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20 Simple Terracotta Pot Painting Ideas

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Terracotta pots are some of the most common types of plant holders out there. They are most often used to host plants that enjoy drier soil like cacti and other succulents because they help plants dry faster by pulling the water out of the soil.

Terracotta Pot Painting Ideas

The problem is that terracotta pots, while useful, can look a little plain. Fortunately there is a way to rectify this situation by decorating terracotta pots to fit your own personal style. Here are some beautiful decorating ideas to try out on your terracotta pots.

How to paint terracotta pots – 20 simple inspiration ideas

Delicate Lace

It’s not often that you see lacey decorations around these days, and we think that is quite the shame. Maybe it’s because many of us associate the concept of lace with a doily that grandmothers used to keep on their living room end tables when in fact, “lace” just refers to any sort of fabric or yarn that is made to resemble a web-like pattern. You can make these beautiful lace terracotta pots out of fine fabric or even paper.

I Scream, You Scream

…we all scream for ice cream! Here is an idea for all of the ice cream lovers in your life. Sidenote: did you know that New Zealand is rumoured to eat more ice cream than any other country on the planet? We wonder if they also like terracotta plants. If so, they will probably want to follow this adorable tutorial!

Rainbow Fun

What is more fun than painting rainbow colors? If you’re the kind of person who just isn’t satisfied with painting a monotone picture, you’ll want to feast your eyes on this glorious rainbow terracotta pot idea. Sure, you’ll need to have a lot of different colors of paint at your disposal—but aren’t you already going to want that, anyway?


Let’s talk about mushrooms! Whether you love them or love to hate them, you have to admit that mushrooms make a pretty picture. They’re fun to draw and relatively easy to draw, too! We just think that it makes sense to put mushrooms on a terracotta pot, as seen here. After all, mushrooms grow in the earth, and terracotta pots hold earth!


Ladybugs are arguably the most beautiful insect (okay, fine, maybe behind only butterflies). If you are going to choose to paint any bug on your terracotta pot, you should definitely consider painting a ladybug. It’s not too difficult to paint even though it can look quite advanced. Check it out here.


Who doesn’t love kitty cats? If you’re a big cat fan, you have probably already thought about painting a cat on your terracotta pot. So we’re here with some inspiration. We love how this example shows not only one cat, but a whole clowder (did you know that “clowder” is the proper room for a group of cats? Now you know).

Flowery Unicorn

Do you love unicorns? Do you love flowers? Why not mix the two of them to create a beautiful flower unicorn painting as seen here. This is the perfect tutorial for anyone who is looking to add a feminine touch to their plant pots. It’s also a great idea for a kid’s room!

Simple Dots

Sometimes we only want to do a simple craft. Although the idea of a craft that takes up an entire weekend can be enticing, not everyone has that kind of time to invest. If you are looking for a pot painting idea that will only take a few hours, look no further than these adorable dots—the perfect way to add a touch of personality to your home without spending countless hours!


Space is so in right now! If you want to paint a pot to look like it’s out of this world, look no further than this galaxy-inspired design. Radiant hues of pink, blue, and purple against a pitch black sky make this tutorial truly stand out from the rest. The best part of all? It’s easier to do than it looks!


“The mountains shall bring peace to the people”. If this is a quote that resonates with you, then you’ll want to take a look at this mountain flower pot painting. You can choose to either copy the color scheme and style that is shown here, or you can choose a color scheme of your very own.


There’s a reason why lavender is one of the most frequently drawn herbs in the world! Many people love lavender because of its wonderful aroma and diverse cooking possibilities. But another great thing about lavender is how pretty it is to look at—and draw. You can draw lavender on your terracotta pots by following the example that is seen here.

The Cat’s Meow

Here’s another cat-inspired idea for painting your terracotta pots—and we happen to think that this one is the cat’s meow. We love how it uses both the drawing of an actual cat as well as the drawing of paw prints on the top. This makes a wonderful choice for any feline aficionado.

Painted Blueberries

Sometimes when we are struggling for inspiration, we just need to look to nature. This includes things like plants and flowers, but also fruit. This adorable terracotta pot features blueberries, making it the perfect addition to any kitchen space. Look at this idea if you are looking to grow herbs in your kitchen.

Full of Expression

Here’s something a bit more modern-looking! We love how playful this terracotta pot looks when it’s painted with a wide smile, big eyes, and luminous lashes. This looks like something that you could find at a craft market.

Stars and Moons

If you’re into whimsical designs like stars and moons, then you’re going to love this terracotta pot! This one is truly a piece of art and would look especially nice in an outdoor garden.

Zodiac Constellation

Speaking of whimsical designs, if you are looking for something that is truly different you will want to check out painting a constellation that represents your zodiac sign! This is an easy way to personalize a pot without being too overt.

Fresh Leaves

What is better than the sight of fresh leaves on the trees? It’s a true sign of spring. For something really special, you can paint a pretty leaf on your terracotta pot as seen here. You have your pick of what kind of leaves to paint, because there are a number of beautiful leaves out there to choose from, from maple to oak to elm.

Piano Playing

Here is an idea for the musician out there! You can make your terracotta pots oh-so-pretty by painting beautiful black and white piano keys. This might be one of the most beautiful ideas on this list, but it’s definitely the most musical.

She Sells Seashells

She sells seashells by the seashore! And once you’ve stopped by her seashell stand, you can use your new purchases to create a beautiful pot like the one seen here. All you’ll need is a bit of hot glue to attach the sea shells to the pot, and a bit of paint to cover them.

Word Art

Sometimes a DIY project isn’t just about making something that looks pretty. Sometimes, something simple and funny can also do the trick, like this “stayin’ alive” pun. Try to think of other puns that you could paint on your terracotta pots that are related to plants. It’s a sure way to make your guests laugh.

Adding plants to the rooms in your house is a wonderful way to help create a homey feeling, and that’s not where the benefits end. Plants can also help you clean the air . Just remember to take care of them—we’re sure it’s going to be much easier to remember to water them when they’re sitting in a beautiful pot.

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