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How To Draw A Bee: 10 Easy Drawing Projects

By Emily Medlock


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When you learn how to draw a bee, you will learn skills to help you draw other insects. So even if you don’t love bees, it’s useful to learn.

How To Draw A Bee

Types Of Bees To Draw

  • Honey Bee – honey bees have a fuzzy thorax and a sleek abdomen.
  • Bumble Bee – bumble bees are short and fuzzy with distinct stripes.
  • Mason Bee – most mason bees aren’t outstanding, but some of them are bright metallic green or blue.
  • Leafcutter – the leafcutter is long with unique stripes on its abdomen.
  • Violet Carpenter Bee – as the name suggests, this bee has bright purple wings.
  • Yellow-faced Bee – this bee has a bright yellow face and a sleek body. It looks similar to a wasp.
  • Wool Carder Bee – the wool carder bee has a unique spine-like pattern on its back.
  • Hairy-Footed Flower Bee – this bee is fuzzy and short but doesn’t have distinct stripes.

Tips For Drawing A Bee

  • Choose the right kind – before you begin, choose the type so you can copy its features.
  • Don’t overdo the yellow – while most bees have yellow on them, many types of bees have little to no yellow.
  • Remember antennae – and other features that need to be drawn later on.
  • Add pollen – if the bee is realistic, add pollen sprinkled on it to make it look even more real.
  • Add a trail – cartoon bees look cute with a dotted trail.

How To Draw A Bee: 10 Easy Drawing Projects

1. How to Draw a Bumble Bee

How to Draw a Bumble Bee

Bumblebees are adorable and fuzzy with bright yellow and black stripes. Draw a realistic bumblebee with How2DrawAnimals.

2. How to Draw a Honey Bee

How to Draw a Honey Bee

Honey bees have stripes and fuzzy thorax only. Draw one with Art for Kids Hub using their tutorial, which adults can have fun with.

3. Drawing a Cute Bee Tutorial

Drawing a Cute Bee Tutorial

A cartoon bee is the cutest type of bee. Draw So Cute has a winning tutorial for a cute cartoon bee using an oval.

4. How to Draw a Realistic Bee

How to Draw a Realistic Bee

A realistic bee can be drawn with ink. That’s what Drawing and Painting – The Virtual Instructor does.

5. How to Draw a Minecraft Bee

How to Draw a Minecraft Bee

Most kids will be ecstatic if they get to draw a Minecraft bee. Drawing one is easy with Art for Kids Hub’s tutorial.

6. How to Draw a Bee Hive

How to Draw a Bee Hive

No bee world is complete without a beehive. Draw one with Articco Drawing using their marker tutorial.

7. Drawing a Bee on a Flower Tutorial

Drawing a Bee on a Flower Tutorial

Bees are often found on flowers, so why not draw one that way? Use the skills taught by Ripon’s Art to do so.

8. How to Draw a Flying Bee

How to Draw a Flying Bee

When drawing a flying bee, use a background to create the illusion that the bee is elevated. Halfsa Art Box does this well.

9. How to Draw a Bee for Kids

How to Draw a Bee for Kids

The best way to teach kids to draw a bee is to use the letter B. That’s what Art for Kids Hub does.

10. How to Draw a Squishmallow Bee

How to Draw a Squishmallow Bee

A Squishmallow bee is half bee and half plush, teaching you even more skills. Draw one with Draw So Cute.

How To Draw A Realistic Bee


  • Paper
  • Colored pencils
  • 6B pencil

Step 1: Draw Two Ovals and a Circle

The first step is just to draw a circle with an oval on either side. The left oval (smaller) should be nearly vertical, while the right one should be tilted at a 45-degree angle.

Step 2: Draw Antennae and Mandibles

Now draw the triangular mandible and two bent antennae on the smaller oval.

Step 3: Draw Wings and Legs

This is the trickiest part. Draw the two wings, with the back one slightly hidden. Then draw the legs in sections. Each leg should have three sections and a foot.

Step 4: Add Fuzz

Depending on the type of bee you are drawing, you should now add fuzz. You can also add the eyes at this point, so you don’t add fuzz over them.

Step 5: Draw Details

Add fuzz to the thorax, stripe lines, and wing veins. It won’t look complete yet, but it should start coming to life.

Step 6: Add Black and Yellow

Use the yellow pencil over everything but the wings. Then, use the 6B pencil rather than the colored pencil to add the black parts.

Benefits of Learning How To Draw A Bee

  • Learn insect anatomy – insect anatomy is important to learn if you want to do realistic art.
  • Learn to draw wings – if you can draw bee wings, you can draw fairy wings and more.
  • General drawing benefits – drawing anything will improve eye-hand coordination and creativity.
  • Bees spread joy – it’s true, although, in real life, they aren’t much loved, in art, bees are a happy summertime symbol.


What Is The Hardest Part Of Drawing A Bee?

It depends on the type of bee, but the hardest parts are usually the legs and wings. Because you need to add depth to these even if you’re drawing a cartoon bee.

What Does A Bee Symbolize In Art?

Bees symbolize something different in each culture, but the most common symbolism is new life—specifically, the afterlife.

Why Would You Need To Know How To Draw A Bee?

You’ll unlikely need to know how to draw a bee. But it’s useful to know in case you ever need to for a class, commission, or a friend.


After you learn how to draw a bee, you can keep practicing or learn to draw something else. Even if you’re not drawing, you’re probably thinking about drawing, so you might as well put that creative mind to work. After all, when drawing a bee, one must think like a bee.

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