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10 Keto Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipes

By Elisha Baba


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If you’ve recently started following the Keto diet, I’m sure you’re looking to add to your recipe collection to keep things varied and fun. There are so many fantastic sites and recipes nowadays, which can help you on your Keto journey, and you won’t feel like you are missing out at all on some of your previous favorite foods. Today I’ve put together a selection of my ten favorite keto buffalo chicken dip recipes that will go well with celery sticks, pork rinds, or Keto-friendly crackers.

1. Easy Buffalo Chicken Dip

Keto Connect shares this easy recipe that requires minimal effort in the kitchen. Use your favorite hot sauce to add a kick to this dip, but try to find one that’s not too overpowering so you can still taste the different elements of this recipe. If you are short of time, you can use a rotisserie chicken from your local grocery store, and then just remove the skin and bones to make this dip. You’ll get the ideal combination of white and dark meat without having to do much preparation yourself.

2. Cheesy Keto Buffalo Chicken Dip

For a low-carb dip to bring with you to your next family gathering, try out this recipe from Perfect Keto. It’s so easy to make and doesn’t need any special equipment or cleaning-up time. To create this dip, you don’t even need a mixing bowl, as you’ll use your slow cooker or Instant Pot. Simply put all of the ingredients into the pot and then you won’t need to do anything until it’s ready.

3. Keto Garlic Parm Buffalo Chicken Dip

Certainly Keto shows us how to make this fantastic recipe that is keto-friendly and will appeal to everyone at your next party or game night. For a fresh twist on your favorite dip, this recipe combines the flavors of garlic and parmesan. You can use your crockpot again if you like for this recipe, to make things even quicker and stress-free. While canned chicken is recommended in this recipe, you could also use rotisserie or shredded chicken if you prefer.

4. Baked Keto Buffalo Chicken Dip

This recipe calls for a few more ingredients than your regular dip but is well worth the effort for the results. You won’t need to spend any more time or energy in the kitchen, but you’ll be able to create an appetizer that’s packed with flavor. For the best results when cooking this dip, Keto In Pearls recommends putting your dish in the oven for twenty-five minutes until the cheese is starting to brown on the top.

5. Keto Buffalo Chicken Dip with Sour Cream

If you are looking for a crowd-pleasing dip that your whole family will be sure to enjoy, try out this recipe from Oh So Foodie. Thanks to the addition of mozzarella cheese and sour cream in this dip, you’ll have a creamy texture that will complement your crisp vegetable sticks perfectly. If you love spicy foods, you can add some jalapeno peppers on top before serving, or for even more flavor, a light sprinkle of crumbled blue cheese makes a great topping.

6. Feta, Sour Cream, and Lemon Keto Buffalo Chicken Dip

For anyone looking for a dip or sauce that isn’t loaded with sugar, try out this easy recipe from My Keto Kitchen. It works well as a dip, but it could also be used heaped over a salad or for spreading on top of a steak. You’ll simply put all of your ingredients together in a food processor and blend everything until smooth. It should only take about five minutes to make this dip, but that will be dependent on your food processor at home.

7. Keto Buffalo Chicken Dip with Blue Cheese

Kitchen Fun with my Three Sons shares this simple recipe that is great for your next game day. It’s topped with crumbled blue cheese and will go well with celery, vegetable sticks, or pork rinds. This recipe is great for the whole family, and the spice level can be adjusted to fit your needs. If you don’t like really hot sauces, consider using enchilada sauce as a substitute for the hot sauce for a similar flavor experience without so much heat.

8. Egg Fast Buffalo Wing Dip

My Crash Test Life shares this recipe which has the perfect ratio of eggs to cheese to fats while also tasting great at the same time. You can make a large batch and then enjoy it over a few days, and it goes great with keto crackers or vegetables. The recipe’s base is six hard-boiled eggs, which you’ll combine with mayo, butter, and a few other simple ingredients you likely already have in your kitchen. One to two tablespoons of hot sauce are recommended, but this can be adjusted to suit your tastes, and then you’ll finish off the sauce with a crumble of blue cheese on top.

9. Whole30 Buffalo Chicken Dip

If you are serving a wide range of dietary requirements, this will be your new go-to recipe, as it caters to the Whole30, Keto, and Paleo plans. It’s ideal for a family get-together, and everyone will be sure to enjoy it, regardless of if they are on the Keto diet or not. While the traditional recipe calls for cheese, this dip doesn’t have dairy yet still has the perfect texture and flavor. Serve with vegetables or keto-friendly chips, and you’ll have an appetizer that you will go to over and over again, thanks to What Great Grandma Ate.

10. Rotisserie Chicken Buffalo Dip

The next time you have some leftover rotisserie chicken, save it to create this buffalo chicken dip from Doctor Oz. It’s a keto-friendly recipe that is high in fat and protein but low in carbs. Once cooked, you can either enjoy it straight from your spoon or with your favorite vegetables. Our best serving suggestions are to have a plate of carrots, radishes, cauliflower florets, or red peppers on the side, which will complement the creamy consistency of this dip well.

While it can be overwhelming to know what you can and can’t eat when starting a new meal plan, there are so many great keto-friendly options available to you nowadays. You’ll no longer feel like you have to miss out on your favorite foods, and yet you won’t have to sacrifice your results at any point by being tempted by off-plan foods.

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