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How to Draw a Unicorn

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To learn how to draw a unicorn, you must learn the anatomy and get in touch with the magical aspects of the unicorn. Unlike the horse, the unicorn is bright and often has rainbow features.

But if you can draw a horse, then you can draw a unicorn with ease. To get started, decide which type of unicorn you want to draw.

How to Draw a Unicorn

In this article, we’ll go over our favorite unicorn tutorials so that you can spend a rainy afternoon drawing your favorite mystical creature.

What Is A Unicorn?

A unicorn is a legendary creature with a horse-like body and a magical horn on its head. It is known for being rare, having magical powers, and being able to heal. 

In some lore, it can also purify water. There are many reasons one might wish to draw a unicorn, but the main reason is that these beings are full of joy and magic.

Tips For Drawing A Unicorn

  • Make the horn stand out
  • Give it wings to make it an alicorn
  • Make it colorful
  • Draw mane in front too

Easy Steps How To Draw A Unicorn For Kids

Kids can draw unicorns if they have the right instructions. Most kids love unicorns and may request a lesson at some point. 

Step 1: Draw an Oval

The first step to drawing a unicorn is to draw an oval. This will act as the unicorn’s body and the center of your work of art.

Step 2: Draw the Head Shape

After you draw the body, draw the head shape to the top left. You can make it oval or gourd-shaped, but a circle should do.

Step 3: Connect Them

Connect the body and head with two small lines. This will be the unicorn’s neck. 

Step 4: Draw the Horn and Ears

Draw a cone-shaped horn on the top of the unicorn’s head and the ears on either side of the head. Only one ear will be completely visible, and the other will peek out from behind the head.

Step 5: Draw Legs

You should draw four legs now. The front (on the side facing you) legs should be drawn first and the other two slightly hidden behind them.

Step 6: Draw Mane and Tail

The mane and tail are where you can get creative. Draw them as curly or straight as you want. Separate the pieces or make them clumped together. Don’t forget bangs.

Step 7: Color It

Now you can color your unicorn. Use all the rainbow colors in your crayon box to make it as magical as possible.

Materials That You’ll Need to Draw a Unicorn

Before you start drawing your very own unicorn, you’re going to want to make sure that you have all of your supplies in order. While you can certainly draw something cute by just using pencil and paper, you might want to round up some of these other materials to make your unicorn drawing extra special:

  • Markers
  • Crayons
  • Ruler
  • Glitter (very important when drawing unicorns)
  • Colored pencils
  • Eraser

How to Draw An Unicorn – 22 Inspirational Ideas

Dragon Unicorn

Dragon Unicorn

If unicorns aren’t your style, maybe dragons would be more of your idea of a mythical creature. We have good news for you: you can draw yourself a character that is half unicorn, half dragon. Check out the very easy-to-follow tutorial here.

Dollar Sign Unicorn

Dollar Sign Unicorn

Did you know that you can draw a unicorn from a dollar sign? It may sound like it’s a magic trick, but it’s real! Find out how in this short and sweet tutorial.

Realistic Unicorn

Realistic Unicorn

One of the most fun things about unicorns is that there are so many different styles to draw them in. While it’s very fun to draw a cartoon unicorn, sometimes you want to do something a bit more realistic (or at least, as realistic as you can get when it comes to an imaginary creature). This unicorn looks like it could be a regular creature that you’d come across in life, in that it kind of resembles a horse with wings.

Unicorn Mom and Baby

Unicorn Mom and Baby

Why draw one unicorn when you can draw two? This adorable tutorial shows you how you can draw a unicorn mom and baby. It just proves that the only thing cuter than a unicorn is a baby unicorn.

Unicorn on a Cloud

Unicorn on a Cloud

You can take your drawing to the next level by drawing a unicorn on a cloud. This video tutorial will show you how you can draw a very dreamy unicorn sleeping on a cloud (because where else would a unicorn sleep?).

Girl With Unicorn Balloon

Girl With Unicorn Balloon

We know that this list is supposed to exclusively be about how to draw unicorns, but how about a balloon with a unicorn on it? We’re going to go out on a limb and say that it counts. Check out the tutorial here.

