draw Mane and Tail

The mane and tail are where you can get creative. Draw them as curly or straight as you want. Separate the pieces or make them clumped together. Don’t forget bangs.

Step 7: Color It

Now you can color your unicorn. Use all the rainbow colors in your crayon box to make it as magical as possible.

How To Draw A Unicorn: 10 Easy Drawing Projects

There are many different types of unicorns you can draw. Choose the one that suits your style or skill level best.

1. How to Draw a Cute Unicorn

How to Draw a Cute Unicorn

The cutest unicorn you can find has large eyes and a cutie mark. Draw So Cute has the best tutorial for a cute unicorn.

2. How to Draw a Unicorn Squishmallow

How to Draw a Unicorn Squishmallow

If you love squishmallows and unicorns, you may want to try a unicorn squishmallow drawing. Draw So Cute has another wonderful tutorial on how to draw a squishmallow unicorn.

3. How to Draw a Unicorn Head

How to Draw a Unicorn Head

A unicorn head is a great place to start when you’re first starting to learn to draw a unicorn. How to Draw for Kids has an easy-to-follow unicorn head drawing tutorial.

4. How to Draw a Unicorn Cake

How to Draw a Unicorn Cake

You don’t have to know how to make a cake to draw a unicorn cake. Draw So Cute strikes again with their unicorn cake tutorial.

5. How to Draw a Unicorn Donut

How to Draw a Unicorn Donut

A unicorn donut is a unique way to show how much you love sweets and unicorns. Art for Kids Hub has a cute tutorial that shows how kids and adults can draw a unicorn donut.

6. How to Draw a Unicorn with Wings

How to Draw a Unicorn with Wings

A unicorn with wings is called an alicorn. Art for Kids Hub shows you how to draw a mystical alicorn to hang on your wall.

7. How to Draw a Realistic Unicorn

How to Draw a Realistic Unicorn

The realistic unicorn is impressive but not always difficult to draw. This realistic unicorn by Nina Sensei looks like it might jump off of the page.

8. How to Draw a Cartoon Unicorn

How to Draw a Cartoon Unicorn

A cartoon unicorn looks like it came from your favorite animated TV show. Draw So Cute’s tutorial for their cartoon unicorn is hard to beat.

9. How to Draw a Unicorn Cat

How to Draw a Unicorn Cat

There are many types of unicorn cats, but perhaps the most popular is the Pusheen unicorn. Draw So Cute shows us how to draw one with their video tutorial.

10. How to Draw a Unicorn Emoji

How to Draw a Unicorn Emoji

The unicorn emoji is a fun one to send your friends whenever you want your texts to be magical. Draw one for them using Art for Kids Hub’s tutorial.

How To Draw A Unicorn Step-By-Step


  • 2B Pencils
  • Markers
  • Eraser
  • Paper

Step 1: Draw Body Shapes

Use a 2B pencil to draw an oval, a simple shape for the backside, and then the neck and head. The head can be a triangle for now, and we will shape it later.

Step 2: Draw Legs

Right now, just draw four legs, each slightly bent (maybe one kicking up a little),

and then triangles for each hoof.

Step 3: Draw Head Shape

Use a black marker to draw the eye, head shape, ears, and bangs. This is when we start seeing what the unicorn will really look like.

Step 4: Finish Shaping

Now, keep going by using the marker to shape the rest of the body that you drew with a pencil. The pencil gave an outline, and the marker needs to make it look right.

Step 5: Draw Tail and Rest of Mane

After you shape the body, use the marker to draw the tail and the rest of the main. You can also draw the horn if you didn’t earlier.

Step 6: Draw a Cutie Mark

Get creative and draw a cutie mark of anything you want. If you can’t think of anything, stick with a heart or star.

Step 7: Erase Pencil Marks

Erase the pencil marks you see but don’t smudge the marker lines. Be careful and only erase within the lines.

Step 8: Color It In

Color the unicorn in any color you want. You can leave the body white and only color the mane, tail, hoofs, and horn. Or, you can make the whole unicorn rainbow.

How To Draw A Cute Unicorn

A cute unicorn is fun to draw. The cutest unicorn is drawn from the front and has huge eyes.

Step 1: Draw the Nose

Start with the nose. This should be an oval with two dots for nostrils and a tiny smile.

Step 2: Draw the Eyes

The eyes go to the northwest and northeast of the nose and should be around the same size but circular. Make sure you leave a shine and then color the rest in. Add eyelashes if you like.

Step 3: Draw the Head

Draw the head around the eyes and mouth, ensuring that you leave extra space on top for the horn.

Step 4: Draw the Horn and Ears

Draw the horn in the center top of the head, and make sure you can see it well from the front. Add ears on either side of the horn.

Step 5: Draw a Mane

The mane can be small or large; that’s up to you. Just make sure you draw one coming around the horn.

Step 6: Draw Front of Body

The front of the body comes down with two straight lines. Then, you can draw the feet and meet up halfway to create the chest.

Step 7: Draw Back

The back is tricky. Just draw two legs coming out the back. There won’t be much visible as this is drawn from the front.

Step 7: Draw Tail

Draw a tail coming out from the side. It can be small or large, depending on how fluffy you want the unicorn to be.

Step 8: Color it In

Now you just color it. Cute unicorns can be any color, so the color palette is all up to you.

How to Draw a Unicorn FAQ

Why Are Unicorns Special?

Unicorns are special because they represent magic, purity, and rarity. These are special traits to many people who fall in love with unicorns.

Are Unicorns Hard To Draw?

Unicorns are not hard to draw if you know how to draw animals. All hoofed animal drawings have similar skill levels.

What Do Unicorns Symbolize In Art?

Unicorns symbolize purity in art. They are the representation of all that is good and innocent. They are almost always a good, clean thing to see.

Why Would You Need A Unicorn Drawing?

One may want to draw a unicorn for a friend or child that loves unicorns. Or because they love all things rainbow.


If you want to learn how to draw a unicorn, then all you have to do is try. From there, you can learn how to draw each type of unicorn. All it takes is practice. So follow a few unicorn art tutorials and you’ll be a unicorn expert in no time.

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