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Let’s Talk Wine: The Perfect Date Night With Wine and Music

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For those of us who have been married for ten or more years, exploring life together is really important. If there is one thing my husband and I are dedicated to, it is making our marriage exciting. Which is why it is important to plan for date night.

Even being married as long as we have, we like to experience exciting things together, like wine tasting. My husband and I really enjoy sharing a bottle of wine for dinner. We want to just relax and enjoy each other’s company and conversations.

Exploring Wine & Music Together

Something that Cambria Winery has encouraged us to do, is explore wine and music together– so this is what we did. Who doesn’t love wine and music? Wine and music perfectly paired together makes for a romantic date night.

Kalei Yamanoha had a unique job to do. His task was to turn the Cambria’s Benchbreak Chardonnay and Benchbreak Pinot Noir into songs. Cambria’s Benchbreak Chardonnay - Kalei YamanohaKalei walked through the winery with head wine maker of Cambria, Denise Shurtleff. Both the Benchbreak Chardonnay and Benchbreak Pinot Noir are very flavorful wines, grown and bottled right in California’s Santa Maria Valley. This is where the beautiful harmony was created.

Denise Shurtleff, Cambria's Head Wine Maker

Listening to the perfect musical pairings with both The Pinot Noir Waltz and Chardonnay Shanty makes me smile and want to dance. I especially love the banjo playing in the Pinot Noir Waltz. Believe it or not, the music really does make the taste of the wine come alive and you will really feel like dancing!

When it comes down to trying these wines, I picture myself and husband sitting outside overlooking the beautiful vineyard, sipping wine, dancing, and enjoying these songs together. It sounds very romantic! I love the way Cambria Winery has inspired an artist to create beautiful music and pairing with wine, and to open up and discover new emotions.

Try drinking wine and listening to music together

Something we will now make a habit of more on our dates are drinking wine and listening to music. It’s something new we have both fallen in love with. I encourage you to check out the 4-part videos series  and listen to all the beautiful songs that Kalei has created.

Notes of Cambria - Wine and Musical Pairing

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