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How To Draw a Pig: 10 Easy Drawing Projects

By Emily Medlock


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If you can learn how to draw a pig, you can learn how to draw any animal. While pigs aren’t the most complicated animal to draw, drawing them can teach you a lot about animal anatomy and pencil control.

How To Draw a Pig

Pig Drawing Ideas

You can draw any kind of pig you want, but if you have trouble coming up with ideas, you can use these as a reference. 

Character Pig

  • Peppa Pig
  • Piglet
  • Olivia
  • Porky Pig
  • Pigs from Angry Birds

Character pigs are fun to draw because you can use the character as a direct reference. Choose your favorite character and get started, though cartoons are easier than puppets.

Pig with Accessories

  • Sunglasses
  • Flower crown
  • Cape and mask
  • High heels

Pigs are cute, but pigs with accessories are even cuter. Get creative and add some human accessories for your pig.

Abstract Pig

  • Mosaic
  • Drawn with shapes
  • Watercolor

There are no rules to abstract art. It’s all about putting your unique spin on the traditional piece.

Realistic Pig

  • Micro pig
  • Pot-bellied pig
  • Duroc pig
  • Hampshire
  • Berkshire

When you draw a pig, the breed isn’t important. Unlike dogs, the breed doesn’t vastly affect the looks, but it’s nice to know what you are drawing. 

Guinea Pig

  • Peruvian guinea pigs
  • Skinny pigs
  • Abyssinian guinea pig 
  • American guinea pig

There are dozens of guinea pig breeds. Most of the time, the noticeable differences are the hair length and pattern.

Tips For Drawing A Pig

  • Curl the tail
  • Give it personality
  • Not a circle nose
  • Ear shape is important
  • Choose a breed

Easy Steps for How To Draw A Cute Pig For Kids

Kids can draw pigs too. In fact, it’s one of the best animals for kids to draw when they are learning how to draw.

Step 1: Draw an Oval

Start with drawing an oval on your page. This is the pig’s body. Make sure you use a light touch to make adding details easier. 

Step 2: Draw the Head Oval

Draw the head in the corner of the oval. It should overlap about halfway. You can erase the line that runs through the small oval now.

Step 3: Draw Nose and Eyes

Draw eyes any way that you want, and then add a nose. The nose should be oval, but it looks better if it isn’t perfect. 

Step 4: Draw Ears and Legs

Draw triangle ears on top of the head and four legs on the bottom of the body. The legs should be rectangular. 

Step 5: Draw Tail and Details

Add folds to the ears, hoofs to the legs, and nostrils to the nose. You can add any details you see missing now.

Step 6: Color

Color your pig, but there’s no need to stick to the traditional pink. Look at real pigs for inspiration, or get creative. 

How To Draw A Pig: 10 Easy Drawing Projects

You don’t need a tutorial to draw a pig, but it does help when you’re a beginner. 

1. How to Draw Peppa Pig

How to Draw Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig is one of the most popular cartoon pigs. You can draw her for your favorite Peppa fan with Cartooning Club How to Draw’s tutorial. 

2. How to Draw a Minecraft Pig

How to Draw a Minecraft Pig

The Minecraft pig is a unique pig that millions adore. Draw one with Art for Kids Hub, as they have an easy tutorial to follow.

3. How to Draw a Realistic Pig

How to Draw a Realistic Pig

Realistic pigs are impressive to draw and aren’t as complicated as they look. KidArtX has an adorable realistic pig tutorial. 

4. How to Draw Piglet

How to Draw Piglet

People of all ages love Piglet. Art for all has one of the best Piglet tutorials on the internet, all done with markers. 

5. How to Draw a Cute Pig

How to Draw a Cute Pig

Cute pigs are sure to make anyone smile. Draw So Cute strikes again with another great pig tutorial.

6. How to Draw a Guinea Pig

How to Draw a Guinea Pig

You can draw a cute guinea pig or a realistic one. One realistic guinea pig tutorial you may like is by Harriet Muller. 

7. How to Draw a Flying Pig

How to Draw a Flying Pig

Flying pigs are just like pigs but with a magical touch and a reference to “when pigs fly.”. Art for Kids Hub has a wonderful flying pig tutorial. 

8. How to Draw a Pig for Kids

How to Draw a Pig for Kids

Even a child who is just starting to draw can draw a pig. The easiest tutorial you may find is by Art for Kids Hub.

9. How to Draw a Beanie Boo Pig

How to Draw a Beanie Boo Pig

Beanie Boos are unique Beanie Babies with big heads. A Beanie Boo pig tutorial by Draw So Cute is hard to beat. 

10. How to Draw a Pig Head

How to Draw a Pig Head

If you’re not ready for a full pig drawing, maybe a pig head is better for you. Harriet Muller has an easy tutorial for anyone to use.

How To Draw A Cartoon Pig

Cartoon pigs are fun to draw because you can add a lot of personality. For this tutorial, the pig will be sitting down and facing you. 

Step 1: Draw Head Shape

The head shape shouldn’t be a perfect oval, and you should leave the bottom open. It should be slightly squashed – smaller at the top – to create a cuter effect. 

Step 2: Draw Ears

Draw triangle ears and go ahead and add the folds in them. The ears will look better if you point them out instead of straight up.

Step 3: Draw Eyes and Nose

Draw round eyes with an area left open where the light reflects. Then, draw a nose, which you can draw almost any shape, but as a reference, an oval-horseshoe shape is standard. 

Step 4: Draw Body Shape

The body should come down with the bottom sticking out towards the back. It will look like a kidney bean if done right.

Step 5: Draw Front Legs

Draw the front legs coming straight down, starting about halfway through the body. You can draw hoofs now or later.

Step 6: Draw Back Legs

The back legs are tricky because you need to add hips. Make the bottom straight and the top curved. Connect them behind the front legs.

Step 7: Add Last Details

Finish up with any details you haven’t drawn yet. This can be the hoofs, tail, nostrils, and more. 


Are Pigs Hard To Draw? 

Pigs are not hard to draw. However, there are hard versions of pigs you can draw. Start easy and work your way up to drawing a pig that looks like a picture.

What Does A Pig Symbolize In Art? 

Pigs are a symbol of wealth and sustenance. They are not an unclean symbol when it comes to art.

Why Would You Need To Know How To Draw A Pig?

You may want to learn how to draw a pig for a friend or child who lives pig characters. Or perhaps you have a class on animal art, and you choose to draw a pig. But the best reason for drawing a pig is that you want to.


After you learn how to draw a pig, you can start experimenting. Draw a pig family or a more complex pig. For example, try a realistic pig next if you draw a cartoon pig first. What you draw doesn’t matter as long as you’re learning and practicing. 

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