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Top 50 Disney Bloggers You Should Be Following Today

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If you crave more Disney information to stay up to date on all the exciting upcoming events, these are the 50 Top Disney Bloggers you should be following.

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It’s no secret that everyone loves Disney. The characters, the magic, the theme parks and the ability for any age to find their inner childer are just one of the few thousands of reasons that Disney is one of the most searched family vacation ideas and destinations.

Families all over the globe are constantly in search of the latest and greatest Disney information to constantly be in the know. Luckily for all the Disney lovers out there, there are some truly great bloggers that dedicate a large portion of their blogs to covering, highlighting and reviewing anything and everything Disney. 

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Top 50 Disney Lifestyle Bloggers in the United States:

1. A Mother’s Random Thoughts

A Mother’s Random Thoughts is full of just that, random answers to questions that we want to know! Her tips on Disney and homeschooling are great!

2. BenSpark Family Adventures

BenSpark Family Adventures is a great Disney family-friendly blog written by a Dad who loves to connect with his inner-child. Full of fun content and information, this blog will be a great resource for all your Disney needs.

3. CouponMamaCita, now Mamacita On the Move

CouponMamaCita blogs about saving money, Disney, and places to find a ton of great freebies. Checking here once a day to stay up to date is something that I highly suggest doing!

4. Cutefetti


Cutefetti shows you how to create, eat and celebrate life, Disney, and family.

5. Disney Food Blog

Disney Food Blog gives all the tips for getting the best food options while visiting Disney.

6. Family Travel Magazine

Family Travel Magazine is an online magazine with great travel tips about resorts, Disney, and deals. Stay in the know with this fun blog!

7. Finding Debra

Finding Debra will teach you about Disney, lifestyle and anything you want to know about Texas.

8. Footprints in Pixie Dust

Footprints in Pixie Dust knows her stuff when it comes to Disney! Advice on cruises and theme parks are just a few of the top travel tips that you’ll be able to enjoy on her blog.

9. Gay NYC Dad

Gay NYC Dad is all about contests, reviewing products and giving shoutouts to everything awesome that is Disney.

10. It’s a Lovely Life

It’s a Lovely Life talks about their family travels and vacations that they spend over half the year doing!

11. JaMonkey

JaMonkey is one of those blogs that covers it all and does it flawlessly. From S.T.E.A.M activities to Disney, it’s evident that this blog takes great pride in putting out answers and options for the needs of her followers.

12. Kendra Pierson Love Learn Travel

Kendra Pierson Love Learn Travel

Kendra Pierson Love Learn Travel is a great resource family, Disney, and food. You’ll always find something interesting and informative to read and explore.

13. Kenny the Pirate

Kenny the Pirate knows Disney. No matter the theme park or question, you’ll find an answer here!

14. Kids are a Trip

Kids are a Trip has you and your family covered no matter if your traveling locally or internationally!

15. Life Family & Fun

Life Family Fun not only lives and breathes the magic of Disney, but she’s also a specialized travel agent for Disney Vacations and Cruises. If you’re looking for idea, advice, or recipes pertaining to Disney, this blog is the perfect place to start.

These 50 Top Disney Bloggers are taking the Disney blogging world by storm! Follow them along on their journeys to stay in the know of all the latest and greatest Disney updates, inspired Disney recipes, Disney travel and more! #DisneyBloggers #Disney


16. Living One Full Life

Living one Full Life talks garden, homeschooling and Disney in her informative and always active blog.

17. Lola Lambchops

Lola Lamchops has the latest scoop on anything and everything Disney that you won’t want to miss!

18. Love Peace and Tiny Feet

Love Peace and Tiny Feet not only blogs about Disney, but also about Atlanta and holistic health. Her site is the perfect way to start the day.

19. Mamalicious Maria

Mamalicious Maria talks Disney travel, hotel reviews and ways to save money. If you’ve been looking for ways to get great info on all of these, this is the blog for you!

20. Marvelous Mommy

Marvelous Mommy is an amazing blog that is truly marvelous and touches on everything Disney, food, and DIY.

21. Meg For It

Meg For It

Meg For It will show you how to live life extraordinary, with some Disney happiness sprinkled throughout.

22. Mom on the Side

Mom on the Side always gets double the time when it comes to Disney because she’s a proud mom of twins! (and a tween and teen!) Follow along with their journey about family, mom life, and entertainment.

23. Mom’s Magical Miles

Mom’s Magical Miles will teach you running tips, Disney tips, and parenting tips as well!

24. Motivated Mom

Motivated Mom offers motivation and support to all the mothers out there! Her blog is a great inspiration!

