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50 Fun Indoor Activities for Kids When They Are Stuck at Home

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Indoor Activities for Kids

Whether it is a rainy day, a snowy day, or simply a “we are not leaving the house” day, I have compiled the perfect list of indoor activities for kids that will keep them entertained all day!

All of these games and fun indoor activities will utilize different parts of the brain and help your kids to continue to learn in a variety of different ways. From just reading books, arts and crafts, playing make-believe, or learning how to cook, there is something on this list for kids of all ages.

Fun indoor activities for kids

Read Books

1. My First Learn to Write Book – Learning how to write doesn’t have to be boring for your children, use this book to help!

2. Read some of the best books, such as Dr. Seuss! 

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Play Games

3. Go Fish Card Game – Large 5×7 cards with both numbers and illustrations make it more fun to ask what your competition has for a card

4. Uno – Fun card game involving numbers and counting

5. Egg and Spoon Race – Grab a spoon and small round objects and race off to the finish line!

6. Bowling – Using some plastic cups and any kind of round ball object, you can create a bowling alley right within your home

7. Do your kids have nerf guns laying around? If so, challenge them and set up some targets for them to practice on!

Get Active

8. Bean Bag Toss that works on both indoor and outdoor surfaces

9. 3-Legged Race – Perfect for bonding and coordination.

10. Hula Hooping – Make it a fun competition using your waist, arms and ankles.

11. Create a dance routine to your favorite song

12. Who says Trampolines only have to be used outdoors? Check out this Little Tikes Indoor Trampoline!

13. Have a dance party – perfect for releasing some of that crazy built up energy

14 Musical Chairs – A classic favorite in music class!

Hula Hooping – Make it a fun competition using your waist, arms and ankles. And for the adults, there are popular weighted hula hoops for hoops, swings, dance, or other activities.

15. Obstacle Course – Use different items around the house to create an engaging course with various movement needed in order to complete it.

16. Simon Says – This is always a fun one to do

17. Potato Sack Race – Use a pillowcase and have some fun!

18. Find a few pillowcases that you are not using along with a smooth surface, sit on top of your pillowcase and scoot around the course until you reach the finish line!

19. Have a nice size garage? Let your children play some soccer or hockey so they still feel like they are getting some outdoor time!

20. Have several kids at home for the day? Pair them up and create a wheelbarrow race!

21. Play some Basketball with this Arcade like game!

Enjoy Family Time

22. Watch your favorite movie together

Fun Indoor Activities for Kids

23. Bake some cookies!

You may like some of these fun kid-approved cookie recipes:

Get Creative

24. Create a dance routine to your favorite song

25. Window Art – Create window suncatchers.

26. Take a scavenger hunt to the next level with putting items in dark rooms and giving your children flashlights to make it even more challenging!  Download this free indoor scavenger hunt printable!

Indoor scavenger hunt printable, indoor activities for kids

27. Balloon Balance – Challenge your kiddos to balance a balloon on the back of their hand, foot, or even on top of their head!

28. Build your own tent with some blankets, chairs and any other random items throughout the house

Indoor Activities For Kids, Build a Tent

Discover New Things

29. Create your very own Ecosystem

30. Mega Fossil Dig Kit – Does your kiddo love dinosaurs and science? If so, this is perfect.

31. Help bring out your kiddos scientific side with this Science Experiment Kit

32. Scavenger Hunt – Set a timer and send your kiddos through the house finding various items with the descriptions you provide them with.

Get Artsy

33. Space Coloring & Activity Book – Multiple activities including coloring, puzzles, word searches and much more.

34. Paint By Stickers – Use stickers to paint a zoo animal!

35. Paint your very own stepping stone! Come in a variety of styles including a turtle, butterfly, sun, flower, ladybug and hedgehog to name a few.

36. Rainbow Magic Scratch Paper – One of my favorite activities as a kid!

37. Hide & Seek Rock Painting Kit – Let your kiddos creativity shine through their art on their rocks.

38. Create your own spin art paintings using the Fantastic Spinner

39. Race Wooden Craft Kit – Who wouldn’t love to paint their dream race car!

40. Modeling Clay Kit to make your own creations

fun indoor activities for kids

Fun While Learning

41. ABC Hunt – Have your children collect items around the house that begin with the corresponding letter of the alphabet.

42. Math War card game to continue learning addition and subtraction! 

43. Dauber Dogs – Use bingo dabbers to learn letters, numbers and more.

44. Alphabet Bingo to help learn the alphabet

45. Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles – Comes with four different puzzles to complete

Get Crafty

46. Origami Animals – If you have kids who enjoy animals and crafts, this is the perfect activity

47. Paper Bag Puppets – Make your own paper bag puppets

48. Slime time! – Make your very own slime with differ glitters, beads, paper accessories, plus so much more

Pretend Play

49. Play a little Mirror, Mirror and have your child try to mimic all of your actions and reverse the roles and then copy your child!

50. Put on a fashion show – Let your kiddos use your clothes to do so!

Now that you have this exhaustive list of activities, you can look forward to keeping your children active during those times where they need to stay indoors for whatever reason!


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