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How To Draw a Monkey: 10 Easy Drawing Projects

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Learn how to draw a monkey to broaden your artistic horizons. Monkeys have many features that can help you as an artist, such as both animal and human features. However, drawing them because they are cute is always an option.

How To Draw a Monkey

Types Of Monkeys To Draw

There are over 300 species of monkeys, so we can’t name them all. Instead, here are a few monkeys that are fun to draw.

Spider Monkey

  • Small
  • Pink or brown face
  • Dark fur
  • Big eyes
  • Thin limbs

Proboscis Monkey

  • Oblong nose
  • Orange fur
  • Small eyes
  • Thick limbs
  • Large belly


  • Red nose
  • Blue ridges on the face
  • Black and orange fur
  • Bright behind


  • “Pigtails”
  • There are pigmy versions
  • Black and white or brown
  • Odd-shaped nose
  • Orange or brown eyes

Golden Lion Tamarin

  • Orange
  • Fluffy
  • Has a mane
  • Thin tail

Tips For Drawing A Monkey

  • Commit to type – choose a species and stick with it to create something real rather than a hybrid.
  • Face has less hair – most monkeys lack hair on their faces and hands/feet.
  • Eye size varies – the species defines how big and bright their eyes are.
  • Don’t forget ears – it’s easy to forget to add ears when they are small or plain.
  • Capture personality – monkeys have loads of personality that artists can use to their advantage.
  • Consider other primates – lemurs and apes aren’t monkeys, but they are fun to draw.

How To Draw A Monkey: 10 Easy Drawing Projects

1. How To Draw A Cartoon Monkey

How To Draw A Cartoon Monkey

Cartoon monkeys are cute with plenty of personality. Draw a young cartoon monkey with Articco Drawing.

2. How To Draw A Monkey Face

How To Draw A Monkey Face

It’s a good idea to learn how to draw the face of a monkey before you draw the body. PiKasso Draw has a great tutorial.

3. How To Draw A Cute Monkey

How To Draw A Cute Monkey

Cute monkeys are easy to find, but you can draw one to be even cuter. HTDraw is a good place to start.

4. A Spider Monkey Drawing Tutorial

A Spider Monkey Drawing Tutorial

Spider monkeys are small and lanky. They also may good primate pets. Draw a realistic one with How2DrawAnimals.

5. How To Draw A Simple Monkey

How To Draw A Simple Monkey

It takes time to learn to draw a complex monkey. This super simple monkey drawing by UCIDraw will get you started.

6. Drawing A Monkey For Kids

Drawing A Monkey For Kids

Even a beginner artist like a child can learn to draw a monkey. Art for Kids Hub is one of the best places to learn.

7. How To Draw A Monkey In A Tree

How To Draw A Monkey In A Tree

Baby monkeys are the cutest of them all. You can draw a cute monkey hanging from a tree with Taposhi arts Academy.

8. A Mother And Child Monkey Drawing Tutorial

A Mother And Child Monkey Drawing Tutorial

A mother and child monkey drawing is heartwarming. Art JanaG has an underrated tutorial of a mother-and-child monkey drawing.

9. How To Draw A Monkey With Bananas

How To Draw A Monkey With Bananas

Monkeys love bananas, and this is often depicted in art. Draw a monkey with a banana with Draw So Cute.

10. How To Draw A Cool Monkey

How To Draw A Cool Monkey

A monkey with glasses may be the coolest kind. You can draw a cool monkey with Articco Drawing.

How To Draw A Realistic Monkey Step-By-Step

For this tutorial, we will draw a spider monkey.


  • Paper
  • Blending stump
  • 2B pencils
  • 4B pencil
  • 6B pencil (optional)

Step 1: Draw Two Circles

These circles will be the base of the body, the shoulder, and the rump. The shoulder circle should be a bit smaller.

Step 2: Connect Them

Connect them in the center to get the shape started. Then, connect them on the outsides to complete the base of the monkey’s body.

Step 3: Draw Legs

Draw the base of the legs now, which are similar to human legs in the back and arms in the front.

Step 4: Add Tail

The tail is easy, but it looks best if it curls up a bit at the end. Go ahead and add thickness to the tail.

Step 5: Add a Head and Volume

Add a head that should be only a little bigger than the shoulder circle. Now add volume to the legs and body.

Step 6: Shape Feet

Shaping monkey feet isn’t easy, but you can always erase and start over. The toes are quite long and the base of the feet small.

Step 7: Draw Face

Draw the face which should swing down from the circle you drew. Then draw mask-like eyes. Monkeys don’t have snouts but their faces stick out further than humans, aside from their nose which blends with the rest of their face.

Step 8: Draw Ears

Monkey ears are relatively simple to draw. So go ahead and palace them on either side of the head and then add the remaining face details.

Step 9: Add Fur

This is where things come to life. Add fur around the face then work your way back then down the legs.

Step 10: Shade and Blend

For a realistic monkey, you need to shade and blend. Pupils should be 6B or at least 4B. Everything else can be 4B in the shadows and 2B in the lighter areas.


Is Drawing A Monkey Difficult?

No. Drawing a monkey is not difficult because you can always draw a simple one. If you want to get more advanced, then it will be more difficult.

What Does A Monkey Symbolize In Art?

Monkeys symbolize fun, youth, and energy in most cultures. However, Frida Kahlo thought of them as a tender and sweet symbol (like the children she never had), which was different from the lust they normally represented in Mexican culture.

What Are The Benefits Of Drawing A Monkey?

Drawing a monkey can teach you how to draw many animal parts. It can also be fun to draw them for those who love monkeys.


When you learn how to draw a monkey, you learn so much about drawing animals. Monkeys are fun, playful creatures who can be quite mischievous. It’s a great break from drawing still art or a serious animal. So remember not to stress and to have fun with it instead.

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