25. No Guilt Life

No Guilt Life

No Guilt Life will give you the latest scoop on the always eventful Disney Princess Marathon and anything else Disney that they can find to share with you. Writing about Mom Life and Recipes is also a huge part of their site.

26. Pink Ninja Blogger

Pink Ninja Blogger shares her love for Disney along with other great articles, recipes, and shopping. She even talks about her love of couponing as well!

27. Play Party Plan

Play Party Plan has you covered when it comes to party games, Disney info, and super fun and hilarious party ideas as well.

28. R We There Yet Mom?

R We There Yet Mom? talks Texas, travel, and destinations. (Disney ones, too!)

29. Raising Whasians

Raising Whasians

Raising Whasians blogs crafts, recipes, Disney, and fashion. Follow her throughout the daily adventures of their family fun!

30. Really, Are You Serious?

Really, Are you Serious? is full of sarcasm and humor that is certain to brighten your day. Take your time looking around at the fun Disney inspired recipes as well!

31. Ripped Jeans and BiFocals

Ripped Jeans and BiFocals has some of the best Disney inspired treats and recipes out there! If you’re looking for some great ideas, this is a blog that you need to bookmark over and over again.

32. Sarah in the Suburbs

Sarah in the Suburbs

Sarah in the Suburbs has the low down on yummy foods to eat at Toy Story Land, and so many other tips and tricks! Starting your day reading this blog is certain to put a smile on your face.

33. SassnSpunk

SassnSpunk will put a smile on your face as you follow along with her journey of family fun, Disney, and entertainment.

34. Savoring the Good

Savoring the Good knows food and offers great recipes, places to go and Disney insight that is great to start off the day reading!

35. Savvy Mama Lifestyle

Savvy Mama Lifestyle

Savvy Mama Lifestyle is always in the know when it comes to Disney information. From movie reviews to upcoming events, you can rest easy knowing that this blog will have the latest up-to-the-minute information!

36. Seeking the Weekend

Seeking the Weekend tells you how to enjoy your time and adventures during the weekend hours.

37. Sippy Cup Mom

Sippy Cup Mom has anything and everything Disney, recipes and family that you’re looking for.

38. Tales of a One Moms Mess

Tales of a One Moms Mess is all about parenting, Disney, traveling and the beauty of being able to combine them all. Her motto is to survive motherhood “one dirty sock at a time.”

39. Talking with Tami

Talking with Tami blogs about beauty, Disney, and interesting events to keep you in the loop and up to date!

40. Teacups and Fairytales

Teacups and Fairytales always has a ton of great information on the latest and greatest Disney releases and updates out there!

Disney Bloggers, Front Entrance of Magic Kingdom

41. The Autism Diva

The Autism Diva is a great resource for families all across the world. Her focus is family life, health, Disney and so much more!

42. The Multicultural Maven

The MultiCultural Maven always has the latest reviews and releases pertaining to Disney. She also has great tips for living in Florida and visiting the Disney theme parks as well.

43. The Farm Girl Gabs

The Farm Girl Gabs

The Farm Girl Gabs loves crafting, Disney, and travel and can’t wait to share her adventures with you!

44. The Mommyhood Chronicles

The Mommyhood Chronicles is all about birthing stories, Disney information, and humor! Being a part-time dentist, she really has an interesting background and does a great job of telling her stories.

45. The Positive Mom

The Positive Mom loves her family, being positive and living the Disney life. Her blog is powerful and full of resources and information.

46. The Simple Parent

The Simple Parent

The Simple Parent is THE place to find fun kids activities and crafts along with the super important Dinsey information that each and every one of us craves.

47. This N’ That With Olivia

This N’ That With Olivia loves giveaways (especially Disney giveaways!), frugal living and anything and everything entertainment. High energy and fun, this blog is a great way to get some really great swag!

48. Traveling Mom

Traveling Mom highlights free fun, Disney fun and family fun in one great blog!

49. Week99er

Week99er always has the latest scoop on travel, Disney, and entertainment. Plus, great printables and gardening information as well.

50. 5 Minutes for Mom

5 Minutes for Mom

5 Minutes for Mom gives you the writing and fun style from twin WAHM’s that love their children and Disney!

These 50 Top Disney Bloggers are taking the Disney blogging world by storm! Follow them along on their journeys to stay in the know of all the latest and greatest Disney updates, inspired Disney recipes, Disney travel and more!

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  1. I follow everyone here. The Postive Mom is my all time favorite blogger. She is my friend, my angel, and my mentor. She is the one who has been teaching me to write my story and to share my passion for Disney.

  2. Love this list! We also launched a Disney blog this year and we can guarantee you’ll want to follow along. Our dad is the biggest Disney fan out there!


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