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Can You Bring Tweezers on a Plane? (TSA 2023 Rules)

By Oscar Brumelis


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TSA considers tweezers to be completely safe, so they’re allowed on planes. You can pack tweezers in hand or checked baggage without any packing restrictions.

But TSA doesn’t allow packing sharp objects in hand baggage because some of them could be used as potential weapons. So some special types of tweezers might be prohibited if they have sharp, pointy ends.

For example, point tweezers have a sharp, almost needle-like tip because they’re meant for removing ingrown hair. These tweezers most likely wouldn’t be allowed in hand baggage. But the final say always rests on each security officer.

You shouldn’t experience any problems with regular, flat-end tweezers, even if the end has a sharp edge. I’ve always brought them on my flights, and I’ve never had any issues.

Flying With Tweezers Internationally

Typical tweezers are considered safe to bring on planes in most countries.

The only difference from flights within the US is that you may be allowed to travel with sharp, pointy tweezers when flying in other countries. That’s because TSA has some of the strictest rules compared to airport security in other countries. Especially for bringing sharp objects in hand luggage. For example, Canadian, New Zealand, and UK flight authorities allow sharp objects with a blade below 6 cm (2.36 inches) in hand baggage.

How to Pack Tweezers in Your Luggage

When packed in hand baggage, there aren’t any packing restrictions for tweezers. You don’t have to pack them together with liquids in your toiletry bag. A better idea is to pack them in your second toiletry bag, where you’d pack your solid and non-restricted toiletries to keep all of them organized in a single bag.

When packed in checked baggage, you have to wrap tweezers in something if they have a sharp end. If not, you’re free to pack them however you want to. This is to protect the TSA security officers in case they perform additional inspections of your bag. Putting them inside a sock or in a dedicated toiletry bag will ensure that you follow the rules.

Which Toiletry Items Are Considered Sharp and Which Not

Nail clippers, tweezers, bobby pins, hair combs, nail files, disposable razors, razors with cartridges, and scissors with blades below 4 inches (10 cm) are considered safe. They’re allowed in hand and checked baggage without any extra restrictions.

Scissors with blades above 4 inches (10 cm), safety razors, straight razors, rat tail combs, and pocket knives are considered dangerous. They’re allowed in checked baggage, but banned from carry-on bags and personal items.

Summing Up – Traveling With Tweezers

Realistically, you can’t harm anyone with tweezers, even if they have sharp/pointy ends. TSA understands this, so they’re allowed on planes without any restrictions.

But what I often see a lot of people do is pack their tweezers in their liquid toiletry bag or remove them when going through security. You don’t need to do that.

Instead, pack them in a second toiletry bag with nail clippers, lip balm, stick deodorant, and other harmless toiletries. This way you’ll save some space in your other toiletry bag for other liquids while still staying organized.

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