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5 Wacky Fun Games For Teens – Party Game Ideas

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Beyond the music, snacks and drinks, check out these five fun games for teens that will keep the party going for hours and leave their friends bragging about it at school for weeks to come.

Do you remember being young and back in your teenage years where being the life of the party was so crucial?

Now, fast forward about 30 years and here you are with some teenagers on your hands trying to plan a party that will keep them both entertained and safe, while having loads of fun.

Who knows, maybe you will become the popular house that all of the teens, whether they are family or friends, want to be at – how cool would that be?!

Fun Games for Teens - Fun party Ideas

1. Escape Room in a Box

If you’ve ever been to an actual escape room, this game brings the same intensity, fun and challenges.

The Escape Room in a Box is a perfect game where everyone is trying to escape! 

There are 19 different puzzles that must be solved along with three locks that must be unlocked before an hour is up. Otherwise, the mad scientist will turn you into werewolves!

Werewolves not something that your kiddos will be interested in? No worries, the Escape Room The Game has three different escape rooms that involve a secret agent, a dentist along with a space station!


2. I should have known that! Trivia Game 

While trivia may seem like something that could potentially shy your kiddos away, …I should have known that! is one can get quite the rivalry going!

With over 400 different questions about things that you should know, it can also become quite entertaining when you have a card in front of you, draw a blank and cannot answer the question.

For a fun spin on the game, instead of giving points for every correct answer, they take away points for every incorrect answer so be sure to choose wisely!

3. Brain Fart

Brain Fart is a game, when the lights are shining on you, it’s go time! You better to be able to name as many things within your category as possible based on the letter you rolled.

For example, if the category is food and you rolled the letter “p” you better start yelling as many “p” food items as possible such as pineapple, peas, papaya, peppers, and pickles just to name a few!

With 54 different categories and 21 letters, this game could go on forever and will never, ever be the same as each individual will come up with different items.

4. Unstable Unicorns

Have a smaller group of teenagers? Not a problem! Unstable Unicorns is perfect anywhere from 2 to 8 players.

This intense card game comes down to building your unicorn army by collecting the seven unicorns and whoever does that first is the winner!

Don’t let that fool you though, while it may sound easy, magic can be used, instant plays can be made, plus upgrade and downgrade cards that you draw can alter your opponent’s position in the game immediately!

Voted as the 2019 People’s Choice Award game, your teens have to give this game a try! Plus, unicorns are just a hit these days, everyone is incorporating them into their lives one way or another!

5. Twister

Twister is such an oldie but such a goodie! This fun game challenges you both mentally and physically.

It requires a strong mental game in order to help you keep your balance and flexibility until all of your opponents can no longer twist and turn the necessary ways to win!

While you may get tied up in some knots, it will create lots of laughs and is a great way to break the ice if everyone is being on the reserved side!

Fun Games for Teens Playing Twister


Let loose and have some fun with these party games for teens!

Now that you have a great selection of games that your teens will love and play for hours, a bunch of snacks made, and a variety of beverages provided, you can rest assured that it will be a day or night full of laughs and making memories.

While teenagers can be quite the handful, these games will keep them entertained for hours and most importantly, out of mischief and off their electronics. 

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  1. I love that you touched on using these games to keep them occupied and off the electronics for at least one night. My spouse and I are trying to plan a little party for our son’s birthday that is coming up. We want to try something new and get a fun game that everyone can play together.


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