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How To Draw a Wolf: 10 Easy Drawing Projects

By Emily Medlock


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To learn how to draw a wolf, you must first learn the basic anatomy of the wolf. From there, you can learn about the important non-physical characteristics to capture.

How To Draw a Wolf

Wolves are special creatures in nature and lore. It’s helpful to learn how to capture their personality and everything they represent.

But before you can do that, you need to learn the basics about how to draw a wolf. 

Common Physical Features Of A Wolf To Capture In A Drawing

  • Thick mane
  • Streamlined back
  • Four toes on hind feet
  • Five toes on forefeet
  • Bushy tail

Tips For Drawing A Wolf

  • Remember to add texture – texture belongs throughout the wolf’s body, not just the outline.
  • Fluff is good – wolves are not sleek; they are fluffy with large manes. But the fluff does react to gravity.
  • Choose the type of wolf – timber, arctic, Mexican, Ethiopian, tundra, etc. 

How To Draw A Wolf: 10 Easy Drawing Projects

When you’re a beginner, it’s easiest to follow a tutorial the first time you draw something. This will build confidence and let you know about the anatomy of your subject. 

1. How to Draw a Wolf Head

How to Draw a Wolf Head

Wolf heads are an easy place to start drawing wolves. A tutorial by How2DrawAnimals takes you through the steps.

2. How to Draw a Howling Wolf

How to Draw a Howling Wolf

A howling wolf drawing is fun. There is a cute wolf howling tutorial by HalloweenDrawings that is easy to follow.

3. How to Draw a Wolf Howling at the Moon

How to Draw a Wolf Howling at the Moon

A howling wolf in front of the moon is an iconic type of wolf to draw. Art ala Carte has a good tutorial that shows how to draw a simple wolf howling at the moon. 

4. How to Draw a Cartoon Wolf

How to Draw a Cartoon Wolf

Cartoon wolves are adorable and still easy to draw. You don’t need as much shading or details. Cartooning Club How to Draw has a wonderful tutorial. 

5. How to Draw a Wolf for Kids

How to Draw a Wolf for Kids

Kids require an easier tutorial than adults. The easiest wolf tutorial you’ll find is made by Art for Kids Hub. 

6. How to Draw a Realistic Wolf

How to Draw a Realistic Wolf

Realistic wolves don’t have to be difficult to draw. Art for Kids Hub has an exciting tutorial that anyone can follow. 

7. How to Draw an Anime Wolf

How to Draw an Anime Wolf

Anime wolves are sweet and cute, with a visible personality. Draw So Cute has a great anime wolf tutorial that you may not be able to get enough of.

8. How to Draw a Wolf with Wings

How to Draw a Wolf with Wings

To draw a wolf with wings, you just draw a wolf and add the wings. Hamna’s Sketching shows you how to do this.

9. How to Draw an Arctic Wolf

How to Draw an Arctic Wolf

Arctic foxes and arctic wolves are similar in art. They must be white and surrounded by snowflakes. Draw So Cute has a tutorial you can use for your snow wolf.

10. How to Draw a Cute Wolf

How to Draw a Cute Wolf

A baby wolf is the cutest of them all. How2DrawAnimals has a cute tutorial that you may fall in love with.

How To Draw A Realistic Wolf Step-By-Step 

Realistic wolves are the hardest to draw. But you may be ready for them now that you know how to draw other types of wolves.


  • 2B pencil
  • 4B pencil
  • 6B pencil (optional)
  • Sketch paper
  • Blending stump

Step 1: Draw a Rounded Rectangle and Upper Body

The first step is to draw the body shape. At this point, use a light pencil line. Extend this by drawing a U-shape coming from it going northwest. 

Step 2: Draw Legs and Snout

Draw two leg lines coming from the top of the lower body. Then, draw two coming from the bottom of the shoulders. Finally, draw a snout that begins at the back of the head and ends at the forehead. 

Step 3: Draw Ears and Tail

The ears and tail are quick steps, but take your time to ensure they are shaped right. You should still be using a light touch with your 2B pencil. The tail should come down straight and curve at the end.

Step 4: Draw Feet and Thicken Legs

The paws should be mostly square at this point, as you can detail them later. Add a couple of rectangles above them to start shaping the legs. 

Step 5: Draw Rump and Shoulders

Thick and shape the rump and shoulders now. The rump should be a half-circle, and the shoulders should be heart-shaped with the bent part facing east. 

Step 6: Shape Body

Thicken the mane now by paying attention to how it should fall on a real wolf. Thicken the chest and shoulder area and add detail. 

Step 7: Add Pads and Claws to Paws

You won’t be able to see most of the pads of the paws, but any that would be visible need to be there now. 

Step 8: Detail Face

This is the hardest step, so take your time. You need to add eyes, a nose, a mouth, and other details to the face. Use a reference photo and slowly follow it, keeping the facial features balanced. 

Step 9: Finish Details

Fill in anything that seems to be missing. This includes furry details and teeth if they are showing. Take your time and make sure you don’t miss anything.

Step 10: Shade and Blend

Shade the wolf now with 4B and 6B pencils. Only use the 6B pencil after you use the blending stump because you don’t want to darken the image too much.


Are Wolves Hard To Draw? 

Wolves are hard to draw at first. If you follow tutorials and start with simple wolves – like the wolf head – you will find it easy after a while. 

What Does A Wolf Symbolize In Art? 

The wolf symbolizes loyalty, family, and confidence in art. It’s a strong symbol for those who value their relationships. Despite popular belief, it has nothing to do with a solitary life.

Why Would You Need To Know How To Draw A Wolf?

Wolves are fun to draw, so you don’t need a reason to draw them. But they are a great subject for a fall class when there’s a full moon out.


When you learn how to draw a wolf, it opens up abundant opportunities. You can now draw a husky and most other dog breeds. It also makes it easy to draw foxes and sometimes big cats.

The anatomy is similar to many animals, so whenever you learn how to draw a wolf, you learn a lot about animal art.

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