20 Fun Indoor Snow Day Activities To Do with Your Kids

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20 Fun Indoor Snow Day Activities To Do with Your Kids

Although here in Georgia, we don’t see a lot of snow but when we do, its pretty exciting and schools usually close! Hooray! It is always fun but the kids are pretty riled up and begging to go outside. Of course, with a snow day, kids can’t stay outside all day so we have to find fun and free ways to entertain them indoors, right?


Looking for fun and free things to do with your kids on a snow day? Here are 20 Activities to do with your kids that are both fun and free.

Try these 20 activities to do on a snow day with your kids:

1. Have a dance party. Music is a natural de-stressor for everyone. Turn on some music and get moving after school. Come up with your favorite dance moves to your favorite songs or just dance around the house.

2. Paint a picture. Painting is both creative and relaxing. Give your child some paints and let them express their day. Use paintbrushes, fingers, and feet to really get creative with your painting.

3. Play with play dough or clay. Get those wiggles and jiggles out with a little play dough or clay fun. Not only is it great for a creative outlet but also for developing fine motor skills.

Playing With Clay

4. Use your imagination. As a kid, you can turn carpet into a fire pit of lava, run from an invisible dinosaur, or have wild adventures in the rainforest. Help your kids go on an imaginative adventure.

5. Color pictures. The coloring is a relaxing activity that has been proven to help you unwind.

6. Bang on pots and pans. Sometimes kids just need a physical outlet to get out their frustrations. Get out the pots and pans and go to town.

7. Enjoy some singing time. Get out that karaoke machine and belt out a song. Kids love singing and singing is a nice afterschool outlet.

8. Shoot some hoops. Shooting hoops don’t always have to happen outside. Grab some laundry baskets and make your own hoops inside for a little transition.

9. Get goofy. Sometimes just laughing and being silly makes the whole day worth it. Make silly faces, take silly pictures and just goof around.

10. Make a craft. If you have a creative kid, have a box of arts and crafts supplies that they can enjoy when they get home. If your child needs a little help, print out simple crafts they can do on their own.

Kids making crafts indoors when it is snowing outside

11. Read a story to your kids. Kids spend a lot of time reading at school, so take the time to read to them. Choose a book that interests you both and enjoy reading and acting it out.

12. Have a scavenger hunt. Give your child clues to finding their snack. Take them on a scavenger hunt throughout the house.

13. Play a game. Board games come in all shapes and sizes. Spend some quality time with your child and play a board game. You could even incorporate educational games to go with their learning such as sight word BINGO.

14. Put on a puppet show. Puppets are always fun and they are a great way for your child to express their emotions and feelings without being in a conversation. Ask your child to reenact their day, a book, or recess.

Finger Puppets - Kids Activities

15. Have an exercise regimen. Play some music and get fit.  Exercise is a great way to get rid of daily stresses and unwind from the day.

16. Play in the shaving cream. Spray some shaving cream on that dirty counter or table and let your kids wash it clean with their hands. Playing in shaving cream is a fun activity to get out the wiggles, but it can also be used to practice writing spelling words or working on math problems.

17. Make a town. Use tape to create sidewalks and roads. Get out the blocks and build up your town with houses, stores, and parks. This is a great way to break out that creativity.

18. Take pictures. Selfies are always fun, but don’t stop there. Get out and take pictures of the pretty snow and icicles hanging from the trees. Get creative and use photo editors to make some fantastic collages.

19. Bake Cookies Kids tend to snack more when they are inside cooped up all day. When it is cold outside, baking cookies is always fun.  Warm up by the fire with some hot chocolate & fresh baked cookies.

20. Go out in the snow. Go out and bear the snow with your kids. Let’s face it; the snow is fun on its own. Head out to make a snowman, paint in the snow, go sledding, or have a snowball.

Snow Day Activities

What other indoor activities do you do on a snow day? Share in the comments below!

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    These are great ideas! We love to play family board games on snow days.

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