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Beach Bums Kayaking on Anna Maria Island – A Family Fun Adventure

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Beach Bums Kayaking on Anna Maria Island – A Family Fun Adventure

If you’ve always wanted to kayak but never had the opportunity, doing so on your trip to Anna Maria Island is a perfect time. One of the best ways to see everything that the 7 mile Island has to offer is to be right out in the middle of the gorgeous water, enjoying a scenic 360-degree view. Kayaking makes that absolutely possible, and luckily for you, Anna Maria Island has one of the best Kayaking rental and tour companies around. If you are looking for some amazing Kayaking on Anna Maria Island, then Beach Bums has everything you need! This post is in partnership with BradentonGulfIslands.com and Beach BumsAll opinions are always our own.

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Beach Bums Kayaking – The Best Rental Company on Anna Maria Island

One of the biggest reasons that many people don’t give kayaking a chance is because they fail to actually own the proper equipment to be able to get out on the water. Beach Bums takes care of that. You can literally rent everything that you need from them to be able to get out and kayak on the water. Helpful tip? Not only do they rent kayaks, but they also offer other rentals as well such as bicycles, golf carts, paddle boats, and other varying beach supplies.

Affordable Rentals for Kayaking on Anna Maria Island

Prices for a kayak rental vary depending on your kayak choice. Were you aware that there are kayaks made for a single person, or for two to kayak together? You’ve heard of a bicycle built for two, right? The same concept, except you are out on the water and rowing instead of peddling. Pick your partner wisely!

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Beach Bum Kayak Rental Prices

The great think about the kayak rentals at Beach Bums? They are absolutely affordable. You can rent a single kayak for up to 4 hours for only $35 or a tandem (2-person) kayak for $55. If you decide that you want to keep your kayak rental for the entire day? A single kayak will cost $50 and a tandem will be available for $70. Beach Bums also offers rental options for 3 days, 1 week and 2 weeks!

Kayaking on Anna Maria Island

Every kayak rental comes with basic instructions from a tour guide at Beach Bums

One of the best things about renting a kayak from Beach Bums is that they care about you and your family’s safety. With every kayak rental, they give basic instructions on how to handle the kayak to make certain that you feel safe and comfortable out on the water. In addition to that, life jackets are provided free of charge and they will also offer to pick and delivery to the location you are staying at if you are renting a kayak from them for 24 hours or longer.

You are truly never alone when kayaking on Anna Maria Island

Even if you opt for a kayak for one, you’ll stand a pretty good chance of having a bit of companionship from some of the animals in the water that are intrigued by you and your kayak. Dolphins, manatees, birds, and shells can be seen quite frequently from kayakers who are out and about exploring the everything around Anna Maria Island. Keep those eyes peeled to see just how many friendly animals you and your family can spot on your kayak adventure!


Beach Bums offers some amazing Kayak tours that are family-friendly

If you feel that you want to kayak, but are looking for a bit more guidance, you are in luck. While Beach Bums offers rentals to venture out on your own, they also offer some amazing tour guides and kayak tours that are more than happy to take you around the water and show you everything that Anna Maria has to offer.

Each tour starts out with basic information and facts about the area and the kayaks, and then the guides lead you on into the water to see everything that makes Anna Maria Island spectacular and beautiful. You’ll go under the Key Royale bridge where you’ll eventually end up in an area that has been popular for manatees to show themselves. Have your camera’s ready because you’ll have the potential for some amazing photos on your guided Kayak tour with Beach Bums. One of the best parts of the kayak tour is that you’ll actually have a chance to take a swim as well as the tour does take a quick stop at a sandbar to give that swimming option. Keep in mind that each tour does require a minimum of 4 people and costs $55 per person. (that cost does include the cost of the kayak rental!)

The next time you visit Anna Maria Island, make certain that kayaking is on your list of things to do! It’s an amazing way to see everything that the Island has to offer, and Beach Bums makes it an experience that you and your family will never forget. Don’t forget to check out the souvenir shop before you leave!

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