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How To Draw a Fish: 10 Easy Drawing Projects

By Emily Medlock


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When you learn how to draw a fish, you pick up valuable skills. Because there are thousands of types of fish, you may find yourself lost. So it’s best to pick a  type before you get started. Then you can create your masterpiece.

How To Draw A Fish

Types Of Fish To Draw

There are over 30,000 known fish species, so listing them all would be impossible. That’s why you will see only a few common yet interesting types of fish to draw.


  • Long bill
  • Pointy fins
  • Small lower bill
  • Long body
  • Adults don’t have teeth or scales

Swordfish are easy to recognize, but there’s a big difference between a young and an adult swordfish. So decide which type to draw.


  • Triangular shape
  • Often striped
  • Flat
  • Large eyes
  • Long fins

Angelfish are popular aquarium fish named for their beautiful bodies. Just pay attention to the different varieties and patterns.


  • Visible teeth
  • Fin ray
  • Bony
  • Tiny eyes
  • Slightly translucent 

Anglerfish are unique fish that haunt the bottoms of the ocean. Make the fin ray glow with a shaded yellow pencil.

Betta Fish

  • Colorful
  • Large, feathery fins
  • No head fin

Betta fish are also popular aquarium fish that is one of the most vivid in color. You can use any color you want to create them.


  • Literally blob-shaped
  • Large nose
  • Sad face
  • Pink or grey

Blobfish are actually gray when they are swimming in the ocean. They turn pink when they are pulled from the bottom of the ocean.


  • Small
  • Classic fin placement
  • Not always gold/orange

Goldfish are usually tiny and orange, which is where they get their name. They are the most common fish pet, so you can get one to copy in real life.


  • Like Nemo
  • Definite stripes
  • Small, round fins

Clownfish were made popular by Finding Nemo. Drawing them is fun because of their bright colors and stripes.


  • Small and largemouth are different
  • Faint stripes
  • Large stomach
  • Small fins

The bass fish come in two main varieties that are different, but only someone accustomed to them will be able to tell.


  • Spotted
  • Orange, black, and white most common
  • Tiny whiskers
  • Small fins

Koi fish are quite spiritual, as they represent love and friendship. They are also beautiful (just like their ponds), which makes them fun to draw.

Tips For Drawing A Fish

  • Determine what type
  • Use color
  • Think outside the box
  • Eyes are askew 
  • Focus on scales

How To Draw A Fish: 10 Easy Drawing Projects

1. How to Draw a Koi Fish

How to Draw a Koi Fish

Koi fish are beautiful and mystical. Follow Art ala Carte’s tutorial if you want to learn how to draw one in color.

2. How to Draw a Fish for Kids

How to Draw a Fish for Kids

Kids can draw a fish if they follow a simple tutorial. Drawing Geek has an amazing step-by-step video guide.

3. How to Draw a Betta Fish

How to Draw a Betta Fish

Betta fish are colorful and magical. Draw one with Art for Kids Hub as he takes you through the steps, including coloring.

4. How to Draw a Puffer Fish

How to Draw a Puffer Fish

A pufferfish is unique, and not just because Mrs. Puffs is so cool. You can learn to draw a pufferfish with Art for Kids Hub. 

5. How to Draw an Angler Fish

How to Draw an Angler Fish

Anglerfish may be scary, but they are fun to draw. Art for Kids Hubs makes another winning video with their anglerfish tutorial.

6. How to Draw a Cartoon Fish

How to Draw a Cartoon Fish

A cartoon fish will be unique and have a personality. Anyone can follow along with Art for Kids Hub’s tutorial. 

7. How to Draw a Starfish

How to Draw a Starfish

There are many ways to draw a starfish, but semi-realistic is the most impressive. Easy Drawings has a tutorial just for that.

8. How to Draw a Jellyfish

How to Draw a Jellyfish

Jellyfish are gorgeous creatures that float through the ocean. Draw one with Art for Kids Hub as they draw ar realistic version.

9. How to Draw a Blob Fish 

How to Draw a Blob Fish 

Blobfish are popular due to their funny faces. Learn to draw one along with Mister Brush as he uses water paints to color it in.

10. How to Draw Nemo (the fish from Finding Nemo)

How to Draw Nemo (the fish from Finding Nemo)

Nemo from Finding Nemo may be the most famous fish.  Cartooning Club How to Draw has an accurate depiction you can use.

How To Draw A Realistic Fish Step-By-Step 

You can draw thousands of types of fish, but for this example, we will use a rainbow trout.


  • Eraser
  • Paper
  • Blending stump
  • 2B pencils
  • 4B pencil

Step 1: Draw the Oval

Draw an oval that will become the fish’s body. The size doesn’t matter as everything will scale according to this oval.

Step 2: Draw A Trapezoid (the tail)

A trapezoid is a triangle with the top cut off. Draw one of these sideways a small distance from the oval.

Step 3: Connect the Two

Connect the oval body and the trapezoid tail by starting at the trapezoid and going out as you reach the body.

Step 4: Draw Gills and Eye

Only one eye will be visible, but it should have a white and pupil. Then, draw one line where the side fin should start and a curved line from it where the fins will be.

Step 5: Draw a Mouth

Since this is a rainbow trout, the mouth should be small and pointing down. It should also be slightly agape for this example.

Step 6: Draw Top Fins

The top fin should be right around the center of the back and curve toward the tail. Then another at the end of the body. 

Step 7: Draw Botton and Side Fins

The side fin should start where the gills end. Then, draw two bottom fins in the center belly and another below the top back fin.

Step 8: Add Membrane Lines

Add lines to all of the fish’s fins and gills, then finish the face with a nostril and “lip.”

Step 9: Add Details

Finish up by darkening the pupil, adding spots, and shading the fish. The details are what will create personality. 

How To Draw A Fish FAQ

Is Drawing A Fish Hard?

Drawing a fish is not hard. You can start with a simple Jesus fish before moving on to a cartoon fish, then a realistic fish.

What Does A Fish Symbolize In Art?

Fish represent abundance and generosity in art. However, in Christianity, it represents a proclamation of faith. 

What Are The Benefits Of Drawing Fish?

When you learn to draw a fish, you learn how to draw unique eyes, scales, and underwater creatures. 


When you learn how to draw a fish, you can give fish art to friends, make some for your pace, or use it as just another lesson. Fish are interesting creatures who are even more interesting to draw. So choose your favorite and get to work. You’ll be surprised by what you might learn.

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