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How To Draw A Shark: 10 Easy Drawing Projects

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It can be fun to learn how to draw a shark. After you learn the anatomy of a shark, you can get creative with your shark art project.

How To Draw A Shark

Sharks may be scary in real life, so drawing them is a good way to show your admiration.

Types Of Sharks To Draw

There are various types of sharks, so drawing a shark from memory is difficult unless you’re an expert. You must decide which type of shark you will be drawing first.


  • Huge
  • Similar to Great White Shark
  • Rough side pattern
  • Details are open to interpretation (because they’re extinct)

Megalodons are huge sharks that went extinct millions of years ago. They were anywhere from 30 to 60 feet long. Because of their size, you may want to consider drawing a smaller fish or shark for scaling purposes.

Hammerhead Shark

  • Hammer-shaped head
  • Lines on the sides are low
  • Eyes on ends of the hammer
  • Gills are spread out

The hammerhead shark is a good second shark to draw. It is complex and the depth is difficult to portray, so you might want to start with something simpler.

Tiger Shark

  • Faint striped pattern
  • Grey, no blue tint
  • Eat anything (scars often on the mouth)
  • Have whites in their eyes

Tiger sharks are fun to draw because you can practice patterns. If you have trouble with the pattern, take a break and return to it after practicing on a separate piece of paper.

Whale Shark

  • Speckled
  • Flathead
  • Manta-like upper body
  • Round mouth when open
  • Tiny eyes

Whale sharks are funny-looking creatures. They have a lot to work with, from their shape to their pattern, so take your time to ensure it looks like a whale shark.

Bull Shark

  • Square nose
  • Mouth comes back
  • Smooth line transition

Bull sharks don’t have many distinctive features. So if you draw one, make sure you get their bull nose right.

Great White Shark

  • Distinct teeth
  • No pattern
  • Uneven sideline
  • Slight smile

The most popular type of shark to draw is the great white shark. When you close your eyes and picture a shark, you probably see the great white. It’s one of the few types of sharks most people can draw from memory.

Angel Shark

  • Manta-like body
  • Four side fins
  • Can be grey, yellow, red, or tan
  • Patterned

Angel sharks are flat, looking like no other shark alive. They live deep in the ocean, but they still come in many colors. Use the color variety to make your angel shark unique.

Goblin Shark

  • Pointy nose
  • Small teeth
  • Distinct gill lines

Goblin sharks are aptly named. They are ugly sharps with long noses and awkward mouths. They may be fun to draw if you love fantasy goblins.

Tips For Drawing A Shark

  • Stay true to the type – choose the type of shark you want and stick with it, unless you want the end result to look like a hybrid.
  • Rows of teeth – most sharks have more than one row of teeth. People may not notice if you don’t add more than one row, but they probably will notice the effort you put into making them right.
  • Correct number of gills – most sharks have five gills on each side. Double-check the shark you are drawing to ensure it has the correct number.
  • 6B for eyes – shark pupils are very dark. Use a 6B pencil to add intensity and ensure that they look proper.
  • Round fins – shark fins are not pointy, they are rounded. Some breeds have more rounded fins than others, so pay attention to this.

How To Draw A Shark: 10 Easy Drawing Projects

1. How to Draw a Great White Shark

How to Draw a Great White Shark

The great white shark is the most common type of shark to draw. An amazing tutorial by Art for Kids Hub shows you how to draw a simple great white shark.

2. How to Draw a Hammerhead Shark

How to Draw a Hammerhead Shark

Hammerhead sharks are unique sharks to draw. You can learn how to draw one with Art Land’s tutorial video.

3. How to Draw a Shark for Kids

How to Draw a Shark for Kids

Kids can draw sharks, too, as long as they start with a simple outline. Keep Drawing has a basic tutorial video that can help anyone get started.

4. How to Draw a Cartoon Shark

How to Draw a Cartoon Shark

A cartoon shark is the best shark to draw if you want to implement personality into your art. Cartooning Club How to Draw has a good tutorial for a cartoon shark.

5. How to Draw a Tiger Shark

How to Draw a Tiger Shark

Tiger sharks have distinct patterns, making them a favorite of enthusiasts. Keep Drawing has a tutorial that focuses on the pattern.

6. How to Draw a Megalodon

How to Draw a Megalodon

Megalodons are large, extinct sharks. Keep Drawing has a tutorial that shows how to draw one eating a small shark.

7. How to Draw a Realistic Shark

How to Draw a Realistic Shark

Realistic sharks are hard to draw, but with the right tutorial and practice, you can master them. LethalChris Drawing has a great tutorial.

8. How to Draw Baby Shark

How to Draw Baby Shark

Baby Shark is a popular shark to draw. Draw So Cute shows how to draw Baby Shark, only her version is blue like Daddy Shark.

9. How to Draw the Jaws Shark

How to Draw the Jaws Shark

The Jaws shark, Bruce, is a favorite all around the world. Art for Kids Hub shows you how to draw Bruce.

10. How to Draw a Cute Shark

How to Draw a Cute Shark

A shark squishmallow is the cutest shark ever. Draw So Cute has an adorable tutorial on how to draw a squishmallow shark.

How To Draw A Great White Shark Step-By-Step

The great white shark is a common shark that is often depicted in art and film. It may seem intimidating, but learning how to draw a great white shark isn’t difficult.


  • Paper
  • 2B pencils
  • 4B pencils
  • 6B pencil
  • Blending stump

Step 1: Draw Body Shape

Start with the body shape, which should look like an almond-shaped eye. Not a perfect almond, as it will be more curved on the bottom.

Step 2: Draw Fin Shapes

The fin shapes are simple to draw if you break them down. Start with the top fin, which will point towards the back. Then the small bottom fin. Finally, the two side fins. One should only be partially visible.

Step 3: Draw Tail Shape

The tail has two points. One should be facing up and one facing down. It should connect naturally to the end of the fish.

Step 4: Draw Face

The great white shark’s face will have one visible eye, a curved nostril, and a small mouth. To make the shark look aggressive, make the mouth turn up. To make it look passive, make the mouth face down.

Step 5: Add Gils and Side Line

Draw five gills that go just below the side fin. Then, draw a line that goes all the way down the shark’s body, parallel to the bottom of the shark. It will sit right under the side fin.

Step 6: Draw Teeth

You may draw only one layer of teeth, but to add realism, add more than one. They should be pointy but relatively small.

Step 7: Shade

Start shading by doing extremely light shading under the fins, then dark shading in the eyes, nostrils, and mouth. The area above the line will have medium shading, and the belly should be white.

Step 8: Blend

Blending takes practice, so take it slow. Blend until the shark looks natural, and you can’t see any pencil marks. When you finish, feel free to go over the outline with a 4B pencil.


Are Sharks Hard To Draw?

Sharks are not hard to draw, but everything takes practice. Start with one type of shark, and the rest will be easier after you learn to draw it.

What Do Sharks Symbolize In Art?

Sharks symbolize solitude and confidence. Rather than a predatory symbol, they are one of self-defense and independence.

Why Would You Need To Know How To Draw A Shark?

You may never need a drawing of a shark unless it is for a class. But you can draw a shark because you want to or because someone you love likes sharks.


When you learn how to draw a shark, it will open up many opportunities. Sharks are fascinating creatures, but it doesn’t take an expert to capture one with their art.

You can create a shark drawing today and learn some new skills along the way. Choose your favorite type of shark to draw and get to work.

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