Important Security Tips to Keep Your Family Safer at Home

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Home Security Tips

There is much talk about internet security these days as hackers are prevalent and constantly looking for ways to steal data or crash systems. However, while it’s important to protect yourself and your family from cybercriminals, using a few simple home security tips will also help keep your home and its occupants physically safer from those with nefarious intentions. 

Protecting your home from burglars

With summer now officially here, more burglars will be out and about due to the warmer weather. The rise in temperature can also lead to an increase in other threats from people looking to get up to mischief or cause harm. Now is a good time to think about what you can do to secure your home.

Tidy Up Inside

It’s always a good idea to keep your home tidied to help keep burglars and others at bay. When you clean up and declutter regularly, people peering in windows will be able to tell your house is occupied, and not sitting empty and vulnerable. In turn, this makes thieves less likely to choose your home to target.

Messy living room with clothes and other stuff

Plus, even more importantly, tidying is vital because when you do so and remove high stacks of clothes or big piles of boxes and the like, you’ll spot potential security risks that need to be addressed. For instance, you might notice cracked or broken panes of glass or dodgy latches on windows.

Clean Up Your Gardens

Clean up your lawn and gardens, too. By keeping the outside areas of your home neat, this not only increases your property’s curb appeal and usefulness but also amps up security.

After all, you really don’t want to give criminals spaces to hide when they’re trying to peer inside your home or break into (or out) of it.

Spend time cutting back hedges, trees, vines, and the like, and remove overgrown and dense landscaping that’s too close to your home or too big for its location. You may want to also consider planting some bushes and shrubs under first-floor windows.

Choose plants with thorns or prickles as these can help deter burglars due to the sharpness. They also make it harder for people to climb inside your house using low windows.

Install and Maintain a Security System

One of the best ways to make your home less inviting to thieves is to install a security system to monitor the property. Today there are all sorts of excellent, affordable products on the market and many systems include everything you need to keep burglars at bay.

For example, packs include cameras, alarms, motion sensors, and signs advertising to outsiders that a system is installed on your premises. These are all key deterrents that encourage criminals to go elsewhere.

installing security system for home

While some systems may be installed DIY, it pays to hire a security specialist firm to set up your products for you so you know they’re working properly.

These same people can also help you to maintain systems over time, a task that’s required to keep devices doing their job effectively.

Check out these Atlanta home security services providing installation and updates, or search for relevant professionals in your local area. Once products are installed have specialists check the devices annually at a minimum for wear and tear. They may need to replace batteries and other parts as required, too.

Check Locks and Replace or Add Them

Of course, since locks are one of the key factors that keep criminals out of your home, it’s necessary to examine these fittings often to ensure they’re all working as they need to.

Test the latches on every door and window of your property, paying particular attention to locks on easily-reachable windows plus entry and exit doors. If you realize you have some doors or windows without adequate locks, add the security products ASAP.

Make Use of Outdoor Lighting

Adequate outdoor lighting is another thing that can scare burglars away and keep your home safe. Have lights set up around your front and back doors, as well as along pathways and other relevant spots in your yard.

Using Outdoor Lighting for Home Security

It pays to choose motion sensor lights as these will illuminate areas whenever someone comes within their field of “awareness.” Maintain these lights over time, too, by cleaning them and changing bulbs as needed.

It’s a scary thought, thinking about someone breaking into your home and stealing or damaging items, or even causing harm to your family members or pets.

A few simple changes, like the home security tips listed above, will increase your safety levels significantly and convey the message to thieves loud and clear that they are not welcome on your property.

What other home security tips can help protect your home from burglars?

Home Security Tips to Protect Your Family


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