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How To Draw A House: 10 Easy Drawing Projects

By Emily Medlock


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You can learn how to draw a house, opening up new opportunities for you as an artist. You can learn a lot from drawing any house, but it’s best to start with one pulled from the imagination or one you know well.

How To Draw A House

From there, you can start drawing everything from cartoon houses to doghouses. Then you can move on to drawing houses that look like pictures.

House Drawing Tips

  • Don’t be afraid of 2D – 2D houses can look just as good and still have depth. Start with 2D.
  • Draw floor plans – you can draw the floor plans first or afterward. Either way, one helps with the other.
  • Use nature – nature is a great inspiration, but you can also use it for your surroundings rather than the city streets.
  • Tap into the subconscious – be natural and see what happens. Draw what you feel rather than just what you see.
  • Don’t commit – if something doesn’t feel right at any time, then switch things up. Houses are best when unique.

How To Draw A House: 10 Easy Drawing Projects

1. How to Draw a Haunted House

How to Draw a Haunted House

Haunted houses are perfect for Halloween, but you can even draw them in July. Draw a quite animated one with Draw So Cute.

2. Gingerbread House Drawing Tutorial

Gingerbread House Drawing Tutorial

Gingerbread houses can be covered with icing, candy canes, and gumdrops, but this is customizable. Art Land shows us how to draw an adorable gingerbread house.

3. How to Draw a 3D House

How to Draw a 3D House

Learn to draw a 3D house so you can draw realistic houses. QWE Drawing does such a good job that it looks digital.

4. Tree House Drawing Tutorial

Tree House Drawing Tutorial

Who doesn’t love treehouses? You can draw one today with Azz Easy Drawing as they take you through the steps.

5. How to Draw a House for Kids

How to Draw a House for Kids

The house emoji is something kids can recognize and will have fun with. Draw one with Art for Kids Hub.

6. House Plan Drawing Tutorial

House Plan Drawing Tutorial

House plans are quite different than drawing a house. Draw your house plans with tips from Dantier and Balogh Design Studio.

7. How to Draw a Mushroom House

How to Draw a Mushroom House

Mushroom houses can be adorable and magical. Pencil Crayon has one of the best mushroom house tutorials on the internet. 

8. Dog House Drawing Tutorial 

Dog House Drawing Tutorial 

A doghouse is fun to draw and can be drawn in the yard of the other house you draw. Sherry Drawings has a simple tutorial you can use.

9. Bird House Drawing Tutorial

Bird House Drawing Tutorial

Birdhouses can be drawn on their own or with a human house. One of the simplest tutorials for birdhouse drawings is by Mr. Mayberry.

10. How to Draw Modern House

How to Draw Modern House

Farmhouses are popular, but modern houses are easier to draw. Ahmed Ali shows you how to draw a quite realistic one. 

How To Draw A Realistic House Step-By-Step

A realistic house drawing is all in the details. You can draw a cartoon house and add enough details that it begins to come to life. For this tutorial, we will draw a simple square, 3D house.


  • Paper
  • 2B pencils
  • 4B pencils
  • 6B pencil (optional)
  • Blending stump
  • Ruler

Step 1: Draw a Cube

Start by drawing a cube. If you don’t know how to do this, don’t worry, it’s easy. Draw a horizontal rhombus, then another mirroring it. Then, connect the two with two diagonal lines at the top. This takes practice, so don’t commit to using the first one you draw.

Step 2: Draw the Roof

Draw angled lines coming from the top side of the house using a ruler. Then, turn the ruler around and do the same thing on the other side. Draw a line connecting them on the top of the house.

Step 3: Add Windows and Doors

Use your ruler to add one door and however many windows you want. They can be rectangular, square, or even round.

Step 4: Add Dimension

This is when things start looking 3D. Add depth to the windows by drawing sills on the sides opposite the picture’s center. For example, the right side of the house should have sills on the bottom and right, while the left side should be on the bottom and left. 

Step 5: Add More Details

You don’t have to add many details, but the more shingles you put on the roof or bushes you put in the yard, the more you have to work with. 

Step 6: Shade

After you add the trails you want, then shade the house. You don’t need to use the 6B, but I suggest at least using a heavy touch for the roof and window sills. Once you shade, you’re done. Feel free to add a garage with a car.

Benefits of Learning How To Draw A House

  • Inspiration for real house design
  • Learning to draw 3D objects
  • It gets you in touch with the subconscious
  • Reduces stress
  • Can draw your home or family member’s homes


What Is The Hardest Part Of Drawing A House?

The hardest part of drawing a house is creating depth. Even in 2D house drawings, it’s important to make the setting believable. 

Why Would You Need To Know How To Draw A House?

You will unlikely need to know how to draw a house. But it can happen if you get a commission or need to for a class.

What Do Houses Symbolize In Art? 

Houses symbolize comfort, shelter, and self. They are often seen as self-portraits or portraits of who we think of when we draw the house.


For most artists, learning how to draw a house is important. Because they represent ourselves, we can communicate much of our subconscious through house art. We also store many memories in each house we have lived in, so drawing them is nostalgic and therapeutic. But most of all, drawing houses is just another stepping stone needed to become an all-around artist.

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