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Enjoy Great Views and Dolphin Sighting With Paradise Boat Tours – Anna Maria Island

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Enjoy Great Views and Dolphin Sightings With Paradise Boat Tours – Anna Maria Island

Located along the coast of Florida, Anna Maria Island has some amazing opportunities to explore and view everything that the surrounding waters have to offer. One of the best experiences to truly see some stunning views of the Island is to take a boat tour with Paradise Boat Tours. It’s the perfect way to score some great views of the wildlife while being able to sit back and relax while someone else leads the way. If you are looking for a great family-friendly adventure on Anna Maria Island, taking a guided boat tour with Paradise Boat Tours is certain to be a hit! This post is in partnership with BradentonGulfIslands.comAll opinions are always our own.

Paradise Boat Tours – A 90-minute informative tour

Taking 90 minutes out of your day to take a tour with Paradise Boat Tours is a perfect way to fully engross you and your family into everything that Anna Maria Island stands for. Beautiful water, dolphins and information galore, Paradise Boat Tours and their guides go above and beyond to make certain that everyone onboard the boat have an engaging and informative tour. The tour guides are very knowledgeable with the marine life. No two tours are exactly the same which makes it possible to see so many different things no matter when you take a ride. Booking a boat tour during the daytime is the perfect way to see some dolphins and look out on the miles and miles of water.

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Paradise Boat Tours – Affordable Family-fun for everyone

If you are looking for a family-friendly activity in Anna Maria Island, booking a boat tour with Paradise Boat Tours is the activity that you’ve been waiting for. For a 90-minute guided tour, it’s really affordable!

  • Children ages 3 -12 cost $20 (Children Under 3 are free!)
  • Seniors – $25 (65 and up)
  • All other ages are $30

Insider Tip: You are allowed to bring aboard your own food and beverages. Packing snacks for your family is totally fine and a great way to save some extra money as well!


Walk-ins welcome but reservations encouraged when booking with Paradise Boat Tour

During the peak travel times at Anna Maria Island, Paradise Boat Tours can fill up quickly! With room for 28 passengers on the boat, it’s encouraged to make a reservation to secure you and your families spot. Did I mention that Paradise Boat Tours makes certain that you ride in comfort? Each seat not only offers a great view but is also padded and covered as well. While there is room on the observation deck for anyone to stand, everyone does have their own comfy seat as well.

Paradise Boat Tours

Keep your eyes peeled for dolphins when on your boat tour!

There’s no way to guarantee that you’ll see any dolphins when on your boat tour, but the probability is high! If your hope is to see some dolphins when out on the water, taking a boat tour during the daytime hours is more than likely your best bet. Bring your sunglasses, your binoculars, and your camera and be ready to catch a glimpse of dolphins at any point in time during the 90-minute tour!

Private Boat Tours are an option as well with Paradise Boat Tours

Looking for a great way to secure a private and fun boat tour out in the water? Paradise Boat Tours can absolutely help with that! They are more than happy to accommodate any way they can, but for private group boat tours, calling in advance and reserving early is a requirement. Remember that the tours can seat up to 28 so plan your group outing accordingly!

Paradise Boat Tours is Ranked #1 for Tours by TripAdvisor

It’s no surprise that Paradise Boat Tours is Ranked #1 for Top Tours by TripAdvisor. With amazing customer service, incredible knowledge about the area and a staff and tour guides that have obvious pride in their company and job, you will absolutely understand and agree that taking a boat tour with Paradise Boat Tours is the perfect choice for you and your family.

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When deciding what activities that you and your family are wanting to engage in on Anna Maria Island, making plans to take a boat tour with Paradise Boat Tours is an absolute must. It’s one of the best ways to learn some interesting facts and information about the water and see some incredible views and marine life as well. If possible, book in advance and enjoy your guided tour and everything that it has to offer. You and your family will love every minute of your 90-minute boat tour!

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