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Homemade Tortilla Pizza

By Elisha Baba


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A homemade tortilla pizza is one of the quickest and most versatile homemade meals you can make for a delicious, time-saving option. This creative twist on traditional pizza offers a crispy and flavorful pizza, without the fuss of making dough from scratch. 

homemade tortilla pizza


  • Panini Machine, Griddle, or Frying Pan


  • Flour tortillas
  • Pepperoni
  • Shredded Italian Cheese Mix
  • Shredded creamy mozzarella blend
  • Pizza sauce
  • Italian Seasonings

tortillas and glass bowls of shredded cheese tomato sauce and pepperonis


1. Begin by placing a fresh soft tortilla flat on a cutting board. Cut the large tortilla in half only on one side of the tortilla, and stop in the center. Envision the tortilla in four quadrants.

2. Next, place your toppings of choice in each of the quadrants. Try not to use too much as it may seep out in the end after folding.

open tortilla pizza

3. Then, starting with the cut, take the first quadrant and fold it into the next, and repeat two more times until you’re left with a fully folded tortilla like in the picture.

tortilla with tomato sauce and shredded cheese

folded pizza tortilla

4. Place your folded tortilla onto a preheated panini machine for a flatter wrap. For a thicker but toasted tortilla pizza, place it onto a griddle or frying pan with melted butter. If using a griddle or frying pan toast on both sides. This step helps the cheese to melt and adhere all the ingredients to the actual tortilla shell, so the toppings don’t fall out.

grilled tortillas

5. To serve, cut the grilled pizza tortilla in half or just hold it like a taco. To garnish, sprinkle some fresh basil or parsley on the top. And don’t forget to incorporate some of your favorite dipping sauces

homemade tortilla pizza


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