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How to Understand Your Teenage Son Better: Tips for Parents

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Understanding Your Teenage son

My best advice for parents, when it comes to trying to understand your teenage son, you need to do it with caution and a whole lot of patience and understanding.

The teenage years can scare any parent out there. However, I’ve learned to not be scared and to embrace them for the wonderful individuals they are. It has taken me some time and I am still trying to figure things out.

Listen when they talk

There is just something about hearing your teen boy talk that helps you understand them more. I’ll be honest that it doesn’t always make sense when teen boys talk, but I’m sure they would say the same about us. Some of my best advice for understanding teen boys is to listen when they talk.

Spend time with your teenage son

Want to really understand that teen boy of yours? Make sure you spend time with him. I don’t mean spending time staring at a screen. I mean spend time with him.

Do something he loves. Maybe he loves building cars or riding his skateboard. Even playing a game of basketball with him can help you spend time with him.

Know that boys are going through changes

You always hear comments about how girls are going through specific emotional changes. Guess what? So are boys!

You may be surprised as to how many different emotions your teen boy is experiencing. I think it’s important to know that he is going through these changes, rather than pretend like you have no idea.

Embrace conflict

What? Yes! Instead of running from conflict with your teenage son, know that you should embrace it. You will bump heads, but that means you’re making progress.

Sweeping problems under the rug and not confronting them can lead to having a troubled teen. Make an environment where your teen feels comfortable talking to you about anything!

Take the time to educate yourself

There isn’t a parent of a teenage boy that can do this without the advice and guidance from someone else. I think it’s vital that parents (of teens especially) learn how to raise boys.

Read books, take classes, and most importantly—be hands-on with your teen. Educate yourself about raising teen boys and the world you’re raising them in.

Know that your teen needs boundaries

Letting your teenage boy do whatever he wants isn’t the best recipe for success. I know for a fact that any teen boy needs boundaries.

You’ll grow to understand your teen boy even more whenever he can learn that you’re his parent and not his friend. He doesn’t need you to be his friend, he needs you to be his protector, boundary provider, and safe place.

Let him make mistakes and learn from them

I think one of the most important things all teen parents should understand is that your teen son will never be perfect. When you want to understand your teenage son, realize that they have to make mistakes and be able to learn from them.

You can always ask questions and wonder why, but at the end of the day, you cannot make every single choice for them.

When it comes to understanding your teenage son, know that no one is perfect. This is trial and error and they may be married before you fully figure it out.

I say to take it a day at a time, be patient, and actually, take the time to try and understand those teen son of yours. Just know that teen boys can be just as complicated and full of emotions as teen girls. Trust me, I have two girls who are now teenagers too!

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What tips would you offer to someone raising a teenage son and trying to understand their complicated brains?

Understanding your teenage son

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