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15 Easy Thanksgiving Drawings

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If you’re American (or Canadian—don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten that Thanksgiving is also celebrated by our northern neighbors), then chances are that Thanksgiving is a pretty big deal in your household.

Easy Thanksgiving Drawings

And thank goodness for that, too, because otherwise what would we do between Halloween and Christmas? It is so convenient to have another holiday in-between that we can celebrate.

In what ways can Thanksgiving be celebrated, though, aside from cooking way too much food and spending quality time with your family? If you’ve found your way to this website, chances are that you would say “with crafting”. We’re inclined to agree. Here’s a list of our favorite Thanksgiving-themed things that you can draw.

15 Easy Thanksgiving Drawing Ideas

Thanksgiving Gravy Boat

Thanksgiving Gravy Boat

I bet this isn’t the illustration that you thought we are going to start with. Knowing how to draw a gravy boat might be random, but there’s no denying that it’s a recognizable symbol of Thanksgiving. After all, what’s turkey and mashed potatoes if not smothered in delicious gravy? You can draw your own gravy boat by following this tutorial.

Traditional Thanksgiving Pumpkin Drawing

Traditional Thanksgiving Pumpkin Drawing

Pumpkins are not just a symbol of Halloween. Thanksgiving also takes place during the fall season, which makes pumpkins an appropriate symbol of Thanksgiving as well. Also, because Thanksgiving is used to celebrate the harvest, it would make sense that pumpkins would make an appearance. Pumpkins are usually ready to harvest by mid-autumn. You can find a tutorial for drawing a pumpkin here.

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves

What do you first think of when you think of the autumn season? If you say “falling leaves”, you’re not alone. Falling and fallen leaves are often used as a theme in Thanksgiving decorations because Thanksgiving takes place at the end of November, which is the fall season in the US. You can draw your own autumn leaves and color them in vibrant fall colors, like yellow, orange, red, and brown. Check it out here.


Turkeys are the most common Thanksgiving symbol. But have you ever wondered why we eat turkey at Thanksgiving? We actually don’t exactly know—though we can speculate that it has to do with what was served at the “first Thanksgiving” which occurred between European pilgrims and Indigenous Wampanoag people in what is today Massachusetts. There is no proof that turkey was served, though it’s a possibility that it was—thought it may have been a different type of local bird. Either way, you can’t do a Thanksgiving drawing without drawing a turkey. Check out this easy tutorial that even kids could do.


Are you a fan of squash? Squash is a type of food that originated from the New World (the Americas). Most people think of it as a vegetable as it’s commonly served as a savory side for dinner, but it’s technically a fruit. It’s usually cultivated in the fall season, so it’s very often associated with Thanksgiving even if not commonly eaten at a Thanksgiving meal. Many people will use squash and gourds as a front porch decoration during the Thanksgiving season. Learn how to draw one here.


Scarecrows are a type of mannequin that is used to scare birds away from a field where crops are growing. The mannequin is supposed to resemble a human, which is designed to scare the birds away. Scarecrows are probably associated with autumn because they help guarantee a healthier harvest. They’re fun to draw, too—find out how here.

Corn Cob

Corn is one of the most popular symbols of Thanksgiving. Like Turkey, its popularity comes from the fact that it is rumored to have been served at the first Thanksgiving dinner. Corn is native to North America (specifically Mexico) and was already enjoyed by Native Americans for many years before the first Thanksgiving with the pilgrims. Today, the Heartland region of Middle America continues to be the world’s leading production area for corn. You can draw a corn cob by following the tutorial found here.

Turkey Dinner

We promise this isn’t a repeat! Earlier, we showed you how to draw a turkey, but now we are showing you how to draw a turkey dinner. See—there’s a difference! You can draw your very own Thanksgiving turkey dinner by following the tutorial found here.


Do you know what a cornucopia is, besides just a really fun word to say? It’s roughly Latin for “horn of plenty”, and is used to symbolize an abundance of food and nourishment. This makes sense considering that a cornucopia is usually portrayed as being overflowing with lots of goodies like fruit, nuts, and grains. The cornucopia is not unique to North America but is usually used to represent an American Thanksgiving. Cornucopias are fun to draw—find out how here.

Fall Wreath

Fall Wreath

There is nothing in the holiday rule book that says that wreaths are just for the Christmas season. Wreaths can also be used to celebrate over yearly occurrences, like the change in season or the presence of another less-celebrated holiday. Due to the fact that it takes place in autumn, there are a lot of different materials that you can use to make a Thanksgiving wreath, from dried flowers to berries and more. Here is an easy tutorial for drawing a fall wreath, which can also be a Thanksgiving wreath.

Dinner Table

You can’t have Thanksgiving without an adequately-set dining room table. This tutorial will only show you how you can draw the perfect table, so you will have to use your own creativity to decide what you’re going to put on the plates. But, a table is a good place to start. Find out how here.

Pumpkin Pie

If you could only pick one dessert that is synonymous with a Thanksgiving meal, it would have to be pumpkin pie. Sure, some people may serve other desserts at dinner time, like apple pie or cookies. But there’s no denying that pumpkin pie is the “unofficial official” dessert of Thanksgiving. Here’s how you can draw your very own adorable pumpkin pie cartoon.


Acorns are a type of fruit that is found on an oak tree. Fun fact: did you know that oak trees can live up to 200 years of age? They are one of the most popular trees in North America, and acorns can actually be used as a culinary ingredient (the texture and taste that they have is similar to nuts). Acorns can also be ground into flour! Acorns are associated with fall and therefore Thanksgiving. Learn how to draw one here.

Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry sauce is one of the most controversial Thanksgiving meal selections. While some people absolutely love it, some believe that it has no place in a respectable meal. Cranberries are enjoyed at Thanksgiving because it is believed that they would have been a popular food source around the time of the first Thanksgiving. You can draw your own cranberry sauce by following this tutorial.

Mashed Potatoes

Of course, we have to round this list off with mashed potatoes. What kind of Thanksgiving list would this be if we didn’t include them? Mashed potatoes are one of the more popular Thanksgiving dish, and no matter how you enjoy them—with butter, sour cream, chives, etc—there’s no denying that they are a fluffy, delicious food source. Learn how to draw mashed potatoes here.

We bet you never thought that it would be possible to draw Thanksgiving-inspired drawings, but here you have it! 15 cool ideas to take on this Thanksgiving season.

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