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20 Halloween Drawing Ideas – Easy for Kids and Beginners

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The spookiest day is just around the corner and we have a selection of Halloween drawing ideas that are guaranteed to keep all you creative types busy throughout the entire spooky season.

Halloween Drawing

But hold on before you reach for that construction paper and pasty glue—sometimes the best crafts are the ones that simply involve pencil and paper.

20 Beginners Halloween Drawing Ideas

Witch’s Broom Halloween Draw

How To Draw A Broom

Witches are one of the most popular Halloween costumes. Who hasn’t gone as a witch for Halloween at least once in their life? If you want to draw something like a witch, but a bit less obvious, then you might want to have a look at this tutorial. It shows you how you can draw a witch’s most important accessory—a broomstick! 

How To Draw a Candy Corn

How To Draw A Candy Corn Bat & Vampire For Halloween

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that candy corn is one of the most popular Halloween snacks out there. Distinctive for its orange, white, and yellow design, candy corn is a vibrant and fun thing to draw (especially when you’re following an easy video tutorial as seen here). 

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How to Draw Apples

How to Draw Candy Apple

You may be wondering what apples have to do with Halloween, and there are actually a few reasons why we included apples on this list of Halloween symbols. Not only is bobbing for apples a classic Halloween game but apples are also associated with the fall season, which is, of course, when Halloween takes place. Learn how you can draw a cute apple here.

How to Draw a Witch’s Hat

How To Draw A Witch’s Hat

We showed you how you could draw a witch’s broom, so it only makes sense that we would show you how you can draw another important witch accessory. We’re talking, of course, about the witch hat. Fun fact: did you know that we don’t really know where witch hat symbolism comes from? It might even date back to medieval times.


How to draw a ghost

Friendly or not, ghosts are a very important part of Halloween folklore. So, of course, this Halloween season we’re sure that you are going to want to draw at least one kind of ghost. This tutorial is a good (and spooky) place to start. 


How to Draw a Skull

This next drawing idea might be a bit too spooky for young artists, but if you are looking for something that represents the creepy side of Halloween then this is for sure. It’s not an easy tutorial, but it’s one that should be managed by another with a bit of sketching experience. Check it out. 


How to Draw a Black Widow Spider

If you’re arachnophobic, you might want to look away for this next one. However, if you are a big fan of creepy crawlies and want to embrace the creepy site of Halloween, then we have the tutorial for you! This will show you how you can draw your very own black widow spider. 


How to draw a cute clown

Some people are really scared of clowns, so if that describes you, then it’s probably best to skip over this tutorial as well. For some reason, clowns went from being a popular party phenomenon to a popular Halloween costume idea. So, we think it’s fair to say that it’s totally festive to draw a clown for Halloween. Here’s how you can do it in six easy steps.

Halloween Wreath

How To Draw A Fall Wreath

Who says that wreaths are just for Christmas? Wreaths also make a great decoration for the Halloween season. In fact, if you are using a general fall-themed wreath, you could keep it up for the entire months of September, October, and even November—long after Halloween has passed. Learn how you can draw a Halloween wreath from this video

Jack O’Lantern

Jack O’Lantern for Halloween - how to draw

What’s the difference between a Jack O’Lantern and a pumpkin? We’re glad you asked. While pumpkins can serve as trendy Halloween decor in their own right, you can bring your decorations to the next level by carving your pumpkin into a jack o’lantern. Find out how you can draw a jack o’lantern here.

Psst: ever wondered why they’re called jack o’lanterns? Turns out this can be traced way back to an Irish folklore story about a man named “Stingy Jack”. 


How to Draw Cute Mummy for Halloween

Mummies were a popular Halloween costume once upon a time, but it seems like you don’t see mummies associated with Halloween any longer. It’s too bad, because mummies make for a very fun Halloween costume indeed. You can draw your very own Mummy by following this simple video tutorial. 


Black Cat Doodle

Here’s another history lesson: black cats have been associated with “witchcraft” since at least Medieval Europe. It’s too bad that this attitude has prevailed to this day because it does cause black cats to be adopted with less frequency. However, it does give us an excuse to draw an adorable black cat as a Halloween symbol. You can find out how to do it yourself here.  


How to draw a Witch's Cauldron for Halloween

Double, double, toil and trouble! Here is a Halloween cauldron that you are definitely going to want to draw. It’s the perfect thing for cooking up all of the potions and spells that you have up your sleeve! 


How To Draw Vampire

Vampires are another common folklore character that is heavily associated with the Halloween season. With their long teeth and flowing capes, vampires are very fun to draw. You can get an idea of how to draw your very own vampire here.


How to draw a Witch for Kids

We’ve shown you how to draw a witch’s hat and a witch’s broom, and now we’re going to show you how to draw an actual witch. It’s a lot harder than drawing witch accessories, but we’re sure you’ll still be able to get the hang of it. You can make your witch stand out by adding unique attributes like a pet owl or cat.


How to Draw an Owl

Owls are associated with Halloween because they only come out at night and make a spooky sound. There’s nothing spooky about this cartoon owl, though—he’s as cute as a button. He’s also easy to draw, which is good news for all of you artistic beginners out there. 


How To Draw A Bat

Blacks are another nocturnal animal commonly associated with Halloween. Bats also happen to be a really fun animal to draw—you can draw them yourself by following this guide

Halloween Houses

One of the best parts of Halloween is walking around the neighborhood to stare in awe at all of the decorations that your neighbors have put up. If you are looking for something interesting and Halloween-themed to draw, you should consider creating your very own Halloween scene on paper, as seen here


How to Draw a Tombstone

Have you ever seen somebody decorate their lawn with fake tombstones for Halloween? You might not be able to quite pull off this laborious installation, but you can at least draw yourself a tombstone by following these instructions. It’s a great idea for a DIY Halloween greeting card.  


Zombie to draw for halloween

Ah! Zombies are on the way and they want to feast on brains. Oh, wait—that isn’t a real zombie, it’s just a drawing of a zombie. You can make your own by following this easy tutorial. 

This Halloween, why not take the time to try a new drawing? You might be impressed at how far your creative skills will go this year. In fact, it might even scare you—get it? 

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