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10 Top Favorites For Family Friendly Dining In Anna Maria Island

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10 Top Favorites For Family Friendly Dining In Anna Maria Island

From the moment that you step foot on Anna Maria Island, you’ll know that the next few days of your visit are going to be one for the memory bank. While the island itself is only 7 miles long, it’s jam-packed full of amazing and delicious food options that are certain to keep you and your family happy and full for days. While the thought of taking a trip of all the “Tastes of Anna Maria Island” may have never crossed your mind, you should seriously consider it! We share with you our 10 Top picks of family friendly dining in Anna Maria Island:

Dining Options Galore on Anna Maria Island

No matter where you look, there are plenty of places to chow down on Anna Maria Island. The different flavors and options seemed to be endless and are certain to tickle whatever your taste buds are craving for the day. There is something on every menu that will please the entire family.

dining in Anna Maria Island

Spend the day exploring all the activities that are available on Anna Maria Island and then fuel up and recharge with some amazing food options at all the available restaurants.

Family Friendly Dining In Anna Maria Island

If you somehow find a way to be hungry after your visit to Anna Maria Island, you’ve undoubtedly missed out on some amazing places to dine. While it wasn’t possible to taste test every restaurant available, there are some that need to be a must for you and your family’s dining pleasure.

  • Swordfish Grill

If you are looking for drinks and food that are top-notch, then Swordfish Grill is the place to go. Not to mention, a view that will literally take your breath away. The food is so good there, that once you finish that last bite, you’ll already be wanting more.

  • The Donut Experiment

How many times in your life have you had the opportunity to create your own perfect donut?

The Donut Experiment, dining in Anna Maria Island With a stop at The Donut Experiment, you’ll get that chance! If you love spicy and are feeling a bit adventurous, they even have a Sriracha cake donut option as well!


  • Rod and Reel Pier

Serving up local favorites since 1947, the Rod and Reel Pier has to be on your radar. The locals love it, as do the tourists and the really great part? If you bring your own fishing pole, you can actually go and fish off the pier while you wait for your meal to be served.

Rod and Reel Pier, dining in Anna Maria Island

  • Ugly Grouper

If you get a chance, definitely eat at the Ugly Grouper. Its name is just as fun as the ambiance and you’ll be certain to love the food just as much as well. It truly is a great family-friendly restaurant with some awesome food choices. Plus, they have games that you can play while you wait!

Ugly Grouper in Anna Maria Island

  • Anna Maria Oyster Bar

Love oysters but unsure where to find them? Look no further than Anna Maria Oyster Bar. dining in Anna Maria Island, Anna Maria oyster bar There are food options for everyone in your family to try from their impressive menu. The food is fresh and the smiles are sincere!

Anna Maria oyster bar

  • Gulf Cafe Drive

Looking for dinner and a view? Then the Gulf Cafe Drive is the place that you’ve been waiting for. Proudly serving Anna Maria Island delicious food options for over 30 years, and going strong!

Gulf Cafe Drive, dining in Anna Maria Island

  • Ginny’s and Jane E’s

While people may be intrigued by the fun and funky atmosphere, they stay for the giant sandwiches and delicious food at Ginny’s and Jane E’s. Seriously, their sandwiches are big enough to share! If you’ve spent the day at the beach, you may have worked up quite the appetite to eat one on your own!

  • Poppo’s Taqueria

Tacos, burritos, and burrito bowls this fresh will remain in your memory forever. Poppo’s Taqueria is such a fun, relaxing and casual dining experience that will make you want to come back for more.

  • Wicked Cantina

Looking for some good grub with a bit of spice? Then Wicked Cantina is the place for you! Not only are they serving up some seriously good food, they know how to make your taste buds dance as well!

  • Mr. Bones BBQ

Who can deny the flavor of good ol’ BBQ? After a long day of exploring on Anna Maria Island, a pit stop at Mr. Bones BBQ joint is the perfect way to end the day.

It’s simply amazing that so many great restaurants can be located on a 7-mile stretch and all offer family friendly dining in Anna Maria Island. If you plan out your trip accordingly, you could absolutely eat at most of the suggestions above. Trust in the fact that you’ll want to treat your taste buds to as many of these great dining options that you possibly can on your next visit to Anna Maria Island.

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