Oskars Brumelis

Oscar is a freelance writer who loves traveling and hiking. He's been to over 30 different countries and hiked over 2000+ miles throughout his life. He especially likes visiting “off-the-beaten path” destinations. He believes that traveling shouldn’t be complicated or expensive. Currently, he's residing in Italy but he has also lived and traveled all over Spain and Northern Europe.


Oscar Brumelis, a prolific freelance writer and passionate traveler, distinguishes himself with a love for offbeat destinations. With over 30 countries explored, he has hiked 2000+ miles, advocating for simple and affordable travel.


Oscar Brumelis, founder of Hike Much and Trail Goals, is a passionate outdoors enthusiast with a love for travel, hiking, and camping. Having explored over 30 countries, his heart is rooted in Latvia's beautiful forests. Oscar's adventurous spirit led him to conquer the 500-mile GR11 trail in Northern Spain in just 36 days. In addition to writing articles, he films videos, manages web design, and contributes to Hike Much's diverse content. Based in Navelli, Abruzzo, Italy, Oscar is dedicated to providing genuine reviews and valuable insights to the hiking community.


Holds a B.A. in English and a M.A. in English Literature. 

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