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Ultimate St. Simons Island Family Travel Guide

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St Simons Island 

St Simons Island Georgia is the perfect place for a family getaway. Saint Simons greets travelers with gorgeous coastlines, historical sites, and more.

St. Simons Island

St. Simons Island has long been heralded as one of Georgia’s most gorgeous areas, and it’s no surprise. With beautiful coastlines, an inviting small-town feel, and no shortage of activities to take full advantage of both the coast and the interior of the island, Saint Simons Island is a true paradise close to home. No filters needed in this photo.

St. Simons Island Sunset
Sunset at St. Simons Island

The area takes full advantage of the long summers of the south and the coastal breezes to give visitors one of the most pleasant atmospheres of any area you’ll visit along any coast in the states.

Saint Simons Island – A Getaway Awaits

South of the Altamaha River and north of Jekyll Island lies Saint Simons, an island with laid back, everybody’s welcome feel that attracts tourists from both near and far.

We recently took a trip to the island, and we had a great time. This is truly one a beautiful area in the southern region of Georgia.

Beautiful St Simons Island

With ocean swells, salty sea air, crisp breezes, and an island feel not normally found in the south, it felt more like a getaway that was a world away instead of in our own backyard – relatively speaking.

St Simons Island Lighthouse Museum

I love lighthouses, so of course, we had to see the historical Saint Simons Island Lighthouse. Completed in 1872 by the U.S. government to replace the original which was destroyed int eh Civil War, the lighthouse guides ships into Saint Simons Sound and makes boaters aware of the many sandbars in the area.


We had a wonderful time learning about the lighthouse while we wound our way through the Saint Simons Lighthouse Museum, located in the 1872 keeper’s house.

We even got to climb all the way to the top of the lighthouse, which the kids got a kick out of.

Admission is $12 for Adults and $5 for children.

Children 6 and under are free.

The St. Simons Island Lighthouse is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Sunday 1:30 p.m. – 5 p.m. Last climb is at 4:30 p.m.

Dining at Brogen’s

Another highlight of our trip was stopping in for a wonderful lunch at Brogen’s. This place was recommended by the Golden Isle CVB From the moment we entered the restaurant, we knew we were in a great spot.

They offer a wonderful menu that would meet the needs of the entire family. While waiting, the children can enjoy some video games around back and the adults can enjoy the outdoor corn hole toss boards. Definitely, a fun spot to grab lunch.


Visiting Fort Frederica

While we were there, the family headed over to see Fort Frederica, the historic fort that decided the fate of Georgia. I had to fit some history into our homeschooling adventures.

Fort Frederica

Here, the fort’s troops defeated the Spanish, maintaining Georgia’s status as a British Colony. We all had a wonderful time exploring the fort and the surrounding grounds, really drinking in the history of it all.

Fort Frederica, St. Simons Island

Surrounded by cannons, the weathered fort looked like something straight out of a movie. It was an amazing feeling to know we were standing exactly where a historical battle had taken place.


Admission is free and they have a great souvenir shop you don’t want to miss.

Visiting the Georgia Sea Turtle Center

From St. Simons Island, we took a short drive south to Jekyll Island to see the Georgia Sea Turtle Center. The kids love wildlife so this was a great opportunity for them see something unique. 

The center focuses on rehabilitation, research, and education.  Although the kids were the ones I thought of when we took our jaunt, all of us had a wonderful time learning about sea turtles, their habitats, and how we could help them.

Admission is $7.00 for adults, $6.00 for Seniors, and $5.00 for children. The Georgia Sea Turtle Center is open to the public daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., excluding holidays.

Only the Tip of the St. Simons Iceberg

We had an amazing trip, and although we spent most of our time focused on the places I talked about above, that’s only the tip of the iceberg in this amazing Georgian island.

There’s so much to see and do that it can’t all be covered in one post, but I have included some highlights below to help you plan your own getaway to Saint Simons Island.

Accommodations in St. Simons Island

King and Prince Resort

  • The Inn at Sea Island
  • The Lodge at Sea Island
  • Hampton Inn, Saint Simons Island
  • Island Inn, Saint Simons Island

Activities in St. Simons Island

Dining in St Simons Island

Echo restaurant at The King and Prince Hotel

St Simons Island – You Need to Go

I’m so happy that Golden Isle CVB made such wonderful recommendations for our family for this weekend getaway to Saint Simons Island. 

If you’re looking for a getaway that’s a world away from the same old same old, I highly encourage you to plan a trip to Saint Simons Island.

From the welcoming atmosphere to the beaches to historical sites and so much more, you’ll find everything you could ever want in a trip at Saint Simons Island.

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