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How To Draw Santa Claus – 7 Easy Drawing Steps

By Elisha Baba


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The Christmas season is right around the corner! Soon it will be time to decorate your home with all things Christmas, like a tree, lights, and maybe even an inflatable reindeer in your yard. But of course, the most famous sign of Christmas is none other than jolly old Saint Nicholas himself.

santa claus drawing

And when you really want to embrace the Christmas spirit, it can be fun to learn how to draw him. If you aren’t an experienced artist, not to worry, as below are ten easy steps that anyone can follow to learn how to draw Santa Claus.

So grab a piece of paper, a pencil, and learn how to draw Santa Claus:

  1. Body
  2. Santa Face
  3. Hat and Clothes
  4. Hands
  5. Accessories
  6. Drawing the Santa Claus Legs
  7. How to color Santa Claus

Santa Claus drawing – 7 Easy Steps 

Santa claus drawing

1. Start With the Body

Start With the Body of the Santa Claus

Learning to draw Santa Claus is easy!  Santa is a round a jolly fellow, so start by drawing him a large circle for his body. Then you will want to make a smaller circle for his head—it is best if it is overlapping slightly. And don’t worry about the intersecting lines, those can be erased or colored over later!

2. Give Santa a Face

Give Santa a Face

Are you wondering just how to draw a Santa Claus face? Well, certainly Santa can’t be a jolly fellow without his signature eyes and beard! Add these to the smaller circle just above and below the line made from the body. You’ll want to put a circle around these as well. It doesn’t look complete, but not to worry as Santa Claus’ face will be revisited in the next step. But before you move on, take a moment and draw two long lines across Santa’s body to make his belt.

3. Add a Hat and Some Clothes

Add a Hat and Some Clothes

It’s quite cold in the North Pole, so Santa will definitely be needing some clothes! Start by revisiting the smaller circle and drawing a lopsided triangle for the hat. Add a circle near the end to create Santa’s signature look. While you’re up here, add smaller circles to the eye circle for pupils, and give Santa a mouth below his mustache.

Next, head back down to his midsection and draw two lines down the middle that curve off to the side. Then draw two more lines coming from the place where your previous two lines, and Santa’s belt, intersect. This will form the lapels of Santa’s coat.

4. Draw Santa’s Arms and Hands

Draw Santa’s Arms and Hands

Of course, it’s a bit hard to carry his bag and deliver toys to children all over the world without arms and hands! So you’ll want to draw those in now. Remember, it’s quite cold in the North Pole, so Santa will probably be wearing some nice mittens!

5. Accessories for Santa Claus

Accessories for Santa Claus

Before you go much further, it’s important that your Santa Claus drawing has the proper accessories! Use a square within a square to make a belt buckle where all the lines on Santa’s body intersect. Then draw another half circle connecting to Santa’s body for his bag of toys!

6. Draw Santa Claus Legs

Draw Santa Some Legs

At this point your Santa Claus drawing is almost complete—except Santa needs some legs to carry him around the world. Be sure to draw these in at the bottom of the circle, adding boots on the ends to keep Santa’s feet nice and warm.

7. Color Him in!

How to paint Santa Claus

At this point your Santa Claus drawing is complete! You’ll just need some markers, crayons, or colored pencils to color him in. Don’t forget you can go back and erase any overlapping lines you may have in the face or belt buckle area! 

Now take a step back and look at how far you’ve come. Turns out learning how to draw Santa Claus wasn’t as hard as you thought! Lookout the holiday season, because you have just learned how to draw Santa Claus with ease whenever you need to. But just in case you forget a couple of steps, don’t be afraid to reference the image below which has all of the steps required to make a Santa Claus drawing easy. Happy Holidays!

How to draw Santa Claus - Step By Step

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