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WonderWorks Pigeon Forge

By Life, Family Fun Team


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WonderWorks is an interactive attraction combining education and affordable, quality entertainment that is fun for all ages!

My family and I went to visit the grand boys this past weekend in Tennessee and was looking for something to do that all of them would enjoy. Saturday we visited the Tennessee Spring Game and Sunday we decided to spend the day in Pigeon Forge. We had five children & grandchildren to entertain with an age range of 9 mths – 11 years old.  We had taken my girls to WonderWorks many years ago but they were much smaller and didn’t remember much. On the other hand, my grandsons had never been…so that made this visit all the more special and exciting! Be prepared for some cuteness overload in these pics.

WonderWorks is not your typical museum.  Being a teacher, I would give the museum two thumbs up for incorporating Math, History, Science & Reading. There was also some physical activity requirements. If you homeschool you can definitely knock out all subjects for the day here! Yay!

In this review, I will not be able to cover everything we did!  I will start with the outside of the museum first and lead you to the second floor. Yes, you heard me correctly! Two floors of some awesome FUN! 

From the street, you will see this really cool upside down house that definitely catches the attention of the passerby.


Then once you get inside, you look up to see the continued “upside down” theme. Pretty cool huh?


We began our way into the museum by first walking through a spinning tunnel. You feel like you are wobbling but you really are not.  You may feel a  short bit dizzy when you get through.


Then we proceeded to the Disaster Zone area where you get to experience a quick version of what it might feel like in a Hurricane or Earth Quake. Look around and you can also read some weather facts that I thought was pretty interesting.


The kids enjoyed the Rock Climbing wall which is on the 1st floor. This is included in a general admission ticket price. It looked like my son in law enjoyed it too.

Check out son and PeePaw riding on the Xtreme360.

Grandma Nona didn’t participate in the rock climbing or the rides (I did not wear proper shoes) but was still having a good time myself. Here is a photo taken where I am demonstrating how you can actually lie down on a bed of nails.  Warning: I felt some poking especially in my feet but don’t worry, it didn’t hurt. Don’t try this at home.


The older girls especially loved the Space Discovery section.


I realized also I was pretty out of shape. With a few tries, I had a difficult time pulling my daughter up on the rope pulley.


The little one’s especially enjoyed playing with the ginormous bubbles! Who doesn’t love playing with bubbles?

I think my favorite part of the museum was the Wonder Brite board.  It reminded me of the Lite Brite I owned when I was a little girl, but this one of course, was way better!

Wonder Brite WonderWorks

Make sure to add “LaserTag” to your tickets (located on the second floor). The kids, PeePaw and son all suited up for this fun interactive game.


On your way out, don’t forget to check out the Magic museum.  Our six-year-old grandson was fascinated with all the cool magic stuff.


From A Mom’s Perspective:

There is so much to see and do with over 100 exhibits and activities. You can literally spend almost a day here.  We did not get to all of them. I have good news though! Your tickets will get you back in on the same day if you would like to leave and return. This is especially a good idea on busier days. Also, I was a tad bit disappointed in myself for wearing sandals. I was unable to participate fully in some of the rides and activities because of it, so remember to wear closed toe shoes.  My youngest grandson is still in a stroller and I was pleased to see elevators to accommodate. Finally, if you have a daring, courageous two-year-old, they may be disappointed when they cannot participate in some of the rides & activities because of the height requirements. There were even some activities my nine year old could not participate in. That’s okay…they still had a blast!  You definitely get your money’s worth here. Kids will stay entertained for hours and hours. I highly recommend visiting if you haven’t already.

Some of the kids top favorites were:

– The Bubble Lab
– Disaster Zone
– The Space Zone
– The Wonder Brite
– The 4D Theater

Some of the adult top favorites were:

–Xtreme 360
–The Bubble Lab
–Disaster Zone
–The Space Zone
–Laser Tag
–Wonder Coasters
–Bed of Nails

Front Entrance of Wonder Works

There are several locations to serve you: Myrtle Beach, Pigeon Forge, Panama City, Syracuse, West Nyack & Orlando.

What is your favorite part about WonderWorks?

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  1. That looks really fun. I’ve seen the WonderWorks building a couple of times, but didn’t know anything about it. Now I want to go. We’ll be in Orlando the 2nd week of May, and I’d love to win those tickets! And we’re a family of 4! Perfect.

  2. As many times as we have been to Orlando and Pigwon Forge, we have never experienced WonderWorks. This is an awesome giveaway that we would love to be blessed with. 🙂 Thank you for the opportunity!

    • You would love WonderWorks ! Very fun & educational for the kids. Something for the adults to do also. Good luck and thank you for entering!

  3. It looks like you guys had a really fun time. I didn’t even know there were two Wonder Works. Thanks for a great giveaway.


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