Running Unicorn

Running Unicorn

Okay, so maybe “run” isn’t the right word—wouldn’t unicorns gallop? No matter what you call it, there’s no denying that this unicorn is in motion. And we love us a unicorn who has places to see and be seen.

Five Steps

Five Steps

Not every drawing has to be complicated—sometimes you can accomplish a cool design or character in only a matter of five steps. Believe it or not, this unicorn can be drawn in only a matter of five steps, making it ideal for beginners.



“Kawaii” is a word that is used to describe something very cute, especially if it’s associated with Japanese culture. And “cute” is definitely what we would use to describe this unicorn, which you can easily draw by following this tutorial. It breaks it down into small steps which makes it ideal for any beginner.



Everyone knows that unicorns can fly—why else would they have those beautiful wings? If you want to be super true to unicorn folklore, you’re going to want to draw a unicorn mid-flight. Don’t worry, we have a tutorial for you. There are a few more steps involved than some of the other tutorials on this list, but it’s easy enough to follow.

Sitting Unicorn

We’ve gone over a flying unicorn and a galloping unicorn, so why not a sitting unicorn? There are ten steps to this tutorial, but it shows you how you can make a unicorn out of a series of simple shapes. The end result is super cute!

Unicorn Portrait

Do you know those mini photos that you used to get with your friends at the mall at the photobooth? That’s what this unicorn drawing makes us think of. The idea of drawing a frame around the unicorn and drawing the unicorn from the neck up makes this drawing stand out as unique.


Who says that unicorns can’t dance? This tutorial would argue that it is indeed possible. To be more specific, this unicorn is actually dabbing—a dance that became popular from an internet meme.


Here is the ideal tutorial if you’re looking for something that a kid can draw. It makes it easy to draw a cute cartoon unicorn by breaking it down into a few simple steps.

Unicorn Head

Sometimes the hardest part about drawing a unicorn is drawing its body. You can make things easier on yourself by simply drawing a unicorn head, as seen here.

Magical Unicorn

This magical unicorn just about jumps off the page! This is an advanced tutorial, so it’s best suited for somebody who already has at least a bit of drawing experience (or someone who is just really determined and really loves unicorns).

Donut Unicorn

We don’t really know why exactly donuts are so popular, but we’re not necessarily complaining. Donuts are not only delicious, but they’re also cute and relatively easy to draw. You can see for yourself by drawing this donut unicorn.

Unicorn Among Us Character

Have you ever played the fun online-only game Among Us? If yes, you’re especially going to love this tutorial for an Among Us character that looks like a unicorn. We just wish that they had this option in the game itself!


Here is how you can draw a unicorn kitty, also known as a uni-kitty. The perfect drawing tutorial for anyone who loves both unicorns and kittens.

Unicorn Ice Cream

Much like donuts, it is also very popular to incorporate ice cream themes into drawings. You can draw a unicorn ice cream cone by following this very handy tutorial.

Unicorn Cake

I promise that this is the last food-themed drawing tutorial on this list. If you’re somebody who has always wanted a unicorn cake for your birthday but has never been able to actually get one, then this is the drawing for you. Drawing a unicorn cake must be the next best thing after eating one.


If you have a love of mermaids AND unicorns, then this is the tutorial for you. This is a half mermaid, half unicorn—a mermicorn, if you will!

We hope you had a lot of fun drawing these unicorn tutorials, and that they brought a touch of magic to your day. Which mythical creature will you think to draw next?

How to Draw a Unicorn FAQ

Why Are Unicorns Special?

Unicorns are special because they represent magic, purity, and rarity. These are special traits to many people who fall in love with unicorns.

Are Unicorns Hard To Draw? 

Unicorns are not hard to draw if you know how to draw animals. All hoofed animal drawings have similar skill levels. 

What Do Unicorns Symbolize In Art?

Unicorns symbolize purity in art. They are the representation of all that is good and innocent. They are almost always a good, clean thing to see.

Why Would You Need A Unicorn Drawing?

One may want to draw a unicorn for a friend or child that loves unicorns. Or because they love all things rainbow. 


If you want to learn how to draw a unicorn, then all you have to do is try. From there, you can learn how to draw each type of unicorn. All it takes is practice. So follow a few unicorn art tutorials and you’ll be a unicorn expert in no time.

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