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100+ Christmas Puns for Holiday Cheer

By Elisha Baba


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Christmas puns are sure to make even the Grinch laugh. While general Christmas jokes are great traditional ways to spread holiday cheer, puns take things a step further.

100+ Christmas Puns for Holiday Cheer

Tell a Christmas pun not only to make people laugh but also to make them think. There’s something about Christmas puns that are both clever and silly.

What are Christmas Puns?

Christmas puns are holiday jokes or wordplay relating to reindeer, Santa, and more Yuletide celebration symbols. They are a fun way to break the ice at Christmastime.

Puns about Christmas are easy to make up yourself too. Choose a word like “elf” or “sleigh” and find a word that sounds the same. But until you get an original collection, try these.

105 Christmas Puns That Make You Santa-mental

Christmas Song Puns

  1. Sleigh my name, sleigh my name.
  2. Hold me closer, tiny Dancer!
  3. There’s snow place like home for the holidays.
  4. What are parents’ favorite Christmas song? “Silent Night.”
  5. I’ll stop the world and melt with you.
  6. Do they snow it’s Christmas?
  7. Shake it like a (North) Pole-aroid picture.
  8. What’s a dog’s favorite Christmas song? “Sniffin’ Around the Christmas Tree.”
  9. All the jingle ladies, all the jingle ladies.

Christmas Puns One Liner

  1. A mistle-toast to the holiday season.
  2. The Christmas spirit really soots you.
  3. “Happy holly-days,” said the wreath to the garland.
  4. Stocking up on our favorite holiday treats.
  5. You sleigh me.
  6. She was always (cookie) cutting corners.
  7. But wait—there’s myrrh.
  8. The forecast this Christmas is cloudy with a chance of reindeer.
  9. I have to take a rein(deer) check.
  10. Step right up, jingle file.
  11. Are you going to post your gingerbread house on Instagraham?
  12. The Christmas stockings are sometimes overwhelmed, but they’re hanging in there.
  13. The best thing since sliced (ginger)bread.
  14. You’re my snow angel!
  15. Your Christmas gift should be in peppermint condition.
  16. Icy what you did there.
  17. The Christmas alphabet has noel.
  18. I love you from head to mistletoe.
  19. How rude-olf of you.
  20. Yule be fit to be tide when you find out you aren’t getting any presents.
  21. Your presents is requested.

Santa Puns

  1. Santa puts you on the naughty list if he has just Claus.
  2. A round of Santa-plause, please.
  3. What kind of motorbike does Santa drive? A Holly Davidson.
  4. Who’s Santa’s favorite cartoon character? Chimney Cricket.
  5. Let’s make santamental Christmas memories.
  6. Where does Santa keep all his money? At the Snow Bank.
  7. Santa cleans his sleigh with Santa-tizer.
  8. I’m Claus-trophobic.
  9. Why did Santa get a ticket? He left his sleigh on a snow parking zone.
  10. Christmas has me feeling extra Santa-mental.

Christmas Jokes with Punchlines

  1. What do gingerbread men use when they break their legs? Candy canes.
  2. How do fairy tale books for reindeer end? And they lived happily ever antler.
  3. What do you get when you eat all the Christmas decorations? Tinselitis.
  4. What did the snowman say to the aggressive carrot? “Get out of my face!”
  5. What do reindeers use to decorate their antlers? Hornaments.
  6. What kind of linens do gingerbread men put on their beds? Cookie sheets.
  7. Where do mistletoes go to get famous? Holly-wood
  8. Who delivers presents to baby sharks? Santa Jaws.
  9. What kind of fish do they have at the North Pole? Jollyfish.
  10. What’s red, white and blue at Christmas? A sad candy cane.
  11. Why do reindeer love Beyonce? Because she sleighs.
  12. How does the snow globe feel at Christmas? A little shaken.
  13. How do sheep say, “Merry Christmas”? Fleece Navidad.
  14. Who is never hungry at Christmas? The turkey because it’s always stuffed.
  15. What do you call a reindeer ghost? Cari-boo!
  16. What do you call an obnoxious reindeer? Rude-olph.

Christmas Tree Puns

  1. The kids are on pines and needles waiting for Santa’s gifts to arrive under the tree.
  2. Time to spruce things up.
  3. Fir sure.
  4. Christmas trees wear skirts so you won’t cedar roots.
  5. Why did the Christmas tree go to the barber? It needed a trim.
  6. Are you oakay? Yes, I’m pine!
  7. What do you get when you come across a Christmas tree with an apple? A pineapple.
  8. This tree is officially lit AF.
  9. We have great chemis-tree.
  10. You wood not believe my Christmas tree is artificial.
  11. Why are Christmas trees so bad at knitting? They keep dropping their needles.
  12. Don’t get all sappy on me,” said the Christmas tree farmer.

Elf Puns

  1. Let’s take an elfie.
  2. Believe in your elf.
  3. Your outfit actually doesn’t look elf-bad today.
  4. Santa’s pretty stelfy going down the chimney, don’t you think?
  5. My favorite dish ever is fettuccine elf-redo.
  6. What type of car do Santa’s elves drive? Minivans.
  7. I have a helfy dose of Christmas cheer.
  8. He’s an elf-made man.
  9. Who is the elf’s favorite rock start? Elf-is Presley.
  10. What do you call the elf who steals from the rich and gives to the poor? Ribbon Hood.
  11. How’d you finish Christmas shopping so fast?  I used the elf-checkout lane.

Grinch Puns

  1. Why doesn’t the Grinch like knock knock jokes? Because there’s always Who’s there!
  2. Resting Grinch face.
  3. Why is the Grinch such a good gardener? He has a green thumb.
  4. What is the Grinch’s favorite board game? Mean-opoly.
  5. How fast did the Grinch’s sled go? Max speed.
  6. What is the Grinch’s least favorite band? The Who

Christmas Cat and Dog Puns

  1. Have a very meowy Christmas.
  2. 86. May your days be meowy and bright.
  3. All I want for Christmas is mew.
  4. Santa, I paw-mise I was good.
  5. May your days be furry and bright.
  6. Who delivers presents to dogs at Christmas? Santa Paws.
  7. What’s a dog’s favorite Christmas treat? Candy canines.
  8. Feliz Navi-dog!
  9. You better not bark, you better not whine. You better not bite, I’m telling you why!
  10. Who delivers presents to cats at Christmas? Santa Claws.
  11. Eat, drink, and be meowy.
  12. Happy howlidays!
  13. I got you the purr-fect present.
  14. Yappy holidays!
  15. Merry Catmas!

December Puns

  1. For goodness flakes!
  2. Why is it so cold at Christmas? Because it’s Decembrrrrr.
  3. Snow pain, snow gain.
  4. A blanket of snow: the holiday gift no one wants.
  5. Home sleet home.
  6. Don’t worry, ski happy.

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